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We're building a real astronomical observatory for Burning Man 2014 and beyond, complete with giant telescope and science exhibits.
A mobile astronomical observatory for outreach.
A mobile astronomical observatory for outreach.
644 backers pledged $28,118 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Treee on

      Never received my pledge reward (pendant). Every few months or so I send the campaign organisers another message that goes ignored.

    2. Yazz D. Atlas

      I still have not seen a delivery for the following.

      Reward: $150

      Black Rock Observatory logo Hoodie + Tshirt + Bandana + Patch + Wristband.

    3. Patrick Reeves on

      What's up with the XL hoodies? I never received mine =(

    4. Joseph Hamilton on

      any ETA on the pledge gifts?

    5. The Desert Wizards of Mars 3-time creator on

      Hey folks! So sorry for the delay in fulfillment, having shirt supply issues that have just been resolved so remaining rewards are being made now. Thanks for your patience and your amazing support! We should be wrapping it all up in the coming weeks. We're already making big plans for next year, so stay tuned....

    6. Joseph Hamilton on

      any ETA on the pledge gifts? i was hoping to have for xmas

    7. Dionysio Guerrero on

      I was so saddened not to be able to make it out on the playa to see this. As a contributor to the funding campaign, it was important to me to meet some of you all in person and to thank you for such a great idea. As I read the your post, I got the "thank you" in another form....where you mention that parents brought their kids to the BR Observatory.......that is all the thank you I needed. If it brought magic and joy to these kids and other Burners, that is good enuf for me. So proud to have been a part of this project!

    8. Gregory Block

      The observatory was remarkably beautiful; the design of the structure was eye-openingly simple to construct and beautiful to see. You had quite the queue the night I was there - it was a bit hard to *find* you in the deep playa at night, but once found you did not disappoint, day or night.

      Thanks so much for building this, and please, please, please bring it every year.

    9. Sandra Maria on

      Just came across the Huffington post article, and it made me so supremely excited to visit y'all on the playa soon!! I've never seen Saturn's rings through a telescope before... :) Can't wait to meet y'all!
      Love and dust, Popcorn

    10. Travis Knight on

      can't wait to see you guys on the playa!!

      just $100 backers receive the pledge gifts from the lower pledge amount categories, or just the hoodie? I'm hoping the "or more" carries through the entire pledge gift program.

      You guys are awesome!!

      thanks and peace,

    11. The Desert Wizards of Mars 3-time creator on

      Thank you to all who shared and contributed!!! Black Rock Observatory is going to Burning Man! If you missed the chance to give to our Kickstarter, YOU CAN STILL DONATE by sending your contribution through PayPal to!! Or you can contact Major Tom at Thank you to everyone WE DID IT!! )'(

    12. Dennis Donohue on

      Congrats everyone!!! Very excited to view the stars from the Playa!!

    13. Vickie Nauman on

      Hey congratulations - project of merit recognized!

    14. The Desert Wizards of Mars 3-time creator on


      Thanks for your contribution jeffz! $5 means a lot to us!!!! I look forward to meeting you on playa! - Major Tom

    15. Jeffz on

      Wish I could afford more, this is going to be so great! Volunteered to help in BRC too :D

    16. Jason Thomas Borneman on

      These people get it!

    17. Charles White (Admiral) on

      YOU DID IT! It's happening! Thank You all for being a part of this adventure into deep space. During the first build last Sunday, the first dome took shape from the ether. The people working on this project have such dedication and passion to make this happen and to share the Cosmos with everyone that is brave enough to walk up to our telescopes. I literally lost it with tears of joy surrounded by people that don't just "Dare mighty things" but actually "Do mighty things". Thank You to all of you supporting this project and making a dream, a vision, and now a project come to into being. We are going to Burning Man... and the Stars!!

    18. The Desert Wizards of Mars 3-time creator on

      I've posted a protoype image taken at the factory of the Black Rock Observatory Pendant on our main Kickstarter page. Thank you supporters for an amazing first week! The response has been unbelievable!!!!

    19. Anthony Lanni on

      Nathan Domino, there's a picture of the pendant prototype at the very bottom of the kickstarter page. We expect the final version to be even cooler. :)

    20. Professor Pickle on

      we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars...

      once you cast your gaze through major tom's telescope in gregg fleishman's sanctuary, you will be instantly transported to another dimension in time and space...

    21. The Desert Wizards of Mars 3-time creator on

      Thank you so very much for the support everyone! We are all so excited about the response. We feel you out there. I've added a photo of an early prototype of the pendant to the project page. I expect pewter versions and a photo next week. Thanks for everything!!!! )'( - Major Tom

    22. Vickie Nauman on

      LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I can't wait to see it on the playa. Great idea

    23. Missing avatar

      Nathan Domino on

      I am curious what the pendant looks like?

    24. Bart Prins Jr. on

      All the nice rewards "only ship in US"... And I'm living in Europe...

    25. balisane on

      Whomever wrote these level descriptions needs to look out, because I am going to give you such a hug on account of cuteness.

    26. Missing avatar

      Donna Farrer on

      Donated once, twice, three times :-)

    27. Ahmed Jaber on

      Telescope Addicts wishes you the best of luck with funding!