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“Martian Watch Alerts” App Now Available for iOS

Posted by Martian Watches (Creator)

We are pleased to announce that the “Martian Watch Alerts” App is now available for download in the Apple App Store. Just visit the App Store on your iOS device and search “Martian Watch Alerts”, then install per the instructions.

The iOS app will allow Martian Watch wearers with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices to receive:

• Email notifications(iCloud, Gmail, AOL or Yahoo! Mail)
• Facebook direct messages
• Twitter mentions
• Calendar event alerts
• Daily weather forecasts
• World Clock time on the OLED

You will also be able to control watch vibration levels, choose “do not disturb” times, use the watch’s “find phone” feature, and configure many of their watch’s display and alert settings.


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    1. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Atul, We expect to get them all out into the mail, to those who got their watches without the bands, within 7-10 days. Thanks for your patience! -Pamela

    2. Missing avatar

      Atul Barry on

      I haven't received my steel band yet.

    3. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Francis, We know and understand, and appreciate your patience. We'll be sending you an update email shortly. -Pamela

    4. Francis Domingo on

      I am still waiting for my order, hope o can receive them the soonest possible time. Its been a long wait and i hope its worth it

    5. Missing avatar

      LO Down Brown on

      Sadly still waiting on my black black victory :-(

      Hoping they hit the 20th ship date deadline!

    6. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Ryan, We are shipping the Victory watches as we receive them from the factory - sorry we haven't received enough white ones yet to get yours out to you, but as soon as we have them in hand, they will head on out to you. You will receive an email with tracking notification so you'll have heads-up. -Pamela

    7. Ryan ÇaptÅwesome Harrison on

      Hey I was wondering when my order would be shipping - still haven't had any email confirmation

    8. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Don, the text messages can be a little fussy to get started sometimes, but once they start working they are then fine. If you have already gone to Settings/Bluetooth and turned off the Bluetooth and turned it back on, do this one more time but wait about 30 seconds before turning back on. Sometimes if you turn it off and back on quickly, it doesn't seem to reset properly. If that doesn't work, forget the device, re-pair, and do the same process - turn off BT, wait, and turn back on. Also, if you are sending a text to yourself to test, make sure that as soon as you hit "send", you close your text window - if it is open, the text won't go to the Martian because it knows you are likely looking at your phone. That should do the trick! If you have any further issue, please feel free to send us a support ticket at so our customer service team can assist you. -Pamela

    9. Steffen on

      Seriously? The silver Victorys are finally going to ship?

      Uh, I am so excited....can't wait for it :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Don Busenbark on

      Martian team, thanks again for making such a great watch. It is stylish and functional. I have had one minor problem. I can't seem to see text messages when they come. I have tried the suggestions on the website and it just doesn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks again.
      Victory watch paired with iPhone 5 running IOS 6.1.3.

    11. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Travis, The black/black/black Victory watches take the longest to produce due to the process needed to create the cool black case, so we have started shipping the silver case Victorys now and are patiently (but not very!) waiting for the black ones from the factory. We are still shooting for our 4/20 target. If there is any delay beyond that, we'll certainly let you know. We appreciate your patience - thanks for backing Martian! -Pamela

    12. Travis Brannan on

      Just curious when I can expect my victory watch as an early bird backer and only 10 days left until all are hopefully all delivered.

      Thanks, just really excited to try it out.

    13. Marc Minami on

      Thanks Pam! you're the greatest!!

    14. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Marc, Interesting thought...we'll discuss it here too. -Pamela

    15. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Steffen, Thanks, we'll take a look at this! -Pamela

    16. Marc Minami on

      hey guys,

      what does everyone think about a feature to include emergency dialing in case of a car accident? my car has this feature and i am sure, with the accelerometers in the watch, it is doable as well. of course it would have to be a feature which can be turned off such as the leash for those who want to go jogging or boxing with the watch on....

    17. Steffen on

      Hello Martian Team,

      as I am waiting for my Victory (so much looking forward), I asked about using the watch as input for Google now and sadly it would not work.

