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Help Marissa Nadler Record Her New Album's video poster

Recording artist Marissa Nadler is recording a new album and needs your help. Read more

Boston, MA Indie Rock
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This project was successfully funded on December 9, 2010.

Recording artist Marissa Nadler is recording a new album and needs your help.

Boston, MA Indie Rock
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Update (November 9, 2010): THE CAMPAIGN IS STILL ONGOING! Because the response has been so warm and amazing Marissa is hoping that people continue to spread the word about this project. $11,000 was the minimum goal which would cover the recording costs alone. She hopes to raise as much as she can so that the vinyl, posters, shirts, etc. are of the best possible quality! Thank You All!


Marissa Nadler needs your help to record her new full length record.

Hard at work since the release of Little Hells, Marissa has been writing songs and touring extensively, and she is now ready to share her work with you.

Nadler is an independent artist who has a distinct creative vision for her new record. Without the assistance of a record label to help fund the recording of her project Marissa would like this album to be supported by her fans and to stay completely true to her artistic vision. In order to maintain the sonic quality of her output she wants to record in a professional studio. Having toured for the better part of the decade she knows that it is truly the listeners and fellow artists who help keep true music alive and well in this world. She wants to give you the best record she can make and to deliver the strongest project of her career.

The money needed is to pay for studio time at Miner Street studios in Philadelphia. It will pay for the recording of the record, as well as compensating the musicians that will play on the record, and finally the mixing and mastering of the record. The recording dates are set for 15 days in January of 2011, and she truly needs your help. Working a series of odd jobs and struggling to make ends meet, she has no other way to get into a studio, and sincerely wants to continue making records.


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    Pledge $10 or more

    49 backers

    A Coterie of Friendly Ears:
    A digital download of the new album, available one month prior to street date (this applies to all downloads offered below.)

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    Pledge $15 or more

    105 backers

    The Ballad Funders:
    A physical copy of the new album and an advanced digital download.

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    Pledge $35 or more

    149 backers

    Kindly Spirits:
    Autographed CD, Vinyl, and a digital download of the new record.

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    Pledge $60 or more

    44 backers

    Dear Advocates:
    Limited-Edition-T-shirt, an autographed CD, a vinyl LP, and an autographed poster.

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    Pledge $100 or more

    30 backers

    Dying Breeds:
    Autographed CD and vinyl LP, Digital Download, T-shirt, the never-before-released "Ivy and the Clovers" album on CD, and 4 tickets to a show of your choice.

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    Pledge $500 or more

    5 backers

    Saintly Patrons:
    CD, Vinyl, and Digital Download, an original drawing or painting by Marissa, signed poster, and the "Ivy and the Clovers" album. You will also receive a CD of all of the demos of the songs that will go on the final record.

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    Pledge $1,500 or more

    0 backers

    Loyal Angels:
    Receive everything a Saintly Patron gets plus I will write a song FOR YOU. You can collaborate with me about the lyrical content and feel. I will record this for you and also sing it live for you via Skype. You will also receive the final recording of this song in handmade packaging.

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    Pledge $3,500 or more

    0 backers

    Living and Dying:
    You will get everything a Loyal Angel gets plus I will travel to you and play a house concert for you anywhere in the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Travel costs included.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more

    0 backers

    Living and Living: You will get everything above but, if you live in Europe or anywhere else in the world, I will come to you and play for you for a set of your chosen songs from my body of work. Travel expenses included.


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