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Martian Firmware and App Updates Now Available

Posted by Martian Watches (Creator)

We are happy to announce that Martian Firmware Update v1.47 is now available for download at

On this page, you can also read more about the Martian Watch Alerts App update for iOS and Android.

Downloading the new firmware and updating your Martian Watch Alerts App provides many new and improved features for your Martian Watch, including:

1. Tap the watch glass to see last notification (for one min after notification came in)
2. Option for no SMS character limit
3. Worldwide weather now available – current weather plus Fahrenheit or Celsius option
4. Android: Google Now option for voice command (requires A2DP turned "on" in watch and Google Now turned "on" in Martian App).
5. Vibration slide bar allows you to choose vibration level (requires firmware update also)
6. Find watch (within Bluetooth range)
7. Scroll speed option and scroll delay
8. Camera mode: Front-facing default (Android: improved user interface)
9. If World Clock is turned on, date doesn’t display twice when menu button is pressed
10. iOS: Find Phone works with mute switch on
11. iOS: Improved email to use any IMAP server (if your server isn’t listed, you can type it in)
12. More translations for German, Japanese (iOS only) and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)

Please follow the step-by-step instructions to download. For Mac installation, we have also included a tutorial video. 

For complete information and to perform the update, please visit If you have any questions during the process, please register your product and send us a support ticket, and we’re happy to assist you.


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    1. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Atul, I'm sorry that stainless band was a problem, perhaps there was something wrong with that particular one - I am happy to send you another if you'd like to try it. The email at comes directly to me, so you can contact me privately there. -Pamela

    2. Missing avatar

      Atul Barry on

      Pamela: I do understand that you couldn't have had $100 watchbands for a watch that cost $115 on Kickstarter.

      I have researched and found out that there are long, as well as extra long, lengths for bands. I just ordered a thick padded band, long, black watchband for $29. There are equally good ones available on Amazon for as little as $13.

      The band that came with the watch is of good quality, just that it is of standard length. I suggest that in future projects of this watch, you do give an option.

      As regards the steel band, it does appear to be of poor quality. In my attempts to mount and then adjust, it broke at the place where it attaches to the watch. I had to throw it away.

      My other suggestion would be to put greater efforts on quality control. Martian is a great concept for a watch; I just wish it had a better quality of manufacture. I would've paid extra.

      Please let me know how I can email you privately.

      Regards, Atul.

    3. Missing avatar

      Arthuro24 on

      Great! I'm reassured and I'll sleep better tonight :D

      Thanks for your quick response! And luck to the whole team!

    4. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Arthuro, I am glad you're not angry - we are working hard and appreciate your patience! We did mention in our 5/7 update that we expect all of the Martian Passport watches to go out over the next 3 weeks (meaning end of May), and I am happy to say that it looks like we are still on track for that. We have already sent your packing slip to our production facility so that the moment the watches arrive there, yours will ship out to you. Thank you for backing Martian Watches! -Pamela

    5. Missing avatar

      Arthuro24 on

      Hello Pamela,

      You may could help me. I'm a french backer that still wait my Martian passport watch. After the first delay who says that I couldn't have my watch until the 20 of march, I received a mail saying that there is a second delay and I will receive my watch the 20 of may.

      I understand and I'm not mad, although I look forward my watch! So yesterday I've waited some news and nothing came.

      I just want to know if it's coming or is there anything I can do?


    6. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Dear Atul,

      I'm sorry to hear you are disappointed with the watch and band. The band adjustment is designed to be tight so it doesn't pop open easily when you change it. I found that if you stick the screwdriver-looking end of the watch band changing tool into the little slot it moves into place much easier. This is a good idea for a tutorial video, so thank you for mentioning it.

      I believe that I did mention the leather band is a standard length that was purchased, not custom-made and that I hadn't received any other consumer concerns about it, true. Since then we did receive one customer comment that had a wrist size that exceeded all of our available bands, but that was it. Neither of the bands (leather and stainless steel) are low-quality, low-cost for the backers only - they are being shipped to retail customers who paid quite a bit more and we haven't encountered any complaints there either. That being said, they also aren't $100 retail-priced bands - you can see the MSRP in our web store.

      I didn't see that you have had any functional problems with the watch itself, but if you have, we have a great consumer care team to support and help our backers. We also take all consumer concerns into account to improve our product as we move along, and appreciate your and everyone's support and feedback in this first product design. I also continue to talk to folks through this venue, so if you prefer that route, I am here to listen and help. You can always send me a private message if you have specific thoughts that may be useful for yourself and others.

      Best wishes to you. -Pamela

    7. Missing avatar

      Atul Barry on

      Ms. Pamela:

      I just received my metal band, and excitedly put it on. It was not easy; I nicked my finger trying to do so.

      Then I wanted to adjust the band. It is impossible. The spring bar on the strap adjuster refuses to settle in the hole once I've moved it. I tried for an hour and then gave up.

      It is too difficult for me to put the leather band back again. I'll just pitch this watch in trash.

      This has been a sobering experience for me. I have been a very active Kickstarter backer, but this, and a couple other items, have lifted my faith. I'd rather wait and spend a few extra dollars once the product is made and reviewed.

