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$6,783 pledged of $1,500 goal
$6,783 pledged of $1,500 goal

Project moved to Indiegogo.com

As many of you may know, my kickstarter was suspended and kickarter is being very vague and will not return emails and give a clear explanation to me.

At any rate, I am asking for your support on IndieGOGO.com a website similar to kickstarterI have launched the same project there.

The link to the ferrofluid keychain project there is


I am not sure that IndieGOGo will raise the same amount as kickstarter because it does not seem to be as popular but I am asking all of my supporters to PLEASE add my project link to facebook! Wouldn't it be great if this kick in the butt by kickstarter proved to be a good thing by bringing more awareness to the project!Thanks again for supporting my project!!!Mark Timms


Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter and comments are closed on project updates. For more on project suspension, please see our FAQ.