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$3,646 pledged of $26,000 goal
By Mark Jacobs
$3,646 pledged of $26,000 goal

Recent updates

Healthy Vending

Dear Kickstarters,

Goodie Monsters would be awesome in a lot of places, but not every place. Some environments or company cultures just aren't the right fit for our fur covered friend. So we've been looking for a healthy vending partner who would want to team up and, together, serve more people good snacks.

We reached out to every single vending company in Portland and either didn't hear back or they weren't interested. Why? Better, healthier food costs more, so you make less profit.

But I'm happy to say there's another start-up vending company in Portland that's more driven by it's purpose than profits. It's called Stumptown Vending. And we're collaborating with owner Wynne Scovill to accomplish our shared goal: help people be healthier!

We're two little fish in an ocean of junk-filled vending machines, so it's nice to have found one another.

Thank you again to everyone for helping out Goodie Monster. We're inching our way to our goal and appreciate anything you can do to spread the love...


Mark & Mette

Thank You

Thanks to all you early supporters. We've got a long way to go, and appreciate your willingness to jump onto this crazy train with us. 

One thing to note is that we made quite a few tweaks to the prices and bundling of rewards this week. We were a little over-optimistic about some of the rewards. You may want to check out the updated rewards list and make sure you're totally happy. You can now get a little more bang for your buck.

All right, it's all about spreading the word at this point. If you know anyone who especially cares about the childhood obesity epidemic in the U.S. and may want to help tackle it in the most absurd way possible, let them them know about Goodie Monster! Here's the super short link to pass along: http://kck.st/IB73d6

We're busy speaking with the Portland Children's Museum and Portland Parks & Rec -- perfect homes for a Goodie Monster -- and crossing our fingers.

If you have any suggestions for us (about locations, customers, partners...anything), please shoot us a note.

Thanks again,

Mark & Mette