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Thank you for making MARTIAN WATCHES successful! After funding closes, visit to pre-order.
Thank you for making MARTIAN WATCHES successful! After funding closes, visit to pre-order.
1,212 backers pledged $221,298 to help bring this project to life.

Early Bird shipping has begun

Hooray! Today we shipped our first 100 Martian Watches to Early Bird backers. These G2G and Passport watches, in all 8 combined colors, have shipped from both our US office in California and also our Taiwan office. (Note: The lids of all of the Passport boxes have a white Passport on them, the G2G boxes have a red G2G, and the Victorys have a black/silver Victory - check the SIDE of the box to see the actual color you received).

You will receive a tracking notice in your email when your order is shipped. Please be patient if you don’t receive it immediately – in addition to these 100, we expect to ship another 100 tomorrow and a third batch next week.

We request that you withhold the “when will mine ship” emails for at least a week, as our customer service department has to pause from actually doing the shipping to look up your order. (Note: If your order isn’t in the Early Bird category, please withhold your “when will mine ship” email until at least a week after you see a Kickstarter update that those have begun shipping).

Just so everyone understands: We are shipping in the order in which you pledged based on the inventory in stock. We didn't receive all of the watch bands in the first shipment, so if the band you need doesn’t arrive in our shipment next week, we will ship without the band and send it separately, so you can have your watch!

If you ordered a Victory, we appreciate your patience. They have entered mass production and we are making some adjustments to the mold, so we will have another Victory update when the production facility is back in action after the Chinese New Year holiday next week.

As soon as Early Bird shipping is complete, we will immediately begin regular shipping based on the stock on hand at that time. We will update you as soon as we begin regular shipping, as well.

Bonus: The Martian Watch Alerts app is available for Android in the Google Play Store. The iOS app is still in review with Apple – we will notify you when it becomes available.

Second bonus: The Product Support pages are now available. Visit and you can register your product, read the User Manual and support FAQ, post questions or search for answers in our forum, and more.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Guido Kauer on

      And...... I just put it on my wrist. Unfortunately the customs office demanded a hefty sum of money before handing it over. but the long wait is over and I have the watch paired with my phone. Now I'm gonna test the hell out of it :).

    2. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi fmotta, Not too much longer! We finished shipping all of the Early Bird G2Gs and Passports on Friday so we can start in on the non-Early Birds this week. The 3D printer and botiful also sound like fun - you are going to have a great time with all these new things! -Pamela

    3. fmotta on

      Sad face. No new watch and my botiful still awaits software. So, I guess I go back and muck with finishing my next 3D printer on my spare day.

    4. Carsten on

      Passport received from customs duty today. Charged and now on my wrist - great!!!!!
      can't wait to get the iphone app for more features

    5. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Guido, It arrived at customs inspection in Amsterdam today, so it should be getting through and on to you soon. I will send you your tracking information in an email so you can check the progress. -Pamela

    6. Missing avatar

      Guido Kauer on

      I recieved my shipping order for the netherlands on the 8th. Unfortunately It still dit not arrive at my doorstep. I'm starting to become nervous. Well maybe it is still stuck at customs. But it should have been around my wrist by now.

    7. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Oh darn! As soon as I receive an update I'll let everyone know. -Pamela

    8. Missing avatar

      LO Down Brown on

      thanks Pam look forward to hearing from you as I was hoping to have it for a trade show on the 35th of Feb in the UK

    9. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Lewis, Not yet - the production facility is closed this week due to the Lunar New Year holiday, so they'll be back in action next Monday 2/18. -Pamela

    10. Missing avatar

      LO Down Brown on

      hi Pam, looking forward to the next update ont eh shipment you mentioned. any news on the victory mould adjustments?

    11. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Liberty, It shouldn't be much longer - another shipment is coming to us as I type! -Pamela

    12. Missing avatar

      Liberty Perucho on

      seeing all the pics on twitter is great. patiently waiting to get my shipping notice. :)

    13. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Patricia, You won't have to wait much longer - we got some more watch bands in today so we can get your order out to you! -Pamela

    14. Missing avatar

      Patricia B on

      This is one early bird that hasn't received a shipping notice. It's killing me! Can't wait!

    15. Missing avatar

      Liberty Perucho on

      cant wait to get mine :)

    16. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Carsten, Yippee and you're welcome! -Pamela

    17. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi fmotta, Oh gotcha - looking forward to seeing what you think. -Pamela

    18. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Chris, Thank you and yes please! Please send a private message and I will forward you a release form, as we'd love to use your video on our web site if you don't mind. This goes for anyone who would like to share their Martian Watch with others. -Pamela

    19. Carsten on

      Hooray! It´s on the way. Got the tracking numer today and expect my watch next week in Germany. A big THANK YOU to the whole Martian Team to let us always know how things are going.

    20. fmotta on

      @Pamela: I know what CAN be done with such a watch and I know what it takes to make it happen (I developed Android tools and host ports for a bit amongst my 35 years of embedded systems experience). So, I know what I WANT to have on my wrist and none of those watches I have tried have been close. So, I keep searching.

