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Shipping Update - Please Verify Your Address

Posted by Martian Watches (Creator)

Martian Passports have been shipping over the past 2+ weeks, and Martian Victory watches will begin shipping next week, so please verify that you have provided us with your current mailing address. This will allow us to get your Martian to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thank you!

P.S. Here is a shot from last week of some black/black Martian Victory watches, just after the watch movements were inserted. We are excited to send them out to you!

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    1. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Richard. Your order is almost ready to ship. We just have one question for you. So, I will email you so we can discuss. Thank you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Kennedy on

      When will I get my watches pls? Will it be long?

    3. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Daren. Your order should be shipped from our Taiwan office next week.

      Hi Jack. I am sorry for the delay, you are not the last person to receive your Martian. :)

    4. Jack van der Vet on

      Am I really the last one to get it?

    5. Daren Han on

      Any update about my shipping ?

    6. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Thank you Pamela and Charlie. Your Martians have been shipped. Enjoy!

    7. Missing avatar

      Pamela Semus on

      My address is still the same, please send the watch as soon as possible. My son's birthday is in July, I would love for him to get it. Pamela

    8. Charlie

      My address is still the same.

    9. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Thank you Andrew and Salvador!

    10. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Martin. No problem! You will receive a Victory black/black/black, and it has been shipped. Enjoy your new Martian!!

    11. Martin Juhl on

      BTW: I changed to a Silver Victory to get it faster... .. can I go back to the black version???

    12. Martin Juhl on

      My address is still the same.

    13. Salvador Lario on

      My address is still the same.

    14. Andrew Egger on

      My address is still the same.

    15. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Lee, Kim just gave me the note PayPal sent her: Your payment was returned because it was not claimed by the recipient for 30 days. So...she is going to re-issue it, so check your email in a day or two for the notification (check your spam box too, maybe that's where it went the first time) and then log in to your Paypal account to claim your refund. Let us know if you have any questions. -Pamela

    16. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Trent, we'll update it for you. -Pamela

    17. Trent Dues on

      Updated Address:

      4213 Verne Avenue
      Cincinnati, OH

    18. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Lee, I checked and see that we requested that Paypal refund you, but I don't see the completed transaction. Sorry, not sure why that occurred, but our customer service manager, Kim, is looking into it for you. If you don't receive more info in the next day or two, please email her at . Thanks! Pamela

    19. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi all who have confirmed addresses, thank you! -Pamela

    20. Lee Konowe on

      I requested a cancelation and refund some time ago but have heard nothing. Please advise. Lee konowe

    21. Piscator on

      My address is still the same!

    22. Daren Han on

      Ignore my previous comment. You can sent to my singapore address as I paid the overseas shipping $20.

      my address still same.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rob R on

      I've moved recently and need to update my address.

    24. Norwin Knel on

      Address is still the same..

    25. Missing avatar

      andrew o on

      same address

    26. Peter Nagle on

      My address is also the same.

    27. Jose Tortosa on

      My address is ok!! I'm nervous!! I'm impatient ;)


    28. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Yong on

      My address given earlier is the same

    29. Daren Han on

      My address:

      17146 NE Sandy Blvd
      c/o SGW-FPZM
      Portland, OREGON 97230

    30. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi John, Thank you for letting us know. Thanks to everyone for your patience - we will email tracking numbers when your Martians ship! -Pamela

    31. John Powell on

      My address is still the same, and thank you for letting me back Martian Watches i have only these two watches to come one of each black and silver would be great.

      Thank you.
      John Powell WristTalkers

    32. Salvador Lario on

      Hello Panela.

      And my EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: One MARTIAN Victory Watch silver.

      Should not be sent last week?

      Please can you tell me the tracking number.

      Thank you.

    33. Missing avatar

      Harold Fischer on

      My address verification:

      Harold Fischer
      20190 Chabot Drive
      Yorba Linda, CA 92886-6509

    34. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Steffen, Yes, we are getting some black cases and some silver cases, in all colors. We are excited too!

      Everyone who wants to verify your address - check your Kickstarter account, and if nothing has changed, you don't have to do anything. If you have emailed us previously and received confirmation of an address update, you are good also. The only folks we need to hear from are those who have moved and not notified us through to let us know. If you aren't sure, please contact us and include your pledge category (for example $125, $220 or Early Bird Victory, Two Watches Any Style). Thanks!

    35. Missing avatar

      Alx13 on

      Hello, my address is still the same:
      Alexandre Avenet
      30/32 avenue du général de Gaulle
      67000 Strasbourg


    36. Jose Tortosa on

      Oooh my God!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Terri Sklar on

      My address is current
      14238 W. Sunset Blvd
      Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

    38. Steffen on

      Silver Victorys also shipping next week?

      Can't wait to finally get mine.