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Martian, a smartwatch with analog hands & time markers Initiate Calls & Commands, access Siri, Google & Alexa. Smart Movement & Crown.
Martian, a smartwatch with analog hands & time markers Initiate Calls & Commands, access Siri, Google & Alexa. Smart Movement & Crown.
Martian, a smartwatch with analog hands & time markers Initiate Calls & Commands, access Siri, Google & Alexa. Smart Movement & Crown.
2,034 backers pledged $336,976 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Gail
      41 minutes ago


    2. Missing avatar

      Patrick Kelly about 1 hour ago

      I am still waiting on my refund...any update as to when this will be issued.

    3. Missing avatar

      MK about 14 hours ago

      Please give us the promised update! I would like to get a refund....

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexius J Park 1 day ago

      I need to get my refund. This is unacceptable.

    5. i hate buying gas
      4 days ago

      My credit from my CC has been approved and final. So I can now walk away from this.
      If your CC is telling you that this is a pledge and you weren't promised anything, send them the last chance shipping confirmation email around early march. That sealed the deal for me.

    6. Steve Scott 4 days ago

      Add me to the list of disgruntled Kickstarter Backers.
      I have backed 5 of these and now I may never back another.
      So I would like to invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      Please issue a full refund of my pledge amount.

    7. Missing avatar

      ac195 5 days ago

      Any update

    8. Missing avatar

      Kristian Lundager

      Step 1. Pay online with mastercard etc.
      I spoke with my bank.
      Short version:
      You have payed with expections to recieve a product, with a deadline and delivery date. In this case its appearent that you will not recieve anything because they tool the money and dont respond.
      Thus online scam.

      What does your bank do to help against online scamming?

    9. Missing avatar

      Anthony Mac McAllister on

      So no one will receive a refund from Martian!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ashraful Anuar on

      I just got my refund from my bank (australia).

    11. Hari Sharma on

      I heard nothing from you till date.
      In the mean time, I also discussed with my credit card company and concluded that only Martian can issue the refund.

      So I would like to invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      Please issue a full refund of my pledge amount.

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert Mcintyre on

      Kickstart & Martian, you can stick it where the sun don’t shine, disgusting the way us backers have been treated, now my credit card company say they won’t refund me because it’s seen as a pledge, you just carnt win, never again 👎👎👎

    13. Missing avatar

      HS Shin on

      I will not participate in any crowdfunding, including kickstart again. Kick starters may be at risk of a downturn due to this incident and should be taken seriously. Even the mail sent from the kickstart now is disgusting.

    14. Missing avatar

      HS Shin on

      I will not participate in any crowdfunding, including kickstart again. Kick starters may be at risk of a downturn due to this incident and should be taken seriously.

    15. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Matthias Ng on

      Can i ask how is it possible to verify that they are really liquidating? Like viewing official documents etc? My credit card company has been investigating for about 2 months now.

    16. Frank Stefan on

      If anyone is interested i would sell mine here in germany. It´s a solar design. I have no use for it.

    17. Andy Taylor

      Of all the projects I backed, this seemed to be the one with the least risk. I mean, the company was already established and had several different watches in production in the market.

      What a dirty, underhand trick the guys at Martian pulled on us all. I believe in Karma. And remember Karma is only a bitch if you are.

    18. Vik Mehta on

      FUCK you martian and kickstarter. This is the end of this platform for me and a bunch of other people I am sure. Bank denied my claim - NO more funding these bullshit projects for me

    19. Missing avatar

      Ilan Goldman on

      @Kashton. If your offer still stands, I'll be happy to pay shipping, if PayPal is acceptable. You can reach me at

    20. Missing avatar

      Praphan Pavarangkoon

      I agree with @Hari Sharma. It is the same situation where the first one of my 41 backed projects is unsuccessful and the creator does not do any response or inform the status of project before shutting down.

    21. Hari Sharma on

      Backed 41 projects in KS. Very very unfortunate that this is the first project died in front of me. I politely asked several times to just ship my reward as it is. Never going to deliver means, don’t know what kind of human being you’re.
      Being successful and experienced and you did this to us means, ppl like you are killing this platform by all means. You seriously killing those upcoming young talents as well. Keep those in mind and do something. I see you login and reading all these.Thanks!