      Not here yet, but I am now excited again.

    21. Chris TiMaG #14 L

      I just got mine and paired it with my Sony Vivaz. So far so good. It's charging now. I even made a short clip of myself opening the watch. If you'd like it please let me know, I love the watch. Good job team Martian Watch.

    22. Missing avatar

      LO Down Brown on

      looking forward to hearing news on the adjustments to the victory mold...was hoping to have it for a show in the UK on the 25th Feb

    23. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi fmotta,

      I hope you do enjoy it! You don't have to give us your Google Play Store password, you just download the free app from there onto your phone, then connect to your watch with Bluetooth. Caller ID doesn't require an app, and text notifications work without the app if your phone has a Bluetooth MAP profile. Social media and email notifications do require the app and you need to allow the watch to talk to those third-party apps, but remember it's just a Bluetooth connection like a headset, so it's transmitting phone info, not using its own OS like the i'm Watch.

      We look forward to hearing what you think about all the various watches - you have quite a good collection! -Pamela

    24. fmotta on

      After having spent time with mucking with several other smart watches and their challenges/debacles I am hopeful that the tech behind the Martian is more sound than the others. If so, then I will happily wear it until an "understated" model is available.

      So, I look forward to having a smartwatch that actually works with at least one of my 4 cell phones and does as it says without having to give another company my google play password (you know... the one that can be used to automagically purchase anything at the google website).

      Also, I hope the notification features of Martian are general enough that I do not have to use only the google/android apps to get them.

      When I receive it I will post a comparison to the metawatch, WiMM, and i'mWatch that I own.

    25. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi all, Thanks for your patience - we are excited to get your watches to you, so we're moving as quickly as possible!

      Mario, we just completed the manual in English, so now we need to send it out to have it translated into other languages. Will let you know when they are ready.

      Jordan, we just need to see what the inventory situation is - since you are a backer and a winner, we'll certainly do our best!


    26. Steffen on

      Can't wait to get my Victory to Germany. Please hurry :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Ma Rio on

      Hello Pam, i' m very happy to read that you now in shipping the Early Birds. Can' t wait to get my tracking notice Email!
      I'm very happy that the watch menu Language can be changed to german, but is there a Chance to get the User Manual also in german ( even as .pdf )???

    28. Missing avatar

      Anuj Desai on

      I feel bad if my comments sounded terrible to tne Martian team! Yet, you guys kept more updates than most! I hope you all the best! :) Thanks for Updadates and realistic iinfo. :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Anuj Desai on

      I gotta say I am excited about the passports! :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Anuj Desai on

      Once again, spacing issues when typing on a tablet can suck. Someone may want to help with that! Hint, Hint! ;) Too many cross platforms these Days! ;)

    31. Missing avatar

      Anuj Desai on

      Before people think this is crazy, I'm clicking on a tablet, a hacked one, so delays/errors occur. I think the watches, though like a lot of stuff replicated rapidly by third parties quickly, have potential to be what you can imagine (not desire, as we're not all Programers, Engineers, and Artists), but give some faith and feedback. We love this stuff so we invest! Alot of times what we can!

      Lets help our Entrepreneurial Friends, not kill them!

      We love this stuff for a reason more than what we just expect for our convenience. And more than that, just our own goals, whether it's about being first in line, the head of the frontier, or someone that expects more. Put your thoughts in and help. Sometimes, our friends, (And I really don't know anyone from this project), need our faith and feedback so they can make something great, and then something better, and so on, (take for example the iP***). Not the biggest fan, have one,but who imagined it's impact (considering most modern cars have a jack for it :) )

      Everyone deserves a chance as we would! Give them courtesy too! I hate delays, but, I've realized that someties, items can save/change someone in the end. A consumer, like Us, who gets a better product because a company feels guilty or responsible, or more. And even greater, a Company that can suceed because it realizes the mistakes and becomes better for both themselves and the consumers.

      Thisalltakes time!

      Have Faith in our fellow Entreprenuers! :) :)

    32. George N. on

      Victory delayed. What a bummer. PLease stop my excitement soon :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Anuj Desai on

      Nice Job guys! Every venture has it's challenges! Good job on keeping people informed! I usually watch as people complain, and like many of us, we worry because we're just making it by. Some people expect, revolutions, others expect what is realistic.

      Good job on keeping people in the loop, and at least keeping hope that you'd come through, both for us the consumers, andyou the company!

    34. Missing avatar

      jordan on

      for those of us that were lucky enough to win a Martian, when can we expect them? After all the watches have been sent? After the early birds or at the end? I wouldn't mind waiting but my victory is being delayed :(

    35. Walter Freeland on

      I'm probably not, but let's hope I'm in the first 200!!

    36. Martian Watches 2-time creator on

      Hi Lauren, Thank you! We are happy to get your Martian Watches onto your wrists. -Pamela

    37. Lauren Schmucker on

      So awesome - Congrats! I'm very excited to receive this. Nice work!