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Revolutionary Visual Inertial Odometry Positioning | Image Stabilization| Auto-Tracking| Trajectory Memorization| Gesture&Voice Control
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Update #2 Your voice is heard

Posted by Mark (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Making a drone lightweight and affordable without compromising all the functionality is not an easy job.

We believe VIO is going to be the future of drones.

For the past 2 years, we have been working really hard for technology breakthrough. The VIO technology is already more accurate than GPS drones. 

Compared to DJI Mavic Pro Hovering Precision ± 0.1 m(Vision at a few meters height)± 1.5 m(GPS) DJI Spark ± 0.1 m(Vision at a few meters hight)± 0.5 m(GPS)Mark’s hover precision is always ± 0.1 m for both Vertical and Horizontal, indoors out outdoors.

How far can Mark fly? 

As Mark is equipped with both wifi and antenna, it can fly pretty far. But for a drone this size and weight, it is always better operated within one's line of sight for safety reasons.

We have a lot of requests for the controller since the launch of Mark, and here is how it looks.

Mark Controller Folded
Mark Controller Folded

In line with this, we are letting you know that we will be releasing a video of our controller with Mark in a future update.

Currently, we have arranged another shooting day for videoes taken with Mark as you have requested and preparing them to be released in our next update.

Why Kickstarter?

Like many other drone projects, we have a passion for flying.  What truly makes us different is that as we began as an OEM drone manufacturer, we have a factory of 13,000 square meters with easy access to the suppliers’ chain management, and all that it takes to build the best possible drone.

drones made by HighGreat
drones made by HighGreat

And some of the drones you may already own or have flown before are made by us (Like Dobby).

After accumulating many years of experience in the industry, this is our first time to present our product in our own name. 

We plan to keep you guys informed and be as transparent as possible during this journey. We have a weekly update scheduled on our to-do list. Please stay tuned for it.

What would you like to see in the next update? Let us know below.


Mark by HighGreat

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    1. Missing avatar

      lee webb on


      So ive seen this same controller with another drone on gear best. see here…

      Assuming the controller has been out a while? but what got me it states max flight distance of 800m but on here it only shows 250m?. What is this all about?

    2. Missing avatar

      Joel Dumlao on

      I am just waiting and fully trust my pledge will be paid off with a good product..or maybe a nice discounted price for the first 10 backers or some extras . Kudos to High Great team.

    3. Missing avatar

      Joel Dumlao on

      I am just waiting and fully trust my pledge will be paid off with a good product..or maybe a nice discounted price for the first 10 backers. Kudos to High Great team.

    4. Mark Creator on

      @Jason Tranter
      The button on the controller should be customizable like the DJI's.

    5. Mark Creator on

      To add an extra controller, simply add HK$700( ≈ 90USD) on your pledge and send us a private message here we'll add a note for you in the system.

    6. Jason Tranter

      Can we please have support for both Mode 1 and Mode 2 on the controller? Keep up the great work!

    7. Missing avatar

      Doug Conran on

      Primarily I would like to see VIO in action. This is exciting but (to my knowledge) unproven technology. If it works well it will be, as Neil Armstrong so nearly said, a giant leap for dronekind so I would definitely like to see a video of that, even just flying out and then being given a 'Return To Home' instruction.

    8. Gizmo on

      Thanks for the update on WiFi that is Great news & I’m sure if you copy this not the main comments section this will help alleviate many concerns.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mitch on

      Are there record start/stop buttons on the recorder? Just curious what those button features were. I did not see any trigger buttons on the controller.

    10. Mark Creator on

      Just confirmed with the R&D team.
      1. The max distance control with a smartphone is 100 meters, as on the page "spec section". (we have some wrong replies in the comment section)
      2.we will have a limit switch on the APP to let users choose if they would like to fly farther. (There is a alert tho)

    11. Mark Creator on

      @Gizmo Thank you for your support, checking with the team now, will get back to you in a few hours.

    12. Mark Creator on

      @Dipesh Patel
      Thanks, Dipesh! To add an extra controller, simply add HK$700 (≈ 90USD) on your pledge and send us a private message we'll add a note for you in the shipping system.

    13. Gizmo on

      Thanks for this update about the controller it sounds very promising & I’m glad I’ve selected for this level.
      Also very much looking forward to the videos you mentioned.
      Can you confirm if you are able to extend the range without the controller to around 100 meters which is still safe & within LOS?.
      If all can be shown to be as expected this will be a Fanatic drone to come in with a weight under the new 250g ruling coming in next year.
      Good Luck!

    14. Missing avatar

      Dipesh Patel on

      Can't wait to see more of this. Videos already looking really promising. Is there any chance of being able to add a controller separately if needed?