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Like having a swivel/rotating screen for your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini camera. Discover new angles for awesome photos and video!
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Mark Hampton

554 backers pledged $38,252 to help bring this project to life.

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Theft – an Unwanted Form of Flattery

Photojojo is a popular website for camera accessories. We have, unfortunately,  discovered an ugly side of that company. 

The product packaging for Photojojo Inc.’s “Smartphone Spy Lens” used images from the HiLO Lens Kickstarter campaign on their product packaging. The photos even show the HiLO Lens iPhone lens being used!

More details on the blog 

There is not a lot we can do against this type of behavior with a limited budget. There is room for everyone on a level playing field but retailers that behave like Photojojo Inc. do not deserve our trust. Please don’t support this type of two faced behavior.

Now I feel a lot better having at least shared my frustration. We've closed the door on one retail channel... Time to get back to making the HiLO Lens a successful product. 

Full Circle

We are going to end where we began, by thanking you.

It has been a lot of challenge, excitement, stress and fun taking HiLO Lens from idea to reality. The shop is now public and the next couple of months will tell us if HiLO Lens is destined to be a product or a Kickstarter curiosity.

We are working on alternative attachment mechanisms. There are cases available now for the iPhone5, iPhone4/4S black, iPhone4/4S white We think the case makes the iPhone less likely to slip from your grip, provides protection in a minimal package and looks great - but we are biased :) There is also a clip for extended use with the tacky pad.

From here on in we'll post on the HiLO Lens blog. Please visit us over there. The latest article has a great tip for aligning the HiLO Lens.

HiLO Lens truly would not have existed without our backers - Kickstarter was never just a sales exercise for us. Your trust and confidence is an inspiration.  


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Private Sale of HiLO Lens


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Missing You Missing Me


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What are you getting up to ?

Frank Terhaar-Yonkers, one of our backers, took the photo below with a HiLO Lens. It captures the creativity we hope HiLO Lens will inspire in all of us.

Photo by Frank Terhaar-Yonkers, of his Mother Phyl Edwards

Frank's photo has a warmth and kindness, I think Phyl sees the boy within the man - it is a fantastic concept. Thanks for sharing!

If you have a photo to share, please get in touch 

Shipping Update

The HiLO Lens rewards for Europe will be sent from France this week. 

The HiLO Lens with iPad adaptor were sent out to the American continent and Asia late last week. You will have received an email as it went through our warehouse in LA.

The HiLO Lens with iPad adaptor for Europe are on their way to our warehouse in France.

The HiLO Lens with iPad adaptor for NZ/Australia are in transit to Mark in NZ.