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KristaCon NYC is three days of longform gaming at Studio 440 that focuses on player choices and character relationships.
KristaCon NYC is three days of longform gaming at Studio 440 that focuses on player choices and character relationships.
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*Pictures courtesy of Irvin Keppen, Krista White, and John Stavropolous.

What is KristaCon NYC?

KristaCon NYC is a standalone longform gaming convention (May 24-26th) that focuses on player choices and character development featuring Marvel Heroic, Apocalypse World, Dungeon World, and Monsterhearts.

The convention allows players to pack a whole month worth of gaming into just three days, each session at the convention building off the last one into an awesome experience that is completely driven by player choices and character development. 

Players start on Friday by selecting a character to play for the whole weekend. You might be Cyclops in an X-men game--driven to show humanity that mutants are human too--or the Gunlugger of a Hold in Apocalypse World--the hired gun of a nasty Hardholder. Over the course of the convention, you'll play in three connected sessions that feature interconnected play between multiple tables of awesome gamers. Your character will grow and change over that time, as your personal development drives the narrative of the story.

Where did KristaCon Come From?

KristaCon is the brainchild of Krista White, Brennan Taylor, and John Stavropolous. When Krista decided that one-shot convention gaming wasn't really getting to what she loved about gaming, Brennan and John designed a immersive play experience using Marvel Civil War and called it KristaCon. Since then, the group held another KristaCon at Dreamation 2012, again featuring Marvel Heroic. 

For KristaCon NYC, we're hoping to expand the form (longcon gaming) even further by adding new games, all Powered by the Apocalypse, in a standalone environment!

The Games

For KristaCon NYC, we'll have two tracks of gaming (Marvel and Apocalypse World), each with three separate games of about fifteen players. Look for amazing games like:

Marvel Knights: Crimefighters: There's talk in the underworld of some new stuff going around the mean streets of New York: Bolt. The Hand and the Hood want a piece of the pie; Kingpin wants all of it. Don the mantle of heroes like Daredevil, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Black Cat, and Blade to save the city from all-out war!

Marvel X-Men: The tide of anti-mutant hatred has reached fever pitch. Senator Kelly is calling for the passage of the Mutant Registration Act and an anti-mutant militia called the Purifiers are threatening violence against mutants across America. Suit up as an X-man (or Brotherhood of Mutants agent!) and fight for the future of mutantkind!

Apocalypse World: Go Aggro on four simultaneous, interacting Fronts - from the grim, all-consuming Death Road to the deceptively pristine Illicone City. Our mind-bending setting is character-driven: seize the future of this dying world by force or open your brain to a past that never was! Welcome to the Megapocalypse!

Guardians of Galaxy: The Annihilation Wave has devastated the galaxy and the incursion from the Negative Zone has done damage to the very fabric of reality. Annihilus' disruption within the interstellar empires has caused chaos, powerful threats are emerging all over, and Galactus is hungry after his ordeal. The newly formed Guardians of the Galaxy have decided to do something about it! The hubris of the name will quickly become evident as the Phalanx invades, civil war breaks out in the Shi'ar Empire, and the Universal Church of Truth begin a rampage of religious conquest across the galaxy. How can a small team of heroes guard the galaxy from all of these threats and more? Join up and give it a go!

Monsterhearts:  An aging steel mill town covers its darkest secret with its most precious asset: Rolling Hills Preparatory - a high school like any other, full of students immersed in rivalries, love, confusion, experimentation, changing bodies, homework. But dark secrets never stay buried. And those once wronged are more powerful in death, threatening to unravel normal life and time itself. Four interlinked games, each a different era: 1947, 1967, 2007, 2017...choose an era and play a student at Rolling Hills Preparatory with your own dark secrets. You'll have the opportunity to develop relationships, explore your own terrors, save your town from unrelenting sleepless horrors or become one yourself. As time unravels, slip through it to help other eras and OR destroy us all. It's Monsterhearts like you've never seen it before!

We'll send out the final information on featured games once the Kickstarter closes. You'll get to pick which track you play, but spots might fill up fast. We'll give first priority to the folks who backed the Kickstarter early (and our VIP backers, of course!)

The Schedule

The schedule for KristaCon is built around our two tracks, one for Marvel and one for games Powered by Apocalypse. 

Friday, May 24th:

2pm-6pm: Marvel Track (Knights, X-men, Guardians of the Galaxy)

7pm-11pm: *World (Apocalypse World, Dungeon World, Monsterhearts)

Saturday, May 25th: 

9am-1pm: Marvel Track (Knights, X-men, Guardians of the Galaxy)

2pm-6pm: *World (Apocalypse World, Dungeon World, Monsterhearts)

7pm-11pm: Marvel Track (Knights, X-men, Guardians of the Galaxy)

Sunday, May 26th:

10am-2pm: *World (Apocalypse World, Dungeon World, Monsterhearts)

It's okay if you need to miss a game or two, but remember that the best part of KristaCon is playing the same character for multiple sessions in a row. Come early to get the full experience!


Location: KristaCon NYC will be held at Studio 440 in New York City. The space has been used for BurningCon and RecessNYC events in the past, and they've been awesome about holding the space for us. We'll have three separate rooms for the whole weekend, enough space to host each game in its own dedicated room. Holding the event at Studio 440 does mean, however, that all attendees must be 14+ to participate.

