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Like having a swivel/rotating screen for your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini camera. Discover new angles for awesome photos and video!
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Mark Hampton

554 backers pledged $38,252 to help bring this project to life.

Full Circle

We are going to end where we began, by thanking you.

It has been a lot of challenge, excitement, stress and fun taking HiLO Lens from idea to reality. The shop is now public and the next couple of months will tell us if HiLO Lens is destined to be a product or a Kickstarter curiosity.

We are working on alternative attachment mechanisms. There are cases available now for the iPhone5, iPhone4/4S black, iPhone4/4S white We think the case makes the iPhone less likely to slip from your grip, provides protection in a minimal package and looks great - but we are biased :) There is also a clip for extended use with the tacky pad.

From here on in we'll post on the HiLO Lens blog. Please visit us over there. The latest article has a great tip for aligning the HiLO Lens.

HiLO Lens truly would not have existed without our backers - Kickstarter was never just a sales exercise for us. Your trust and confidence is an inspiration.  


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    1. Creator Mark Hampton on August 23, 2013

      @Colin the case works without the tacky pad and the clip works with the tacky pad. Thanks for your thanks :)
      @Paul cheers!

    2. Creator Paul J Natsch on August 23, 2013

      Congratulations Mark! I can't wait to see more pictures taken with the Hi Lo lens on twitter and so forth. Great job!

    3. Creator Colin Seton on August 23, 2013

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for all your hard work. Your product is brilliant, the optics are excellent, the packaging inspired. I even use the cloth as by glasses cloth when desperate.

      It's a pity the sticky isn't. So it looks like a clip is a likely solution. :)


    4. Creator Mark Hampton on August 22, 2013

      Hi Jon, we worked on a full-coverage case, creating models and lining up a manufacturer. For 3D printing the cost of printing goes up with the volume of material and we wanted to keep the cost down. So I had assumed we would use a traditional plastic injection molder to manufacture the full-coverage case. Then the problem becomes making cases for iPhone4/4S, iPhone5, iPad mini, iPad3/4 with each case requiring tooling that costs thousands of dollars. We could not afford the up front investment.

      The HiLO X case provides pretty good protection. If the phone falls on a flat surface then it will hit the case because the corners, front and back are protected. Adding a screen protector (trimmed to fit the HiLO X case) would offer more protection.

      It could be worth adding a full-coverage case available on Shapeways. Let's see if other people also make the request. Could you add it as a suggestion at ?

    5. Creator Jon Allen on August 22, 2013

      Thanks, Mark, great work and best of luck!

      I will order the Shapeways case...would you consider doing a full-coverage case?