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$3,646 pledged of $26,000 goal
By Mark Jacobs
$3,646 pledged of $26,000 goal

Goodie Monster on the move

The Goodie Monster packed up his snacks and left the Goldsmith Building in downtown Portland. He's on his way to Lake Oswego to visit a preschool and, for the first time, be surrounded by kids. We're excited, since we really want to help kids make healthier choices.

It's also a sad time. People were nice to him in the Goldsmith Building. Chinatown might be a somewhat shady part of town, but nothing bad ever happened to the Goodie Monster. Nobody pulled his tail, shaved his fur, or put a scratch on him. The worst that happened was someone left him a 12-pack of Diet Dr. Pepper. The best was when a secret admirer left him bunches of bananas (below).

Thank you everyone at Goldsmith. We'll miss you.

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