    22. Jerry Alex on

      im freaking backer #20 and never got this. reading these comments gets me tightttt

    23. Missing avatar

      Joseph Butler on

      Yeah, right. Be respectful and considerate to a bunch of low-life crooks who promised us a great new watch, but instead took our money and f**ked us up the a*s! You worthless pigs can enjoy OUR money, while sharing it with your creditors, lawyers, and your high price hookers. By the way, regarding paying off your creditors first: we, your backers, should be considered your FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT creditors, and we should be FIRST IN LINE to get our money back. May you all rot in hell, slimeballs.

    24. Missing avatar

      Muneeb Butt on

      Let’s sue keep these mother fuckers from kits kick starter they are the big thieves in this whole transaction. Fuck you kick starter and a person who come up with this idea. You are a son of a bitch who took our money and hiding somewhere like a mouse. Fuck kick starter they are fraud just got a call from bank and told this kick starter is like a donation thing which helps people to discover whatever they want and that being said your bank can’t get the refund because we donated them a money in shape of buying some merchandise. SON OF A BITCH CEO call me and let’s talk. People let’s get together and sue this company I’m IN.

    25. Missing avatar


      I still see so many backers asking where their "watch" is? So if any backer that has not received their own useless hunk of metal with a cheap leather strap, (can't see how you can call it a "watch") and is interested in paying the shipping, I would be happy to ship the POS I got to you. That way you can have a non-functional wristband like everyone else does.

    26. Missing avatar

      Manish Gupta on

      How bout filing a law suite against the actors in the Add film...🤣🤣😂😂...
      Sad that the project failed..

    27. Missing avatar

      Christian Glowacz on

      @Rolf Winter: Exactly 👍

    28. Rolf Winter on

      Received a watch a couple of days ago. Most of the functions don't work and the larger part of information given in the user manual do not correspond with the actual watch. In particular, the most important feature, the calls, do not work at all. Support does not answer. Thus the watch is a completely useless, thick and heavy brick doing nothing but showing the time. Out of 7 projects, I had just 2 that had fulfilled what was promised. To me the crowdfunding-way is a complete failure as it seems to attract to many non serious people and the platforms (Kickstarter or Indiegogo) did not find a way so far to protect the supporters. This was the last project i have supported. There are lots of more enchanting ways to throw money out of the window.

    29. Missing avatar

      James Rowse on

      I got my watch back in April. It worked perfectly for 2weeks... then the screen died and now it's just a regular heavy fatter watch. No what I was after. Disappointed as I was honestly really looking forward to this watch for ages. Dont care about the money spent, I just want a watch that works! So not really that happy.
      I hope something else comes from this and everyone voicing their dissatisfaction and disappointment.

    30. Missing avatar

      Malcolm Grant on

      Ordered and paid for 2. Got 1. It worked for a couple of days. Now nothing.

      Money back now you pricks.

    31. Missing avatar

      Anand 'Kofi' Mistry on

      When will i get my refund you scam artists

    32. Herda Marek on

      Guys i got a refund from my bank today in Slovakia.
      So F..k you mVoice.

    33. Missing avatar

      Christian Glowacz on

      Ähhhhm has anybody try to buy one G2 from the Webpage and got it? If not all these comments here are unnessarry ;)

    34. Steven Reiley

      Wow you guys put out this heartfelt statement that your shutting down, but low and behold there you are selling the very watches that you said you couldn't deliver now we will have to set up a website or Facebook page so we can inform everyone on the planet what you have done to their customers and supporters.

