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A Crisis threatens to wipe out Humanity. You are our last best hope to save the Earth. Are you willing to pay the ultimate price?
A Crisis threatens to wipe out Humanity. You are our last best hope to save the Earth. Are you willing to pay the ultimate price?
360 backers pledged $12,620 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal Updates


Now that we've had time to catch up a bit on this crazy week of Kickstarter progress (over $2,500 in just seven days!), we thought that we would update everyone on how plans for the Expansion/Companion book and the short story anthology are coming. 

The Expansion/Companion Book

The Expansion/Companion Book, which will get a new name before it goes to print, will be approximately the same size as the Our Last Best Hope starter book (roughly 100 b+w pages) and will also have a color cover. Unlike the core book, however, it's going to be split into a few modular pieces, so that players can pick and choose what they want to add to the game, including:

New Rules and Hacks: Rules for Stress and Madness, an Inception-style Hack (by Michelle Lyons-McFarland), a 2012-style Disaster Escapism Hack, and a 9th Gate Investigative/Occultist Hack. 

Additional Mission Playsets: Apocalypse Prevention Inc (by Eloy Lasanta), Deep Ocean, 1940s/World War II, Center of the Earth, Large and Dangerous Monsters, and Danger Patrol (by John Harper)

(Yup, you read that correctly. The infamous (and awesome) John Harper has agreed to write a Danger Patrol Mission Playset that will bring the world of pulp science fiction to Our Last Best Hope. Always wanted to stop those Stygian cultists from opening a portal to the sun in the heart of Rocket City? Then this Mission Playset is for you...)

Advice and Tips: Tips for playing OLBH over the internet, building great scenes using conflict and foreshadowing, facilitating games as a pseudo-GM, and all the other playtested advice that won't quite fit into the main book.

As you might guess...we're pretty excited about adding a ton of options and features to the game!

We Are Dust Anthology: $10,000 Stretch Goal

We've got a ton of amazing authors lined up for our next stretch goal, the We Are Dust anthology, including Eddy Webb, JR Blackwell, Filamena Young, David Hill, Jason Corley, Will Hindmarch, Matt McFarland and Rob Wieland. A bunch of these writers were with us for our last anthology, By No Means Vulgar, and we'd love to put them to work again!

Today, we're proud to announce that another GenCon 2012 Industry Insider Guest of Honor has joined up with the Our Last Best Hope project: Jess Hartley will once again be contributing a story to our short fiction collection! Welcome aboard, Jess!

We're still a ways off from the $10,000 mark, but we think we can make it before the Kickstarter closes on June 17th. We're already working with our writers to prepare some amazing apocalyptic fiction because we think we can raise the remaining $3,000+ we need to make this anthology a reality!

If we can get there, all backers who have pledged at least $15 will get a copy of the PDF, and all backers who pledged at least $50 will get a softbound copy of the anthology in addition to the digital copy. We're going to be working hard to get the core book out quickly, and these additional books will follow within a few short months. 

But...we need your help to get to $10,000. Can you take a few moments now to post to Twitter / Facebook / Google+ and let people know about the project? It may seem silly to remind people again, but if all of our existing backers brought in just one more backer who pledged at the $15 level, we'd make it to our goal!  Do you think you know someone who might love this project? 

Thanks again for your support. This has been an amazing experience, and we're so excited to bring you all of these books (including the anthology) later this year!  THANK YOU!


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    1. Mark Diaz Truman 4-time creator
      on June 10, 2012

      @Kairam - Sorry for the confusion! All of the modules are included in the Companion/Expansion Book. Players can pick and choose what they want to add to the game when they play it.

      Thanks! We're really excited about them.

    2. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on June 10, 2012

      How do we choose among the various modular pieces the ones we want in our Companion? Is there a determined number of new rules/hacks/playsets/tips available for each backer to put into his book? or are all modules included in all Companions?

      BTW those are great additions.