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With less than a month to prepare, one woman sets out to write, rehearse, and perform a one hour adaptation of The Cherry Orchard.
78 backers pledged $6,650 to help bring this project to life.

Open and Running!

Posted by Maridee Slater (Creator)

Beautiful Drop It Backers,

First off, I want to thank you for your votes of confidence in my drive and passion to pull off this extreme feat. One month ago, I wasn't sure it was possible. Today I am beaming with pride. What an amazing group of collaborators, supporters, family, and friends I have. Hot diggity damn. 

We have opened the show. After three incredibly hectic days of previews Aislinn and I have a show that we are really excited about. Of course, it is far from being a set piece. Drop It continues to change and evolve as we do. I suppose that is the benefit of being your own boss and remaining open and eager. Upon arriving at the festival, it dawned on us that we had neglected the most fundamental and insane aspect of this Fringe Festival: street promotion. Two days ago, we printed flyers through Edinburgh Print and Copy. They were ready in an hour! These Scots really know how to roll. Hard and fast. Face to face promotional pitches at the festival are an art form in and of themselves for sure. While making our way through the Royal Mile, I was fascinated at the myriad ways of drawing attention. Creative and clever little tricks I will most certainly pocket for later. 

Every single day we make major breakthroughs with the show and ourselves. I am seriously excited to continue exploring Drop It beyond the Edinburgh Fringe and am currently in conversations with The Wild Plan to do a sunset rooftop showing in NYC in late August. More info on that to come, so stay tuned! For those of you in Seattle, don't you worry. I will be back in the Northwest before you know it and will definitely be doing a little showing there as well.

Only 5 Days left! Tell your friends! 

The final days of a Kickstarter campaign are the most essential. Drop It has a long ways to go to reach its funding goal but I strongly believe we can do it. Spread the word! Si Se Puede :D 

This is by far the most terrifying and exhausting thing i have ever done (she says before starting grad school), but the leaps and bounds by which I am growing are astonishing. Many thanks to all of you for pledging to this project and helping out little ol' me. And thanks to our host venue Greenside for their support and encouragement as well :) Aislinn and I are going to see another Chekhov show this evening, which I am incredibly excited for. We had a bonding moment with a young man passing out flyers yesterday. Swapsies on flyers. Fantastic. 

 p.s. I played ukulele in a graveyard yesterday morning. THAT was lovely.

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