    35. Frank Stefan on

      hmm that sounds the same like MyKronoz did with their ZeTime. The Backers have waited such long for their watches and they already sold vie web shop a lot of units. seems they took the money for producing the initial batch for their webshop and amazon. and after that they fullfilled the contract with the backers. maybe here it is the same ? i think thats possible. but would be nice to here from martian that its going on and they work to solve the problems, software updates etc... better to get the watch later as never ;-)

    36. Missing avatar

      James Clayton on

      Nice to see they’ve gone back to selling the watches on their website, available from June 30th, including the ones we backed. Yet they shipped us faulty prototypes and won’t fix or deal with them. What the hell is going on... I’d suggest people just leave bad reviews all over the internet and expose these scammers, especially as they lied and left off the millions in extra funding they needed from the risks and challenges when we backed this.

    37. Frank Stefan on

      Got an info from DHL today that i have to get the watch at the german customs clearance. now i think about NOT picking it up because i have to pay an additional fee for the . how should i use a watch that has obviously NO support anymore ?. hmmm what should i do ?

    38. Missing avatar

      Dave Mccarty on

      My request for a credit for the items not delivered was denied because more than 120 days had passed before the claim. I'm done with Kickstarter. Since Martian Watches took the pledged money and then stalled until nearly six-months had passed I'm out of luck. I accept that not every project will be funded, I accept that the product may not meet expectations, but I'm not willing to accept that they can take the funds and just stall for several months before closing up and disappearing.

    39. Missing avatar

      paul Saikaly on

      please refund my money back to my credit card
      i will be thankfull

    40. Missing avatar

      Andreas Meiburg on

      I got mine today,very suprised

    41. Missing avatar

      Jens Lachetzki

      @Harro W.: What good is it for these backers to get a watch which is not working? Left alone without support? And as good as this sounds...they just sent out the crap of one of their development phases obviously to keep us in false hope. Maybe I should propose my management to sell our early prototypes too? Ok, they have their failures but maybe I'll get a promotion :)
      Nonetheless I still support the crowd funding idea as it already brought me several innovative products. Martian seems to be one of the few black sheeps...
      ...and Kickstarter should really change their won't hurt them to show some teeth for their backers because their performance in this very matter is just poor

    42. Harro W. on

      @massimo: why is this a bad company? We've invested in a concept, an idea, a project. This has gone wrong, due to many reasons probably. That is part of doing innovation, not everything ends well ... How sad it is, but they have tried and delivered to some backers ... So they didn't take the money and run ;) ;) as a bad company would do

    43. Ramesh Chakravarthy on

      I think you wont be getting any refund..

      here is what they had told in the update on may 23rd.

      This is obviously not the path we envisioned for the Martian watches but we have exhausted our options for raising the additional funds we need in order to complete the project. With no additional funding available, we have no other choice but to shut down. It has been a great journey working with all of you - our backers. We could not reach where we are at without any of you. Thank you and we are sorry that we were not able to complete this project

    44. Missing avatar

      Sakthi Narayanan on

      I have still not got the product yet .
      Whom should I email and how do I get it .
      I am one of the backers .

      Can you confirm if mine is on the list ?


    45. Massimo Menghini on

      I do not have experience, but I ask: it is possible a "class action" by all of us against this (bad) Company?

    46. Ana Ishmael

      Right now I think you guys have more luck filing dispute with your respective banks rather than KS or Martians.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jens Lachetzki

      well, it's one thing to mess up such a project...but how does it fit that they deny all support request?...Martian, you look like cheaters

    48. Roland Adam on

      Thx Prahan I sent an e-mail too

      Request received: Fwd: Project mVoice G2: World's First "Watch" with Voice & Full Display by Martian Watches

    49. Missing avatar

      Praphan Pavarangkoon

      @Mathew Baxendale

      Here is a part of message from after I asked for a refund:
      If you are interested in getting a refund for this project, please reach out directly to the creator. While we work with creators to help them find funding for their projects, all money raised goes directly to the creator and is managed by the creator (with only a small fee passing through Kickstarter's hands).

    50. Missing avatar

      Mathew Baxendale on

      Has anyone received any form of communication from KS? They appear to have taken a share of the money and then been very quick to wash their hands of any involvement.

      I've contacted my UK credit card provide in order to utilise S75 protection of funds, only to be informed that KS like PayPal break the chain as they only 'handle the funds', as they are third party and not the product supplier. I'd like to contact KS but thought I'd check and see whether anyone has any feedback?

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