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    1. Sumicrop.small

      Creator Sumi Tonooka on April 28, 2010

      Hey Mark,

      Good luck with the kickstarter project! I meant to come on board the last time and it got away from me. So I am not going to let that happen again. Also welcome to ARC, if I haven't already said that.
      My mother's birthday is May 22. Happy Birthday in advance ! Hope all is well with you and yours, wishing you continued success in all of your musical endeavors.

      all the best-


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    $10.00 — You'll get a digital copy of the album one week before it's released (as long as you promise not to share), plus an exclusive digital bonus track not included on the CD.

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    $25.00 — Get an autographed copy of the new CD, plus the digital bonus track and the At What Age poster.

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    $50.00 — You'll get an autographed copy of the At What Age CD plus the bonus track and the pre-release digital download, the promotional poster and At What Age T-shirt. If you're a musician (or just interested in such things) you can also get access to pdf files of the music we perform on the CD!

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    $100.00 — At this level, you'll get At What Age (both the autographed CD and the pre-release download) and the bonus track, the promotional poster and T-shirt, an autographed copy of either QuietLand or Circle Squared - your choice (unless I've run out of one of them) and, for the musicians, access to scores and leadsheets and a Skype lesson with me (especially good for curious Horn players)! We can talk about improvisation, composition and arranging, low-carb cooking, whatever...

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    $200.00 — Get all of the above, plus have your name listed in the liner notes. You know that spot where it always says, "...the artist would like to give special thanks to...". Well, your name will go right there (along with anyone else who donates at this level).

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    $1,000.00 — All of the above, except you'll be credited as an Executive Producer in the liner notes. Impress your friends! Your enemies will be green with envy!! Call now, don't delay!

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