      Basically, it is the quality of construction. The watch, while it looks great, shows poor workmanship. So do the the straps. I had complained about the leather band being too short - you replied that I was the only one who has problems.

      Maybe Apple has spoiled me. The watch and both bands show poor workmanship, and it is evident that you all have cut corners to save on the cost of manufacture.

      I'm not angry, but quite sad and a bit upset. I had put a lot of enthusiastic hope in your product that turned out to be a piece of stool.

    8. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Oh and Chuck, I forgot to say that you have to make sure you have the latest versions of the firmware and app (software) - firmware should be 1.47, Android app is 1.40, and iOS is 1.02. -Pamela

    9. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Chuck, You are reading it correctly - for one minute after a notification comes in, you can tap the glass to see the message again. It needs to be a quick, sharp tap - if you are too gentle it doesn't recognize it. If you still can't get it to work, please submit a support ticket with your phone type and firmware/app (software) versions (on Android, it shows on the Home tab in the App - on iOS, it is under your phone's Settings/Martian). Thanks, Pamela

    10. Chuck Marshall on

      Am I reading the "tap the watch glass" feature correctly? This one does not seem to work for me. I assume, if it is not a typo, it must function via the accelerometer detecting the tap (since the glass is not a touchscreen). Either way, is that real?

    11. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Chris, I'm sorry your user name disappeared! Let me know if you have any difficulty getting re-signed up. Thanks to fmotta for the great information! Also, glad so many people like the new features. We are always open to suggestions, so if anyone has any more ideas let us know! -Pamela

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris M on

      fmotta, thanks for the tip; copying the application folder to a different location worked for me too. In case anyone has this issue, the original error I got was "File error: .\saved.dfu could not be created." Thanks again fmotta.

      Pamela, thanks for the reply. Apparently my username was deleted. I'll have to register again.

    13. fmotta on

      @Pamela - great upgrade - usability increased a lot - but it was excellent before :)

      @All: I tried to update my watch with my Macbook Air and had a problem. Then I went to the Win7 my company provides. There was a permissions problem in saving the backup of the current firmware. Because of the paranoid settings on the OS the app did not could not store the file in the application directory. I sent sent some suggested corrections via the support web site that should fix the next revision. But, if you copy the application install directory from Program Files into someplace like the desktop (where users have write access) then run the application then this may resolve the problem (it did for me).

      As for future features...
      I am not a fan of stocks on my watch - (nor my phone) but I seem to be a minority.
      If I had a new software feature then it'd be related to performing more "remote control" of the phone non-verbally.

      Also, soon I will need to stop broadcasting my personal stuff to the world. So, I will be checking if the watch can be used in conjunction with a standard bluetooth headset. I envision text to the watch and audio in/out via my plantronics headset. Anyone try this yet?

    14. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Chris, Sorry to hear you're having a problem. Make sure the battery on your Martian is full - the update won't work on a low battery. You can try another micro USB cable also to see if there may be a problem with the cable itself. For further assistance, please visit and submit a support ticket. Make sure to include the platforms used (i.e. Mac OSX 10.X), what the failure error message is for each platform. Also please confirm that you are using the cable that came with your Martian Watch. -Pamela

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris M on

      Update doesn't work for me. Tried both Mac and Windows 7 64-bit, along with properly following instructions, reconnecting, restarting, etc. Keeps failing.

    16. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Scott, the stock price idea is cool - when the SDK is ready to roll, perhaps we'll see what we can do with this one! -Pamela

    17. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Lewis, We are waiting to hear from the vendor with an update on the anodization, so we will let everyone know as soon as we have news. -Pamela

    18. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi KC, this is a fine place to ask the question! We are talking with some app developers right now and working on our SDK so hopefully a fitness type application may be something in our future! -Pamela

    19. Missing avatar

      LO Down Brown on

      All sounds great just wish i had my watch to use it with. I know there was know ETA on the black/black victory in the previous update but hoping something has happened since then that would make me smile

    20. Missing avatar

      KC on


      My apologies if this is not the right place to ask this or if it has already been done but I'd really like to know if there is a sort of "fitbit like" plan for your watches or maybe some sort of partnership with them seeing how their software looks pretty nice? It seems that the accelerometer, the vibration and the bluetooth connection are what's needed for this kind of bracelet/device and I'd certainly prefer to have that feature on my passport than having to wear the new fitbit bracelet.



    21. Missing avatar

      Scott Johnson on

      I am down for stock prices. I mentioned it before to them in a comment showing the watch online via a podcast. How awesome would it be to set a +/- $/% for a stock price then be notified?

    22. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Jamie, Thank you for the compliment! We're working on some cool new features, so stay tuned... -Pamela

    23. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Alexander, Sorry I missed meeting you, but glad the team was able to help you out. This update was mainly addressing "Kickstarter backer wish list" features like the vibration slider, along with some bug fixes, but you read our minds! We are working on all kinds of fun new things for our next update. -Pamela

    24. Jamie Moore on

      Awesome update thank you guys + I was thinking is there anyway to get breaking news stories or share prices to pop up on the already awesome Martian watch!

    25. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      Thank you guys! Your team was very nice and helpful at my visit today. Great update too! I recommend to have more notifications in the next update, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Tango, Instagram, etc. Keep up the good work!