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All recorded and mixed- help us go the final steps to get the music to YOU!
All recorded and mixed- help us go the final steps to get the music to YOU!
114 backers pledged $6,199 to help bring this project to life.

A Sincere Thank You, and a Little Fine Print....

Our Kickstarter campaign closed yesterday, and we managed to raise almost $6200! You backers form an exclusive club of 114 lucky souls!

All this is incredibly gratifying, and we thank you very, very sincerely for taking a role in our success. Here are a few important bits of information that constitute “fine print”. It’s boring, but it won’t last long.

1. This CD should be in your hands in October. At the very latest, we will have it to you in time for the holidays.

2. A few of you have sent your mailing address- no need for that yet! When the CD is ready, we will send what Kickstarter calls a “survey”. We can only send a ‘survey’ once. At that point we will ask for your mailing address. If you have already sent me your address, I’ll be asking for it again- sorry for the hassle!

3 In the survey, we will also ask for (if you pledged on that level) your T-shirt size, how you would like to be thanked on the CD art, etc.

4. A few of you have reported back that Kickstarter has not charged your credit card enough. So far, this has happened with backers have pledged a certain amount and then raised their pledge. In this case, Kickstarter might have only charged you more original pledge amount. If that happened, please Email me at marklemairemusic (at) gmail (dot) com, and we will fix it.

5. Even though the official campaign has ended, we are happy to have more backers, and new backers can still get the rewards listed on the Kickstarter site by contacting me at the Email address above. Which brings me to:

6. Kickstarter has proven to be a great community builder! We have needed to raise funds, but even more important than that is to bring this music to those people that want it and don’t even know that it exists yet! Please continue to share this music to people you know via Facebook, on the web, or around the water cooler. This page:

has these updates, and also has the songs we have posted for backers to hear- but anyone can tune in and listen. Our KS home page is

You can freely share my website address too:

So ends the fine print!

We will be keeping you in the loop VIA these updates as we finish up the album. There is still some creative work to be done, and your input is highly valued! The next update will not be so boring.


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