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Thank you for making MARTIAN WATCHES successful! After funding closes, visit to pre-order.
1,212 backers pledged $221,298 to help bring this project to life.

Martian Watches Has Completed All Kickstarter Orders

Posted by Martian Watches (Creator)

We want to thank all of our Kickstarter Backers for all of your support and patience and making Martian Watches successful!  We have completed all of the KS orders and are moving forward into retail and on-line sales.We know that you have been with us through the good times and the not-so-good times and cannot thank you enough for your patience!  We would love to continue to hear about your experiences with your new Martian’s through any of our social media pages.

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    1. Pierre-alain Schaming on

      Congrats !!! I'm proud and happy, to have been a martian backer, and have help this project to be successful :) I wish you the best now :)

    2. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Martin. I am sorry to hear that! I will email you the information I have to help you. Thanks.

    3. Martin Weiss on

      Ermmm... Haven't received mine yet (Norway) - who should I contact? Thanks.

    4. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for your comments!
      Eddie - In the Martian app you can activate the World Clock, and by pressing the bottom left button, you will see the time after the date.
      Thrombar - I will send you an email so we can get this resolved for you.

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      Bob Finley on


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      Geoff Shaw on

      My son and I are just loving it!!!! We have a pair of "Victory" watches, (both chrome and black bezels). They elicit more than a few "Wows", "Cools", and "Where do you get those?" We have sent them your website info and I'm sure they will be contacting you shortly. Big promise, Great Job! - one minor suggestion; could you please expand your list of cities in your time zone, or at least let me deselect the ability to display on my watch the city name. I do not live in New York, but it is my time zone. I have nothing against the great people of the 'Empire State' I wold just like to display either my time zone - (EST or EDT) or my city of Toronto. Just a thought. Keep the updates coming, and thanks for showing just how well the "Crowd Sourcing" model can work! ATB. - Geoff Shaw

    7. Thrombar on

      Should I still hold out hope for the watch bands to be delivered?

    8. Eddie on

      Great news team! Congrats and best wishes going forward.

      As for feedback. Are u able to add the time in the LED display as well? There's a been a few times (at the movies and lectures and I'm sure there will be other instances) where I wanted to know the time and since there the hour/min hands do not glow in the dark, I have no idea what the time is.


    9. Andy Lakatos on

      Great watch you guys made, it's a lot of fun.

    10. kokobin

      Thanks by the bucketful.
      You promised.
      You delivered.