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Revolutionary Visual Inertial Odometry Positioning | Image Stabilization| Auto-Tracking| Trajectory Memorization| Gesture&Voice Control
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Update#7 Videos and Stretch Goal

Posted by Mark (Creator)

Dear Backers,

As the campaign draws to a close, we are extremely grateful to have raised nearly $300,000. Your undying support is much appreciated.

Recently, we are working day and night on manufacturing to ensure the quality of Mark and be able to ship within our upcoming shipment date.

In addition, we have seen many comments about Hand Landing and Controller, so here are some demo videos to give you a better understanding.

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Replay with sound
Play with
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Replay with sound
Play with

As mentioned, the amount of raised funding is close to $300,000. And we proudly announce that the 2nd stretch goal is a set of propeller! Cheers!

We know the campaign is coming to a close, but we still hope more people will come to back us. We appreciate and welcome it if you could refer us to others to get more people to know Mark. Everyone will get an extra battery if we reach $400,000! (Miracle happens when you believe it:)

Finally, thank you again for your support.


Team Mark

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rene Martens on

      When can I expect to get mine? You guys state it is getting to the close but am waiting for my delivery

    2. Rajesh Chandra Ganti on

      Thanks for the videos, but honestly they dont provide a lot of details. I think a few more videos demonstrating the Drone's capabilities should be shown. This is not giving all the confidence required. THere are so few details, and its almost release time, so it has to be a full demo.

      In line with. More than the propellers and battery, i would prefer the carry case first. Its the best way to hold the drone in place and safe during travels.

    3. Florian Lorber on

      Okay, my issues with this update are:
      1) There was no stretchgoal for 200k? You made one for 100k, 300k, and 400k??
      2) I can not see the video from the drone while using the controler? Or was it just turned off?
      3) You call the current sum "near 300k"?
      4) You dont show us a hand landing...
      5) You dont openly appologize for your quiescence lately
      6) Half of the update is just spam advertisment. Hard to take anything serious, that comes with so much spam...

    4. Gizmo on

      Those videos were very brief & hardly showed us anything new apart from a very quick hand take off & not a hand landing.
      Any chance you could shoot say a 40-60 second video showing a complete operation of a hand take off then a short flight ending with the same drone doing a hand landing with its pilot please?.

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve Spiteri Fiteni

      While I am sure many of us are grateful for the update and the videos, that is 'Hand Take Off' and not 'Hand Landing'. Also, from Update no.4 you asked us to rank the stretch goals in order of preference, even just going through the comments it is clear to see that an ND filter and a carry case were the preferred options, very closely followed by a free battery. The spare propellers were barely mentioned in the preferences. This does not instill much confidence that you are really listening to the community, rather you are just doing what is most efficient for you and what suits you most.

    6. 3dP on

      That's a TakeOff. Not Landing...

    7. Florian Lorber on

      I dont see how this is "Hand Landing"...