Staff: We're a group of committed volunteers who are doing this convention as a community activity. None of us are being paid for our time, and the GMs are being asked to chip in to rent the space. The lead organizers are Krista White, Mark Diaz Truman, Brennan Taylor, and Jim Crocker, with strong support from our Organizing GMs (Travis Scott, Rachel E.S. Walton, Frank Manna, and Brendan Conway). 

Money: All funds raised will go toward producing rewards and making the convention awesome. If we make substantially more than our goal, we'll use the additional funds to add art to the Dungeon World PDF, pay for GMs to attend for free, get snacks/drinks for the attendees, and generally make KristaCon NYC rock. All income and expenditures will be posted here in a public update after the convention has concluded. Magpie Games is acting as the fiscal sponsor, but will receive no compensation for handling money for the convention.

Harassment Policy: KristaCon NYC has a strong policy to prevent harassement and abuse at the event. We will feature mechanisms at each table that will ensure safe play, and several volunteers will act as Harassment Monitors during the convention. We think the KristaCon community is awesome and friendly, but we are taking active steps to make sure it stays that way.

The Rewards

We've decided to come to Kickstarter for this project because we know there is a large and active KristaCon community that's enjoyed playing games with us over the last year. While the costs of the convention are relatively low, we're eager to get the financial stuff out of the way early so that we can focus on gaming. To that end, we're offering the following rewards:

At $10, you'll get a PDF of The Last Days of Anglekite, the new Dungeon World supplement written just for KristaCon NYC. Here's the pitch:

The world is dying. Everyone knows it.

Her skies are green and sickly. Her forests are dark and foreboding.  Her clouds billow and roil across the sky. The scent of the end hangs in the air, and the touch of death has burrowed into the bones of every living creature, including the people of the Crater Basin and the last great city of the living, Anglekite.

The end is certain, but the form it will take is unknown.

Will it be the Pyrewyrm, prophesied to burn down the world in a final battle with the wielder of the Angelbone Blade?

Will it be the slow death brought by the Scourge Karkis, the 200 foot tall giant that murders all life it finds?

Will it be something worse, some Thing from beyond this world, scratching at the cracks, aching to get inside...and feed?

Or will the world, the Crater Basin, and the last city of Anglekite, mount one final defense and stave off the end for a while longer?

This new large-scale DW adventure (suitable for playing with 3-20 players) contains everything your group needs to play the final days of the Crater Basin, including Dangers, Fronts, and additional obstacles. It also contains new monsters, new magical items, and new compendium classes to flesh out the world, as well as a set of basic rules for fights that utilize large forces against titanic creatures.

For $50, you get a ticket to the convention in NYC the weekend of May 24-26th. Once the Kickstarter closes, we'll send you more information about getting registered for a track of gaming, etc. You also get the PDF!

For $75, you get VIP access to KristaCon with your ticket, giving you first dibs on which datafiles/playbooks you play at the convention in NYC. You also get the PDF!

For $100, you get to contribute ideas to one of the gaming tracks in addition to picking your character early. Always wanted to see something happen in an X-men comic? This is your chance to make the What If... your own! (You also get a ticket to the con and the PDF!)

For $200, the KristaCon staff will help you figure out how to set up your own longform gaming event. We'll provide you with coaching, tools, and our own experience running these games to help you plan your own event.  

Thank You For Your Support!

KristaCon wouldn't be possible without the efforts of the GMs, players, and organizers who put it together. Thank you for your support. We'll put on the best convention we can thanks to your help!

Risks and challenges

As with any live event, there is a risk that KristaCon NYC will have logistical problems. We might have trouble with the space, GMs might drop out at the last minute, and there are new things we're trying that might not work. We're positive, however, that getting 50-60 awesome gamers together to play games will probably work out just fine, even if we have to make some last minute adjustments.

As for the Anglekite PDFs, we expect that we'll be able to complete, edit, and layout the piece within a month of KristaCon NYC. That may be too optimistic a timeline, but since most of the work is already done for the convention itself, we think that should go smoothly. If we have any delays, we'll call upon the large number of designers and GMs that are helping us run the convention to help get the project across the finish line.

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10

    SUPPORTER: Can't make it to the Con? Pledge $10 and we'll send you a PDF of the Last Days of Anglekite, Brendan Conway's amazing large-scale DW adventure, so that you can run your own longcon event!

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50

    ATTENDEE: Get one (1) ticket to KristaCon NYC (May 24-26). In addition, you'll also get a PDF of the Last Days of Anglekite following the convention.

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    Pledge $75 or more About $75

    VIP: Get everything from the ATTENDEE reward. You also get to pick which track you play in and which datafiles/playbooks you play at KristaCon NYC before everyone else does. You're VERY IMPORTANT!

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    SPOTLIGHT: Get everything the VIP gets (PDF, ticket, first pick of tracks/datafiles/playbooks) and you'll get to work with an Organizing GM to add your ideas and themes to one of the KristaCon games.

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    Pledge $200 or more About $200

    CHAMPION: Want to run a longcon gaming event yourself? Back at this level and the KristaCon staff will help you plan your own event via phone, email, and G+ Hangout.

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