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We've designed a high-visibility backpack & messenger bag featuring our new innovative reflective fabric. Made by us in our SF factory.
We've designed a high-visibility backpack & messenger bag featuring our new innovative reflective fabric. Made by us in our SF factory.
543 backers pledged $81,528 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Felix Trotter Pando

      The best backpack ever!

    2. Mark Dwight 6-time creator


    3. liafromlaie on

      I love my new backpack! It's comfortable and stylish. Once again I'm happy with the products that you and your team create Mark.

    4. Eratosthenis Kostaras on

      just got the smartphone case. The product is as described and looks very stylish

    5. Catherine Leja

      Have been using my new pack to get to work, it is perfect! Tons of compliments too!

    6. Jared Nakayama on

      Got it. Looks good so far.

    7. Christine Napier on

      Hoping (and surprised having pledged in the first week of the campaign back in September) that I will be in the last 50?

    8. Missing avatar

      Shinichi Saito

      I got mine and started using it for work.
      I spent 7 bags in 10 years but never worked. But Rickshaw bag works great.
      This is exactly what I was expected. Thanks !!

    9. Justin on

      I have not gotten my shipping notice yet. Not sure if anything is wrong. Mark help me if you can. Thx!

    10. Justin C. on

      You got my phone case and it looks great. The fabric is so reflective!

    11. Laurence Freedman on

      I've already started using my bags. Wore the hip pouch all day (nothing big, just to carry some clementines I could snack on at work).

    12. Lisa Stuart

      I got my bags and love them! Thank you! (And, hopefully, they'll decrease the odds of me being hit in the dark.)

      I'm wondering what the D rinds are for. To hook other things onto the bags? The D rings on the messenger bag are so perfectly placed, I was wondering if there is even more to them.

    13. Stephanie

      Wow, got my bag super fast, the fabric turned out really well. My best friend is going to love this when he opens it on the 25th.

    14. Missing avatar

      Lynne DM on

      If we're local, can we save the postage & the emissions and come pick 'em up??

    15. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Henton on

      Got my shipping notice today, you guys are mega fast. I'm very impressed.

    16. Vincent Mah on

      Hi Mark, I was wondering when is the expected shipping date? :-)

    17. Laurence Freedman on

      Jeez, you guys at Rickshaw sure are quick! Looking forward to getting my hands on the 3 bags I backed for (especially the Sutro!)

    18. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Faulkner on

      Happy Thanksgiving @Mark and everyone at Rickshaw.
      I'll be glad to get my pledge items for Christmas gift giving!

    19. Mark Dwight 6-time creator

      The reflective fabric arrived from North Carolina this morning, and the address confirmation surveys were sent today. Fabric cutting started this morning, and we're making the final production samples this afternoon. We'll ship 'em as we make 'em. Cheers! -Mark

    20. Missing avatar

      john shields on

      The survey just arrived, promptly and easily dealt with.

      Thanks so much.


    21. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Staedt on

      I still have not received a survey for the bag that I ordered. Have all the surveys been sent out?

    22. Mark Dwight 6-time creator

      Thanks for your question Johnathan. Good news! The fabric is woven and shipping from the mill in North Carolina today. Meanwhile, all of the other materials are in house, and we have been laser cutting the sail cloth that goes on the inside. We're making good progress. I'll be sending the survey to confirm shipping addresses soon. We don't have a lot of time left to finish all of the bags in November, especially with Thanksgiving break. If not by end of November, certainly by early December. I will send a formal update shortly. All the best, Mark

    23. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Henton on

      Do you still anticipate a November delivery? Seems quick to make so many bags!

    24. AOX on

      Hi THC

      My project has nothing to do with your bike club at all, it's a non competing project. Are you even familiar with the prior art search process. It is public record, if filed internationally as well, they are meant to be studied to assure an anticipated invention has not already been claimed and the scope of such claims that may exist, as not to infringe on a claim, but to design around it, it's normal practice. How do you think an improvement on anything is created... by studying the original process, unless you're a pioneering a first. Then you may have looming competing utilities. Sewing/weaving is the original process, there are many processes and materials in sewing, including many processes using 3M yarn, as exibited by the other aforementioned OEMs. Usually it's a simple matter of contacting the OEM and purchasing direct, but as I stated before, I was snubbed by this OEM twice(probably not the original OEM), so the alternative is to contact another OEM. Or as I was told by my mentor, who invented the microwave wifi tech behind "Motorola Canopy", sometimes it is best to create everything from scratch to "bring it to, and keep it in the family" as he puts it.

