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$3,646 pledged of $26,000 goal
By Mark Jacobs
$3,646 pledged of $26,000 goal

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Thank You

The Goodie Monster Kickstarter campaign is officially over. More than anything, I’m amazed by all the generosity I’ve experienced through this project.

Super talented creative folks donating their time to create the video.

My super crafty wife crafting the snack pouch reward.

KIND snacks offering to donate over $1,000 in bars to our backers.

People telling me about schools and other places that need a Goodie Monster.

Backers suggesting other funding sources and tips to help Goodie Monster succeed.

Friends, family, strangers offering words of encouragement and wanting to help however they can.

Thanks to everyone for all the ways you supported the Goodie Monster.

If you’re interested, you can follow the Goodie Monster’s journey on Facebook. Fingers crossed we will soon bring a lot of smiles to a Portland school.

Finally, I want to thank my friend and partner Mette, the designer/illustrator behind our furry friend. The Goodie Monster would still be a Powerpoint slide if not for the Bureau of Betterment. I welcome you to explore her site and reach out if you have a project that needs the touch of an exceptionally talented designer.


The Future of Goodie

I hope everyone's enjoying a nice, long, relaxing weekend. 

Here's me sharing my thoughts about the Kickstarter campaign and the future of the Goodie Monster...

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Goodie Monster on the move

The Goodie Monster packed up his snacks and left the Goldsmith Building in downtown Portland. He's on his way to Lake Oswego to visit a preschool and, for the first time, be surrounded by kids. We're excited, since we really want to help kids make healthier choices.

It's also a sad time. People were nice to him in the Goldsmith Building. Chinatown might be a somewhat shady part of town, but nothing bad ever happened to the Goodie Monster. Nobody pulled his tail, shaved his fur, or put a scratch on him. The worst that happened was someone left him a 12-pack of Diet Dr. Pepper. The best was when a secret admirer left him bunches of bananas (below).

Thank you everyone at Goldsmith. We'll miss you.

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*PLEASE READ* (it's about you)


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Spreading a little KINDness

Have you ever tried a KIND bar? They're a Goodie Monster favorite. Made of whole nuts and fruits and ingredients you can see and pronounce. KIND is a privately-owned, purpose-driven company in New York City, and like Goodie Monster, they're on a mission of peace and nutrition. So we are super excited to say that KIND is making a generous donation to the Goodie Monster Kickstarter campaign: If we reach our goal, every backer gets KIND bars!

To celebrate, we thought we'd celebrate kindness, something KIND does every day. Here's what you do: Go to Goodie Monster's Facebook page and post about someone in your life who is especially kind. Tell us what makes them kind, and you could win one of three awesome KIND prize packs; each includes:

  • 4 boxes of KIND bars
  • 3 bags of KIND Healthy Grains
  • KIND t-shirt
  • KIND grocery bag
  • Zipcar gift certificate ($50 driving credit + 1 yr free membership)
  • $25 Sports Authority gift certificate 

Please spread the word, and spread the kindness!

Mark & Mette