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... recording an album retreat style, secluded with nothing but my music, has always hung heavy in my mind. Seemingly unobtainable, I never thought this dream would come to be. Thanks to the support and encouragement of some awesome friends and family I now have the chance to make this dream a reality. There's only one thing holding me back - and that's where you come in.

• 13 people • 10 days • 9 songs • 1 barn •

When I started planning for this album, I had nothing but a notebook full of half finished songs. A friend/producer encouraged me to finish them and suggested we prepare them for recording. Since the initial meeting, our days have been filled with writing music, making phone calls, and searching for glitter and lion masks. In order to step out of my folk-singer-songwriter comfort zone I chose to write these songs with a full band in mind. I asked some incredibly talented and creative musicians if they would be a part of these recordings and as they agreed the project took shape.

The next step was to research where/how to record my music. It quickly
became apparent that studio fees and other restrictions might put this
project out of my reach.

But then I remembered that anything is possible.

I realized that if this album was truly going to reflect me, I needed to control as many aspects as possible. A truly DIY endeavor, everything from songwriting, to graphic design, to marketing has been achieved through hard work, motivation, and more than a few late nights. It's certainly been a learn-as-you-go process, but through the generosity of friends and family, and a little digging on my own, I
have acquired an amazing team of people, a drool-worthy list of gear,
and a breathtaking setting where our recordings will take place.

On March 1st, 13 of us will head to Pennsylvania for 10 glorious days
free of cell phone service and other distractions–living and breathing
nothing but these songs. Recording retreat style, where we live
together throughout the entire process, means that we can roll out of
bed and in to the studio, or stay up as late as we need to get that
perfect take. From the moment the barn became a reality I have been
anxiously waiting for my time in Pennsylvania. I'm so excited to spend
these days with the musicians and I can't wait to share the resulting
recordings with you.

Here's the Nitty Gritty:

Marny Lion Proudfit (Boston) - Singer - Songwriter - Indigenous to Utah - Resides in Boston

Ellis Tucker (Boston) - Producer - Musician - Occasional Twitter poet - My right hand man for this project 

Geoff Mutchnik (Nashville) - Engineer - Magic school dropout

• Myles Rodenhouse (Brooklyn) - Engineer - Owner of Douglas St. Records - Sittin on a serious stockpile of Twinkies 

Dan Drohan (Brooklyn) - Drummer Extraordinaire - Vintage sweater collector 

Johnny Simon (Brooklyn) - Guitar Genius - Hamburger slider expert

Scott Colberg (Brookyln) - Bass Wizard - Owner of the best beard in Brooklyn - Amateur clock maker 

Chris Doyle (Montreal) - Professor of Piano - Always well dressed - Occasionally orders salad

Eric Tait (Portland, ME) - Trumpet screecher - Owner of The Farm recording studio - Synth programmer - Once bowled a 287 

Aaron Rourk (Manhattan) - Saxophone - Downhill soapbox derby champ 1994

Gillian Arndt (N. New Jersey) - Visual Guru #1 - Has seen Clueless 47 times

Drew Arndt (N. New Jersey) - Visual Guru #2 - Only person to ever complete the Paunch Burger 13lb hamburger challenge

Audrey Michaels (Boston) - Social Media Coordinator - Stylist - hula hoop girl at Bonaroo, Coachella, etc.

• Paying everybody involved - Finding the right people for this project and compensating appropriately is extremely important to me. This includes all the musicians, both engineers, the visual artist, and my producer. 

• The Barn - The space where all this magic will happen. Seclusion ain't free! 

• Extra Gear - We've borrowed, collected, asked, and acquired but there are still a few items we drastically need to make everything run smoothly. 

• Post Production - Mixing and mastering this album into a polished jewel. 

• Packaging/Distribution - Once all the recording, mixing, and mastering is done, we still need to duplicate, pack, and ship to you! 

The best part about the whole kickstarter process! Personal and intimate–hopefully these prizes will share with you what happened during our time at the barn. They include personal polaroids from my point of view, limited edition album artwork, digital prints, and possible performances! (Check the descriptions on the right.) ---------->>>

THANK YOU SO MUCH for wanting to be a part of this journey.  I want to use kickstarter not only as a way to raise the necessary funds, but also as a way to connect with you personally.  The whole point is to bring this experience to you.  I appreciate the monetary side of each donation, and value the connection it creates between you, me, and my music.  For updates and to stay in touch please check:

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

While it's always possible that our van might break down during transit or that the drummer might forget his sticks, we have double and triple checked every step of the process. As a DIY effort we control the risks, challenges and how they're overcome. I'll continue to work on this project till either me or the album is finished.


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