      Seems to be what RSBW is doing anyway. And since he said "no" now it may cause problems in the future advancements for my endeavors, although I have a totally different use case method for the material, and that is enough for a provisional without even having to study any prior. My prototype is so bleeding edge, if I spoke anymore candidly, a few names I can't name now would be banging down my door....... with a few billion, as soon as it's published, but in due time they will anyway lol. Eventually everyone will use my invention, including your RSBW bike club. It will be ubiquitous I am told by all those in the know, and I do mean all.... Foresight my dear Watson...(lightbulb appears overhead)

    25. Chris TiMaG #14 L

      Congrats. Looking forward to more American made packs.

    26. Mark Dwight 6-time creator

      Hey backers, I'm not going to make it 'til midnight — long day. This has been fun, and I thank you all. I've got some work ahead, and I'm excited to ship your rewards. Have a glorious weekend.



    27. Missing avatar

      TCH on

      For a (purported) American scientist, your vast knowledge in the competitive landscape in reflective/luminous materials in the market today and many more is in direct contrast in the way you appeal to people in your quest to "change" mankind.

      If you think the success of your new invention wholly evolves around reverse-engineering current products (leaders) available in the market in any means necessary, which in turn, magically, attracts biking & carry wear manufacturers queuing up to use it, you might be surprised to know how tight knit the biking and carry wear industry is.

    28. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Faulkner on

      @Mark and all. I'm not staying awake for the close of this Kickstarter, so just wanted to say thanks for a great time and I hope (expect from all the reviews) a GREAT product (or few). We didn't hit the $100K to "blow you away" but with all the options you added during the campaign, and the personal touches like the K badges, you definitely deserve your beer. Thanks.

    29. AOX on

      Hi TCH,

      All that you just said I already know. 3m makes Scotchlite yarn sold by Melton Corp. an american co. the name under Retroglo, Dashing Tweeds, a UK co. make Illumatwill. Schoeller a Swiss co. makes Reflex and RSBW an american co. makes a proprietary material I understand as much. I know a thing or two about a significant amount of time to conceptualise, design, prototype, and test, I will have to add this entire contact with RSBW as a reference in my notebook as part of the documentation records showing efforts to reduction of practice for my invention, so yes, I will as part of R&D, be tearing apart a perfectly good bag for the benefit of science. Or, RSBW can save on inventory and just send me the shiny parts. "The precious"(in my best Smeagle voice) is what I seek, save the zippers for MJ. And speaking of saving, never once did I say I was saving anyone, Jesus already saved humanity. I just want to help change it, as he commanded. I do apologize if anyone is offended, I seek help not hinderance.... For time for the advancement of American science, aren't to many left according to Legislature we are trailing other countries, slap in the face of America that an American scientist is blackballed into seeking partnerships abroud.

    30. Missing avatar

      TCH on

      Hi AOX,
      The fabric that you dearly want to "tear apart" is not a finished product or available off the shelf per se - the Performance Tweed by Rickshaw Bagworks is their signature fabric weave that is likely to have taken a significant amount of time to conceptualise, design, prototype, test and manufacture to its final form.

      What you see in this (successful) Kickstarter project is an iterative design that incorporates a fairly new material (3M reflective thread?) - a material you will probably be able to purchase with a call to 3M.

      In the future, you might want to revisit your approach of (any) organisation for deals; your first impression here doesn't give a good light on your endeavours – even if this involves saving humanity et all.....

    31. AOX on

      @Tami Glenn and Richard Dwerlkotte

      I have already asked RSBW for their support and expressed to them that I wanted to deal with an american co. especially an independent. I deal with a lot of companies large and small and I have not had a problem gaining a partnership with any or at least an hear me out. As I said this will change lives for the next 40 to 50 yrs. It is already supported by names I can't name, I just have to produce a prototype. I was being american by asking an american and after being snubbed twice, I still support RSBW for a greater cause than us all, now that's american.

