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With less than a month to prepare, one woman sets out to write, rehearse, and perform a one hour adaptation of The Cherry Orchard.
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Smoke Farm or Bust!

Posted by Maridee Slater (Creator)

Morgan Rose and I have packed our bags and our brains and are headed up to Smoke Farm! Here's a little info on the residency we are participating in! 

Hosted, by Jennifer Zeyl, the Theatre-Makers Residencies provides local Seattle theaterical professionals and amateurs a chance to connect, converse, create, and relax in the rural beauty of Smoke Farm. Usually held in the middle of the summer, the participants coordinate meals and some projects in order to foster community. This collaborative effort, the residency aims, brings together a diverse set of perspectives on the theater world in order to support existing work, foster ideas for future projects, and continue the development of the theaterical professions in Seattle. Finally, there is an element of freedom from daily pressures at the theater makers’ residency that should bring its attendees greater focus and moments of inspiration Seattle life usually fills up. The program has invited choreographers, carpenters, critics, circus performers, set-designers, directors, playwrights and installation artists to contribute to the discussion. All are encouraged to bring their own projects and ideas for new ones as well.

Here we go!

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