      But there was a update of Google now released this week and I found an option named"Bluetooth headset" in order to use a Bluetooth headset as input. Maybe your devs could check if it actually works? I will do too tomorrow.


    18. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Jonathan, Great, great, and let me help you here. The app is free, no code needed. On your iPhone, go to the App Store and search "Martian Watch Alerts". Then tap install. Enter your password if needed, and the app will download onto your phone's desktop. Tap the app to open it and tap on each tab to configure your settings. If you have any further problems, please register your watch at and submit a support ticket - our customer service team will be happy to assist you. -Pamela

    19. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Seely on

      Just received my watch. GREAT
      Watch is paired with iPhone. GREAT
      Can't download the app (download code?) NOT SO GREAT

      I'm a dummy -Jonathan

    20. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Wonderful, Rick - glad I could help! -Pamela

    21. Rick Hedeman on

      Thanks Pamela ... This worked for the incoming text messages:

      "For text notifications, go to Settings/Bluetooth and tap the little blue/white button next to Martian Watch. Tap "show notifications". Go back to the Bluetooth screen and turn Bluetooth off, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on. Tap the top button on your Martian to reconnect.."

    22. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Rick, Congratulations!Our web designer checked the forum to find out why you didn't receive your confirmation email, but didn't find any problem - did the email perhaps wander into your spam folder?

      You can also get direct support by registering your product at, then logging in and submitting a support ticket. Texts can be a little funky at first, to get Bluetooth to recognize them, but once it does it'll be good to go.

      If you haven't already, go to your phone's:
      Settings/Bluetooth and tap the blue/white arrow to the right of Martian Watch.
      Make sure "Show Notifications" is toggled to "on".
      Then go back to the Settings/Bluetooth page and turn Bluetooth off. Count to 5, then turn it back on.
      Martian should reconnect in a minute or so, and then you should start receiving texts.
      If not, turn BT off and back on one more time - sometimes it's just a little stubborn.

      Please let us know if you have any further problems - we're happy to help! -Pamela

    23. Rick Hedeman on

      Got my stylish Martian Victory and the ios app. Psyched to tweet it up @TelephoneWorks but can't receive incoming texts yet. Nor can I register on the forum for support (never received the confirmation email). Where can I get support? Thanks!

    24. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi fmotta, Thanks, glad you like the new GUI! -Pamela

    25. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Andy, We will indeed be sending email notifications when the watches ship, so keep an eye out. And thank you for the compliment - we are doing our best! -Pamela

    26. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Ralph, We are shipping the Victory watches as quickly as we receive them from the factory, so you should be receiving a notification in the near future. I had to Google the date thing - if it's what I think it is, OMG, didn't know about that, we swear! LOL Thanks for backing Martian. -Pamela

    27. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Joseph, thank you for the update! -Pamela

    28. Missing avatar

      Andy R on

      Hey Pamela are you guys sending tracking info via email when the victory models are shipped? I appreciate your professionalism in your comment posting. Makes me want this endeavor to succeed. Thank you.

    29. fmotta on

      The new app (Android) is a great improvement and the GUI is more intuitive.

      Several people have been referred because of my wearing the watch so, my limited use at work has caught the eye of interested parties.
      I look forward to an understated version soon.

    30. Ralph Montgomery on

      Getting a bit anxious seeing all these comments about folk's Victory watches - as an early backer, I still have not received notification of shipment. I do see that you have 4/20 (interesting date.....) listed as the goal.

      Looking forward to replacing my Pebble ...

    31. Joseph Spiegel on

      I wanted to add that the Victory was perfect with my car's BT, 2006 Chrysler, for outgoing calls. Will have to get an incoming call to see how that works. Great so far!

    32. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Matthew, Glad you are enjoying your Martian. I forwarded your thoughts to our engineering team to see what might be feasible to do. We appreciate your feedback! -Pamela

    33. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Joseph, Glad you like it! We had to make the gesture a little bit "significant" so people don't hang up on calls that they don't mean to, but it does make for a good conversation icebreaker! We'll check into more weather options as we move along - thanks for the input. -Pamela

    34. Joseph Spiegel on

      Loving my Victory, so far. Taking it out on the road today. Curious as to if it plays nice with my car's Bluetooth or will they fight.
      Things I'd like to see, so far. The option to have just the local current temp displayed instead of "forecast." And the reject call gesture, is going to be fun in public. To get it to finally work is a cross between a scene in Dr. Strangelove and having a seizure of some sort. Maybe something more subtle but still not accidental.
      All in all very happy so far.

