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Mark MeiertalBy Mark Meiertal
First created
Mark MeiertalBy Mark Meiertal
First created
pledged of €1,000pledged of €1,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, April 24 2019 1:17 AM UTC +00:00


This is my first contact to the world with my own composed music.

I needed time, now I did it.

I hope some of you will enjoy it or be a player in a world with films and emotions. 

https://soundcloud.com/mark-meiertal (for now 22 tracks)

Mark Meiertal 1975.

Born in Tallinn / Estonia.

Raised up with Chess.

Grandmother Pianist, Father Violin and Piano.

Since 1982 in Berlin West.

Still here but since 1996 Berlin East.

1991 touched with and dived in HipHop and Graffiti.

1996 started with Dj’ing (different Music Styles).

1998 founded a Soundsystem called Redemption Sound.

(with two other good friends, Reggae & Dancehall & Ragga-Hiphop).

For many years Dj, Booker, Events / Parties Operator / Promoter, Artist & Surviver.

2014 touched and dived again - this time in

Playing and Composing Music with a Music Program.

2019 Here I am ..

Im not a pianist.

Im also not a sound engineer.

I had to teach them all myself.

All this works arose only with a laptop and headphones in.

I used a normal usb keyboard or even played with the intern laptop keyboard (50/50).

Thats why the sound is mostly so straight with less motions.

To let it play by musicians and real instruments would be great.

(With more emotions and motions).

This should be a project :))

With this project here I would like to give my music to an expert for Mastering.

When I will get more: I would like to spend it in Artwork & Print and in CD Pressing & Promotion (Includes: to send this oeuvre to all who support and made it possible with minumum 35.-).

And even more: I can find again more time for composing music (Includes: to send all supporters (50.-) an extra Ep or Lp of my works - in the near future).

Videos, clips, animations or small story films for some tracks would be also great.

I did an assortment of my works. I present here only 20 Tracks of the last 5 years.

(In the last days i composed two more 'little stories' - also to hear on SoundCloud / more will follow)

For the moment Im not sure which Tracks exactly I will Mastering first and which Compilation CD I will form.

The tracks named and sorted now by dates. They will get named.

Generally: Feel free to write me, tell me your ideas, inspirations, feelings and your opinions.

What are your Top 10 Tracks here? 

Collaborations, Clips / Films, Remixes, Support are welcome.

New Projects & Contract Work too.


Risks and challenges

In this project i cant find any riscs.

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