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Shipping Update

Posted by Martian Watches (Creator)

Happy May! We are finishing up the Kickstarter G2G and Passport orders over the next 3 weeks, and more Victory models with silver cases will be shipping at the end of this month.

Unfortunately, the black case Victorys will be heading out last due to a continuing problem with the anodization process needed to make the cases black - we have rejected the quality for a second time. We don't currently have an ETA.

If you ordered a black case Victory and would like to switch to a different model or color, please contact our Consumer Care department at with your name, backer nickname, and pledge amount and let us know which model you would like to choose. Visit to review your options.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Bonus news: The backordered stainless steel watch bands are also currently shipping to those who have received their watches but not the bands. They are being sent via First Class Mail so there is no separate tracking. Please wait until May 31st to see if it arrives before contacting us, since we are shipping from both our US and Taiwan offices over the next week. If your Martian Watch hasn’t yet shipped, the stainless band will be included in your box because they are now in stock.


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    1. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Dear Karen, Sorry, all of the white/silver/white models didn't come in in the last batch, so we shipped you the black since we had it on hand. We expect the white models within the next few days, so we'll get it out to you. -Pamela

    2. Karen Brown on

      Hi We have received a black passport, but wondered what was happening with the other watch we ordered...

    3. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Lewis, I don't have photos but can tell you that when anodization doesn't "take" properly it causes waves and ripples, and a rainbow effect to the color. While this may look good on some things (I'm picturing My Little Pony, lollipops, and the sky after a storm), it just doesn't cut it for our Martian Watches. Again, everyone has the option to choose a different model if they don't wish to wait - just give us a holler. -Pamela

    4. Missing avatar

      LO Down Brown on

      Are there any pictures of the rejected victory cases and details of what failed QC?

    5. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi KC, we ship from our Taiwan and US offices simultaneously so no matter where you are in the world, watches will be heading out to you in the next few weeks. We'll do our best to get it to you before your trip! -Pamela

    6. Missing avatar

      KC on

      Hi. So, I'm one of the 519 passport backers. I assume the early birds all received their watch by now. so that should leave 219 passport watch to dispatch. It's mentioned that G2G and passport watches will be sent over the next 3 weeks. Any chance the passport ones will be sent soon rather than at the end of these 3 weeks? I hate to sound paranoid (probably waiting for too long does this to me) but am I correct assuming the worldwide orders are being taken care of once all the US orders are done? Also what kind of shipment will you use for the UK and how long should it take once dispatched? I don't mean to sound pushy or unpleasant despite not being exactly happy about the waiting but things are what they are and you must be running into a lot of unexpected issues for sure, I just really want this a.s.a.p. or at least before the 24th as I'm going on a business trip for a while and would have loved to be able to use the watch in the different places I'm going to (could be some good advertising for you guys (= ).



    7. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Eddie, it is indeed subjective for me because we have engineering samples in the office so I at least have a watch to use temporarily, even though it isn't "mine". Although I like the black/black watch, I may go with the black/silver because it also looks really classy and I mostly wear silver jewelry. -Pamela

    8. Eddie on

      Hey pam,
      Shame about the quality so far of the black/black, but seeing that you would have seen it to reject it and seeing that you have one on order yourself, do you think it's worth waiting for? Very subjective question, but in ur opinion, what do you think?

    9. Missing avatar

      Scott Johnson on

      @Sean - I also had issues with the silicon band. However as Pamela said its very easy to swap out with other bands which are easy to find. I do wish I would have ordered the extra band that match the watch case.

    10. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Grant, It's because we haven't released the firmware update yet! We will be sending out a link to the download page tomorrow so folks can get the Update Wizard for PC. We are still finishing up the Mac installer so that will likely be a few more days. -Pamela

    11. Grant Smith on

      Hi Folks, got my Martian Passport watch a while ago and I LOVE it - it works just like advertised (Unlike Pebble! which doesnt work at all!) - I wish I had ordered 2 Martians (and not 2 Pebbles)- I updated the iOS app this morning and it was talking about updating firmware on the watch to get the 15 different vibration levels, but I tried updating the firmware this morning, by Connecting to my Mac and selecting the update mode from the watch menu, but nothing, what am I doing wrong?

    12. Sean Ormsby on

      Thanks for the swift reply Pamela!

    13. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Sean, Sorry to hear about the irritation! The Martian's band can be switched for any 22mm spring-pin style band. I don't know what the Relic uses, but watch repair place can easily tell you if that will work. -Pamela

    14. Sean Ormsby on

      Hey there Martians! Does anyone know if the silicone band that is currently on my Martian watch can be swapped out with the gold/silver link folding clasp band on my Relic wristwatch? I've been wearing my Martian non stop (except for showers of course), and when i took it off yesterday, there was a patch of my wrist that was blistered cracked and peeling. Like some kind of rash/burn. I'm thinking it may be a breathability issue with the rubber wristband being tight against my skin, but i cant loosen it or it will spin around on my wrist. Does anyone know? Should i take it to a place that deals with watch repair?

    15. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Lewis, We are also disappointed, so we understand (I personally have a black/black Victory on order too!). I was just about to email you separately to let you know since you had asked, but you beat me to it. Please follow the instructions and let us know if you'd like to switch to a different model or color. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Pamela

    16. Missing avatar

      LO Down Brown on

      as a victory Black/Black Backer, i've held on and on and now just more disappointment