    32. Missing avatar

      Tami Glenn and Richard Dwerlkotte on

      Dear AOX,
      Rickshaw Bagworks makes an amazing product, I've been happy with the quality of everything I've purchased from them. But the biggest reason I love and continue to support them is because they are an ethical and conscientious company that makes their community a better place. With all due respect, I would not support a company like yours that uses threats against such an important small business which supports American manufacturing and bicycle culture.

      Mark, I'm adding to my pledge.

    33. AOX on

      I just want the fabric so I can tear it apart to find out what it's made of for a proprietary project that could change humanity, where can I get this fabric other than Rickshaw Bagworks because they already turned me down, any ideas backer.... thanks :-)

    34. Mark Dwight 6-time creator

      Maximum laptop dimensions for the built-in sleeve in the Sutro Backpack: 16" x 9.8" x 1"

    35. Mark Dwight 6-time creator

      No changes to the design at this point, but I will post the maximum laptop dimensions later this morning. Happy Friday!

    36. Jodie on

      Dang that is such a good question Tryggve; I wish one of us would've asked that sooner....I suppose it's too late to ask you, Mark, to come up with some sort of solution for us PC laptop backers huh?

    37. Mark Dwight 6-time creator

      Hi Tryggve. The built-in sleeve in the Sutro is for "skinny" computers, so I'm confident your computer will not fit that one. The sleeve for the Commuter and Messenger bags are more generous in width, so your computer might fit. I can check tomorrow morning. All the best, Mark

    38. Missing avatar

      TJo63 on

      A little bit of nagging about backpack sizes here but size matters. Or so I heard someone claim at least. ;-)
      The max size laptop size you specified is 15". Is that the exact size of 15.00", or the loosely used "15 inch monitor"? I.e would a laptop with the actual measurements of 15.3 x 10.4 x 1" fit without problems?

    39. Michael Krilivsky on

      Great project, and I appreciate the quality that went into this. Let's get this funded!

    40. Mark Dwight 6-time creator

      Cross straps are $5 extra ( Please specify Messenger Bag or Commuter. Thanks!

    41. Aardain on

      Do the messenger bags include the cross strap, or is that separate?

    42. Mark Dwight 6-time creator

      The special Kickstarter pricing for this campaign does not account for the complexity and cost of making every bag different. Based upon the success of this project, we will be adding reflective tweed to our fabric collection in 2015, so you can then customize to your heart's desire. Sincere thanks to everyone who is supporting this project. All the best, Mark

    43. Missing avatar

      TCH on


      While some of us would have liked options in different exterior Performance Tweed shell colors - reality and cost translates that this option is out of the table.

      Rather disappointing, though major plus marks for Mark in letting us know BEFORE the campaign ends.

      Since the INTERIOR lining is already in waterproof xPac sail cloth grey, and Rickshaws bags DO provide different colors options - may I suggest Mark, that we be given the opportunity to select a limited range of X-PAC colors that is available (X-Pac Black, Red, Yellow, Storm Orange perhaps)?

      It would be great if my Medium Messenger bag rocks in interior X-Pac Red/Storm Orange!

      Hope I didn't open a can of worms for you Mark!

    44. Mark Dwight 6-time creator

      Yes, the reflective messenger has the same velcro strips as our "classic" messenger, and we added back front pockets (Update #18: The reflective bags are all lined with waterproof xPac sail cloth to keep your payload safe from the elements.

    45. jtwhatever on

      Hello Mark!
      Love your bags!! I have four already! So I was wondering if there is a Velcro strip for the drop pockets in this simplified version of the messenger? I saw that it's not waterproof, so will this fabric be an option in the customizer to add that feature?

    46. Mark Dwight 6-time creator

      I will address colors in my next update (tomorrow). :-)

    47. annie ranttila on

      hi mark! I'm curious about the colors as well! may add on to my pledge if there is some color is avaliable...

    48. Justin on

      Hi Mark! When can we know if the colour fabric options is available? I am considering to change my pledge from messenger medium to sutro backpack if colour fabric is available!

    49. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Faulkner on

      @Creator, Thanks for the re-added messenger bag pockets!

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