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Shipping Update for All Watches

Posted by Martian Watches (Creator)

Martian Passport - We are happy to announce that after yet another setback (this time an unexpected problem with our test equipment in final assembly) more Martian Passports are scheduled to begin shipping to backers starting Friday, June 7th; and as each batch arrives from our factory, we will continue to ship over the next 2-3 weeks until all orders are fulfilled. 

Martian Victory Silver Case Style - Martian Victory watches with silver cases are now scheduled to begin shipping June 13th and will also take about 2-3 weeks to get all orders out (we’ll pack them as fast as we can!).

Martian Victory Black Case Style – Finally, we are moving forward with the black/black Victory watches – After two initial rejections, the latest batch of cases passed our inspection! We have thus instructed the vendor to produce the rest of the cases using this same high-quality process, which should then move to assembly by mid-June. So we may be able to start shipping these watches by the end of June. We’ll let you know when we have more details.

Again, we appreciate your patience and apologize for making you wait. Sticking with a company isn’t easy when multiple delays occur, so it means a lot that you have hung in there with us. 


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    1. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Mardo,

      The Android phones we have tested here in the office are the Samsung Galaxy S 3, Motorola Droid Razr 4G, LG Intuition, and HTC One. The LG Intuition only offers full voice command options through the phone - if you use a Bluetooth device, you can only perform voice dialing. We also received input from one of our backers regarding the Nexus 4, that the Bluetooth range seems a bit shorter than we have seen with other Androids, but we don't know if it's with his phone only or across the board for Nexus 4. Another phone-related comment that I just experienced - I just purchased a solar-powered "extra-battery case"for my iPhone 4S, and that thick thing also reduces my Bluetooth range.


    2. Mardo Gray on

      Can't wait to start showing off. Just out of curiosity, can you make a list of phones you know the app has worked for? If I had not been able to talk to you I would not have ordered my Nexus, Others may be in the same situation.

    3. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Steffen, we completely understand your excitement - we are thrilled also! Note that we said shipping will BEGIN on June 13th - it will take us a couple of weeks to get the watches out to everyone. Craig, I sent a photo request to our Taiwan team to see if anyone will be over at the factory to take this pic - if they are able to do it, I will post it for everyone. Thanks, Pamela

    4. Steffen on


      Shipping in one week? I can't wait for my silver Victory.... So eager :)

    5. Craig Dunn

      Thanks for the update! Like Eddie, I pledged for a black/black victory. Any chance on getting some pictures of the victory units that finally passed your inspection? Would hold us over until production completes. :-)

    6. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      hi Eddie, Thank you! Although we were technically a bit behind with this post since in the last one we said we expected to get the Passports out by the end of May, we didn't want to put up this update until we had better confirmation of dates for you. We didn't want to do a "we don't know" post! We truly appreciate your support - it has indeed been a "project"! -Pamela

    7. Eddie on

      Thanks for the update and thanks for keeping up in the loop with everything that's been going on. I've ordered the black/black victory and have been following the comments and most of us are just grateful that you guys have been responsive and actually "honest" about things. At the end of the day we didn't purchase a product, but help "kickstart" a project. So essentially we're stakeholders.

      Anyway, enough about politics and crap, great to hear that you guys are keeping the quality high and not pushing out a substandard unit (unlike many projects here on kickstarter). Can't wait for the final release =)