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The OWL is an open source, open hardware, reprogrammable effects pedal designed for musicians, coders, and hackers.
204 backers pledged £33,641 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. gerald carosati on

      +1 for memory ...

    2. Alessandro De Luca on

      +1 for Stereo.
      Mostly because modulation/delay/reverb effects would be severely limited without a stereo output. But still, even a stereo input would be useful: i.e. for keyboards, or to implement a virtual A/B->Y switchbox (right after the input) and connect two guitars.

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      Dafydd Thomas on

      Memory for me.

      hopefully both get hit though...

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      Dmitry Kokorin on

      Just realized that 1Mb means up to 3 sec. delay at 96/24 mono. Am I right? If so, 1Mb is not really that much.

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      Robert Bocquier on

      Since I have no use of stereo (due to hardness of hearing) I definitely vote for memory

    6. Missing avatar

      David Hogan on

      If its possible that memory could be added later, I'd vote for the stereo i/o

    7. Arthur Carabott on

      Memory for sure.

      For good convolution IRs it's a must, and I'd imagine more common than 2 amp setups.

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      Dmitry Kokorin on

      Would love to have a stereo, but it seems that more memory is a must-have feature. 192Kb is just 2 times more than typical cab impulse size. (I hope the CPU will be fast enough for convolution.) More memory also means longer delay or even a looper. So, memory first.

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      David Lemmer on

      I must say that i am really surpised that we reached 24.000... i'm very happy already with the midi, footswitch, and i never thought we would reach the digital codec and never thought we would reach the LED switch.... by the way, if i had the choice, i would prefer the 1MB memory, because at this time i personally have no need for a stereo connection or a dual mono, but i agree that this possibility also would be a really great feature of the OWL pedal... who knows, maybe we reach 32.000 :)))) hihi @all: cheers and take care... make love and rock 'n' roll :)))

    10. Arne Macdonald on

      Stereo for me, please! Or rather: 2 independent channels

      I fear that 1MB will not be very much when handling high sample- and bitrates.

      Best would be both though.

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      William Bettridge-Radford on


      I'd love to play with crazy delay effects.

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      Musjuh on

      Close call but I vote for stereo jacks over memory but more importantly to extend the funding deadline. Let's make both stretch goals!

    13. Jason Perez on

      I vote memory.

    14. Chris Hemmings on

      I'd certainly prefer stereo for my purposes, but i like the ideas suggested of either extending the funding deadline to hit both and/or the design allowing for a memory upgrade later.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Pape on

      Oh yeh and I'd love for the pledge deadline to move to give more time to hit £28k just because that's a key feature from my point of view.

    16. Missing avatar

      David Pape on

      Stereo ins and outs for me - stereo means all sorts of things like dual mono operation (2 FX, one on each side of stereo), mono dry and wet from a single input, effects that conditionally select from either of the inputs... even sound generation on one channel and a mono effect on another?

      Any chance the design might make it possible to upgrade the RAM later? Then we could pay for a new/extra RAM chip when we want more memory.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bernhard Stähli on

      +1 for memory.
      extending the funding period would definitly allow both, I think ;)

    18. wsosanwwas on

      memory for me. more possibilities.

    19. Leonardo LagunaRuiz on

      Memory. It would allow more interesting patches.

    20. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on

      Vote for memory.

    21. J3KZ on

      But I would like to extend the funding period for all options.

    22. J3KZ on

      I vote for 1MB update... without no decent delay effect would be possible !

    23. Joachim Rehm on

      After reading the comments i support the stereo :-)

    24. Missing avatar

      John Sweet on

      Memory, definitely. Though from the looks of these comments, we're not making the decision any easier for you.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Naus on

      I vote for stereo. Seems to me that memory upgrade could be a possibility with a future mod, adding stereo would be a lot trickier.

    26. Missing avatar

      sxahern on

      Stereo/dual inputs preferred; allows sidechained/vocoder type applications.

    27. Andrew McPherson on

      Stereo gets my vote. Except for long delay buffers, I'd expect most effects will run out of CPU cycles before they run out of memory.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jan Slott on

      Personally I'd rather have more memory first.

    29. Johan on

      Noooo, dont change them around.

      Stereo FTW, this will make it so much useful for everything I want it for!

    30. Missing avatar

      Sergio Vera on

      Congrats on reaching the 24K stretch goal!
      I might be wrong, but I believe that 90% of the times the pedal will be connected to mono sources (instruments and other pedals are mostly mono-based, am I right?). With that in mind I would prefer 1Mb ram over stereo I/O.

      However, I guess that this change has to make economical sense and this is your task (hoxton-rebel tech guys).

    31. Effects Database on

      Stereo! For stereo effects, sidechain effects,...

    32. Missing avatar

      Christine Caulfield on

      Personally I'd rather have more memory than stereo

    33. Missing avatar

      Alex Chan on

      As Fabian has just said, I too would prefer the stereo I/O.

    34. Joachim Rehm on

      I'd love to have both, but extra memory would be first for me...

    35. Missing avatar

      Fabian-Robert Stöter on

      As I would love to use the OWL mainly as a synth effect I would really prefer stereo I/O instead of the memory expansion.