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Save hours each month messing with spreadsheets, and use TrackerBox to collate all your sales data into an easy-to-read set of reports.
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One Week Left!

Posted by Mark Fassett (Creator)
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This will be a short one.

There's only a week left in this campaign, which means there's only a week left for your friends and others to get in on the discount (it won't be discounted again, possibly for years), and to get in on the:


It's probably not as exciting as that header looks, but I just want to be clear on this. Every backer that chose any of the Mac version rewards will have access to beta versions. Everyone else will have to wait for it. At some point, I may run a preorder for the Mac version (it may even happen right away), but they won't have access to the beta.

So please, if you know of anyone who hasn't already been made aware of this Kickstarter, and you think they might be interested, let them know. The more people we get on board early, the better this will turn out in the end, and the quicker I can get some of the additional features I've talked about implemented for everyone.

I'm probably not going to do another update until Tuesday, but I hope to have the promised Aliasing tutorial up before then.

Thanks, everyone, for everything you've done. It's made this project go, and it wouldn't have happened without you. (I say that a lot, don't I? I say it because it's true.)

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