    35. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi gcanare, No news on WIndows phone yet - we will let you know. -Pamela

    36. Matthew Grossman on

      First off, I love my watch and the app only makes it better. However, in either the firmware update or an update to the app, I would love to see a setting for scroll speed. Text scrolls too slowly for my liking on the OLED. Especially the name of the person calling/sending text. The name seems to hang around for too long and I end up looking at my watch for upwards of 15 seconds just waiting to see the whole 40 characters of the message preview. I know it seems like nit picking but its the only thing that I can find that isn't perfect. Thanks again for a great watch!!!

    37. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Chan, True, the app does have to run in the background to stay connected...the app can't work if it is closed. You don't mention which notifications don't work, but if it is Facebook or Twitter, you have to have the apps downloaded on your phone and logged in from your phone before Martian can access them. To do this, go to Settings/Facebook or Twitter, and tap on your name, then log in. If it's email, make sure you're using Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! or For text notifications, go to Settings/Bluetooth and tap the little blue/white button next to Martian Watch. Tap "show notifications". Go back to the Bluetooth screen and turn Bluetooth off, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on. Tap the top button on your Martian to reconnect. If you have further problems, please visit, register your product, and submit a support ticket, and our customer service team will be happy to assist you. -Pamela

    38. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Corey,

      Two pieces of good news for you - the next firmware update will include that change for World Clock, and you can (and this is how we had it in the User Manual before the app was available) use iOS alerts instead of the app for email if you prefer. Directions to do so:
      - You need to enable push notifications for the mail account you are choosing for your Martian Watch. On your phone, go to Settings/Mail and scroll down to "Fetch New Data". You can choose to fetch all new data, or scroll down to Advanced and choose just the email you are using with the MARTIAN WATCH. Then go to Settings/Notifications on your phone and scroll to Mail. Tap the arrow and tap the email you want to enable notifications for. Turn "on" Notification Center" and choose "Banners". Turn Badge App Icon, Show Preview, and View in Lock Screen all to "on".

      Hope this helps! -Pamela

    39. Corey

      Sorry the first line should read "Love that the watch will NOW show the time..."

    40. Corey

      Nice first pass on the app. Love that the watch will not show the time on the OLED, but you need to eliminate the first date from the sequence now when that is turned on. Right now when I push the button, I get the status screen, then the day/date, then the day/date again and then the time scrolled. Can you put it so first day/date disappears when the world clock is on?

      Also, I would love it the email alert came from the iOS alerts instead of you trolling my email account. The pebble watch is able to do this now, so hopefully you can go that route.


    41. Missing avatar

      Skeam Riaj

      @ Mario: THANKS !!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Chan KH on

      Just tested the app. Found that notifications still doesn't work. The app constantly gets disconnected. The must run in the background for it to remain connected.

      Looks like there is much work left to be done. But a good start nonetheless. Thanks.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ma Rio on

      Sorry ment "Gesture" not "Gestüte"

    44. Missing avatar

      Ma Rio on

      @skeam the Leash is for the case you left your phone behind your martian watch will Remond you via vibrating and a text on the OLED display if you get out of your phones bluetooth range. Gestüte is for quit a call with a Shake of your wrist as seen as in the martian promo-Videos.

    45. Missing avatar

      Skeam Riaj

      This may be a dumb question, but what do Leash & Gesture do? I selected them from the menu, but have no clue what it's for.

    46. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    47. Missing avatar

      jordan on

      That's good!!

    48. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Jordan, Yes...just started. More will be coming over the next few weeks so we'll be shipping them as fast as we receive them! -Pamela

    49. Missing avatar

      jordan on

      A couple comments down, did you say you started shipping early bird victory watches today?

    50. Chuck Marshall on

      I am so excited and cannot wait to get mine!