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Portland's first art-infused silent disco where you jam to music through wireless headphones and dance out loud in an art space Read more

Portland, OR Music
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Portland's first art-infused silent disco where you jam to music through wireless headphones and dance out loud in an art space

Portland, OR Music
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A silent disco is a silent dance party where everyone listens to music via wireless headphones. No speakers, just headphones. It is essentially a silent room of people dancing to the music in their headphones. And there are two DJs so people can choose what they want to hear. And I took on the challenge of adding art the mix to create a multi-sensory experience. 


Portland's first art-infused silent disco.  


Portand's never experienced a real silent disco before and definitely not an art-infused one! Another big reason is my fascination with group dynamics, especially through the lens of dance and music. When a crowd of people are dancing in a silent room listening to music through headphones it changes the atmosphere and ultimately the way people interact with each other and with the music. It's half dance party and half social experiment, which are two things I love. An art-infused silent disco allows me to create an experience that engages and influences people through music, dance and art. 

A silent disco also opens up a new way to experience music by transforming the antisocial act of listening to headphones into a shared experience. It allows people to have different experiences in the same room. You could dance with someone listening to a different song. You would hear silence if you remove your headphones. The opportunity to people watch is endless. And it would be ridiculously fun. 

Unfortunately, silent discos are few and far between because they are expensive and not that common in the U.S. yet. Instead of waiting for a silent disco to happen I decided to make it happen--and invite others to experience it. I want to give Portland the opportunity to experience its first silent disco with a twist. Portland is a self proclaimed creative city and would enjoy an art-infused silent disco. PDX Silent Disco can spark the future of silent discos in Portland.  


PDX Silent Disco is partnering with Silent Storm Sound System, which is supplying 200 headphones. 

Union | Pine, a art+event space in SE Portland, is hosting the event on Sunday December 2nd. 

The rest of the money raised will cover the cost of two DJs, art, alcohol and bartenders. A local hip hop DJ and another oldies/80s DJ are interested, but if you're interested in DJing let me know. Also let me know if you'd like to donate/sell music related art. There will be a cash bar in addition one free drink per Kickstarter supporter who gets a ticket. 

$1,200 headphones + $1,000 venue + $400 two DJs + $200 art + $200 bartenders = $3,000 


I love to dance (like, for reals). I danced for over 10 years of my life and it's my creative outlet. I passionately dove head first into this project because I'm bringing all the thing I love together—music, dance, art and social behavior. I can't help but get excited. And I am also giving people the opportunity to experience music in a new way, which is freaking rad.

I'm also a student in W+K 12, a school + mini advertising agency at Wieden and Kennedy. I graduate in December and want to make this happen before then.

Risks and challenges

Let's be real. The biggest risk is missing out on this experience if you don't support it! :)

Beside that, aftering reaching my goal I'll order the headphones and secure both DJs. I also want to get alcohol donated. The sooner I can secure everything the better. The hardest part will be getting music related art donated and making interactive pieces for the dance room. I may be the only one making interactive art, so a good execution of each piece will take a while. Hopefully some artists will be interested in making additional pieces for the dance room (let me know if you're interested). After reaching out to artists and friends, I'll need to collect the art and figure out how to display it in the space. Transforming Union | Pine to create a multi-sensory experience will take some time. The set up should be seamless and fun to get everyone hype.

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