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Like having a swivel/rotating screen for your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini camera. Discover new angles for awesome photos and video!
Like having a swivel/rotating screen for your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini camera. Discover new angles for awesome photos and video!
Like having a swivel/rotating screen for your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini camera. Discover new angles for awesome photos and video!
554 backers pledged $38,252 to help bring this project to life.

What are you getting up to ?

Frank Terhaar-Yonkers, one of our backers, took the photo below with a HiLO Lens. It captures the creativity we hope HiLO Lens will inspire in all of us.

Photo by Frank Terhaar-Yonkers, of his Mother Phyl Edwards

Frank's photo has a warmth and kindness, I think Phyl sees the boy within the man - it is a fantastic concept. Thanks for sharing!

If you have a photo to share, please get in touch 

Shipping Update

The HiLO Lens rewards for Europe will be sent from France this week. 

The HiLO Lens with iPad adaptor were sent out to the American continent and Asia late last week. You will have received an email as it went through our warehouse in LA.

The HiLO Lens with iPad adaptor for Europe are on their way to our warehouse in France.

The HiLO Lens with iPad adaptor for NZ/Australia are in transit to Mark in NZ.


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    1. Mark Hampton Creator on July 25, 2013

      Hi David, that is some great feedback - thanks! One of the benefits of Kickstarter that we hoped for is having people like yourself involved. We are looking to evolve the product and are "all ears" toward our backers.

      I'm extremely happy that the design is being well received. It was a real challenge to jump into product design!

      We need to offer alternative methods for attaching the HiLO Lens. My current thought is to offer multiple alternatives. This will take time and development cost is a concern.

      The magnet is an alternative that could be retrofitted to the HiLO Lens. My focus has been on designing a case. But I will add the magnetic system onto the list.

      I've seen a lot of complaints on the internet about the magnetic rings not staying on. This was one reason I steered away from the magnetic solution. Another point being that it requires something being stuck permanently onto the iPhone. Given that the lens is not used very often it is a big compromise for some people.

      The current clip on Shapeways is intended to work with the tacky pad. It is for people who want the HiLO Lens on the iPhone for extended periods of time. It will not solve the concerns you have.

      I note that you don't want a case on your phone. We are looking for Beta testers for the HiLO Lens case so contact us at if this does interest you.

      Once we have the case nailed down it would be possible to work on a "slip-on" mechanism for the corner of the iPhone. This should be fairly easy to design if we leverage from the case work. This is something we could offer on Shapeways.

      It is important that people get great value from the HiLO Lens. That means making it user friendly and I believe that means offering a range of attachment systems.

      Thanks for getting involved it is great when crowdfunding crosses over into crowd design :)

    2. david goin on July 25, 2013

      Some feedback. First of all, let me say say i think the little lens is cool. It's a beautiful little thing i carry always. From the great optics to the precision machining of the body and case, it's a joy to hold. Here's the thing I'm finding, though. I don't like the attachment. Because my phone lives in my pocket (i don't use a case-I'm careful), when i want to take a picture, i pull it out, attach the lens, shoot the pic, detach the lens, and put it and my phone away. It's a fast thing. I rarely go out with the lens attached to the phone intending to simply shoot. It's always a spur of the moment thing. I used to carry in my pocket a tiny (photojojo?) wide angle lens that was attached by magnet. On the camera was a tiny metal ring with a strong adhesive on it. It stayed on the phone. The little lens that lived in my pocket had a fairly tight plastic lens cap on the front and a tiny metal plate that covered the other end. The lens itself had a magnet in it. To use it, i removed both lens cap and tiny protective metal plate and put the lens to the tiny metal ring on the phone. It worked very well. The little ring only came off once. The metal ring allowed for a fast, always easy attachmen and alignmentt, and a quick removal. The HiLo, on the other hand, because of the sticky (non-magnetic) attachment, is more difficult to attach, more difficult to align, and takes longer to remove and put away. The HiLO is better in quality to be sure and small enough to easily carry, to be sure, but takes way more time to attach and set up, especially because of how it's attached, ie the sticky approach. I don't like it. I thought, and perhaps don't remember correctly, that the lens was going to be attached via magnet but was nixed because apple said it could interfere w the phone's magnometer (sp?). Well, maybe that's true, but the camera part for me is important. Now that I've tried different things, I'm inclined to go w what's easiest and fastest to use, which is the tiny little magnetically attached photojojo (i think) lens. (Btw, the magnet is not on the camera. It is on the lens. The only time the magnet gets close to the phone is when I'm using the phone as a camera. That said, re the HiLO, i am looking into using Shapeway's 3-d printed lens holder that HiLO said was out there. In summary, the sticky attachment is going to likely stop me from using the HiLO, even though its better, small, and way cooler. The sticky attachment has serious limits that matter to me. I prefer the on-the-phone thin metal ring and magnet-in-the-lens approach simply for speed and fast alignment/adjustment.