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Mark Lemaire and Twilight: "Home Isn't Home"'s video poster

All recorded and mixed- help us go the final steps to get the music to YOU! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 27, 2012.

All recorded and mixed- help us go the final steps to get the music to YOU!

a beautiful cover photo!

We have secured the rights for a special, beautiful photograph for the ‘Home Isn’t Home’ CD cover. Here it is, with the story behind it:

It was taken by Icelandic photographer Örvar A. Þorgeirsson. No, don’t ask me how to type the first letter of his last name. I just used copy/ paste!

The song “Home Isn’t Home” is all about new beginnings, moving on from the past. It’s about the sadness of leaving, combined with the anticipation that comes when one starts anew. How can one communicate any of this in a single image? For me, this photo is both beautiful and evocative. Perhaps it shows that ‘home’ can be an abandoned building on the edge of the endless universe—lonely and sad, and also somehow of a piece with sublime eternity. I think it will work beautifully.

Mr Þorgeirsson (copy/ paste again….) has a website with photos that will make your eyes pop. If the next CD cover calls for dramatic nature photography, or perhaps an Icelandic volcano in full eruption, I now know where to look!

Thanks to my friend-in-Sweden Neil Shelly for his help with all this!  

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    1. Creator Neil Shelley on July 2, 2012

      This cover is exceptioanally emotive. Can't wait for your music to savour from the "Home isn't Home" release until the Northern Lights (Aurora) return to us in the sub-arctic and artic regions ...regarding the music and the CD itself; I'll be able to devour it at the push of a button for years to come! The Aurora doesn't arrive as often and you have to make a substantial investment of your own paired with luck in timing to experience. What a nice marriage!