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After 50 United States & Canada, Marian Call sprints to Europe to record a LIVE ALBUM. Our heroine is undaunted by that ocean thing.
In which Marian Call fans launched an incredible and successful European tour and helped to create not one but THREE new albums of material -- plus a music video!
In which Marian Call fans launched an incredible and successful European tour and helped to create not one but THREE new albums of material -- plus a music video!
945 backers pledged $63,301 to help bring this project to life.

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Marian Call Sings the Classics, Vol. I


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Yes. This. Here. Look to the sky.


Hello everyone! Breathing deep on my last night in Seattle -- tomorrow I head to Durham, NC, where I play on Tuesday.  Then I have concerts in Norfolk, DC, Boston, and New York, then back across the pond (show details at 

Minutes are scarce but I am trying to make the most of them.  It's 12:45am and I'm up in just a few hours for a plane -- I've just finished a long weekend at GeekGirlCon -- and I have been reflecting with a friend tonight, over a long long chat, about how grateful I am for all of you.

Now I am thrilled, thrilled, ladies and gentlefolk, to present you at last with this music video.  An official music video, shot on location at Space Expo in Noordwijk, and also shot on location on the moon and in the ISS (although not by us).

I have been waiting on this a long time, and I know you have too.  The world is on the rough side lately for all of us, but this song makes it a tiny bit easier to roll out every day (or night) into the fray.

 Video by Patrick Race with Alaska Robotics.

(Who did some amazing work turning some stills from NASA into stop-motion for this, by the way. Space pictures are amazing.  Space movies are even better.)

Although it doesn't care whether I think this, I have an absurd salute ringing in my head:


It will.  It will.

QUESTLOG! And details on the Cover Songs

Your QUESTLOG is ready for you at last!  You'll be receiving an email with the link if you pledged at the $42 level or above!  And here is an update on the status of the cover songs!

Among the important lessons I have learned this year:  you cannot travel and get other things done at the same time.  Not gonna happen.  So while I have been traveling I have achieved very little, except for that earning my living thing.  And in my six weeks at home since April, I have accomplished a TON.  But that has to fit in with tour planning and recording and sleep.  So here's where we're at on two massive projects that are not yet finished!

VIDEO:  we have a draft of the music video at last and will be working on the final edit next week!

COVER SONGS:  I have been doing a mountain of recording, at home, remotely, and on the road to accomplish these cover songs.  Here's the status:

  • "Homeward Bound" / "Reading Rainbow" / "Conjunction Junction" / "Birdhouse in Your Soul" / "Movin' Right Along" / "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" are all recorded, awaiting some time to edit and $$ to invest in mixing and mastering.
  • "The Elements" / "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" / "Yakko's Universe" are all recorded, but the audio came out badly.  Unfortunately I'll have to redo them.
  • "Blackbird" / "Rainbow Connection" are recorded, but some more instruments are required before they're done.
  • "Sensitive to Bees" and "All I Want" are not recorded as of yet.  I need to borrow a guitar and do some actual old-fashioned composing -- I want to write a score for "All I Want," which is something I haven't done in years!

I have considered releasing them one at a time, but they are so small on their own, it doesn't feel right -- I think it would be much better to release them in one or two batches. 

There are two special cases that I want to tell you about:

1) "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" is recorded, but I would love to have YOU help me sing it!  When I am able, I will be posting a track for you to sing and whistle along, and I hope you will send me a file of YOU doing a singalong so we can ALL be in it together!  A merry band of thieves.  On crosses.  Whistling.  OK, maybe that's not the best image.  But I hope you will join me for that!  I love singalongs!

2) "Particle Man" we did in fact record at CERN, but badly, and when my laptop was stolen we lost the audio.  Which is just as well.  We did it badly!

But I keep my promises.  Late.  Usually late.  I am usually late but I keep my promises and the results are Beautiful.  My middle name, unknown to most, is Marian "Late but Awesome" Call.

So we are going ALL THE WAY BACK TO CERN to record this cover song for you!  Because I love you!

I will doing a second tour of Europe, much shorter this time, in November.  It will be much more difficult without a Kickstarter, but then maybe that also makes it easier.  Not all the dates are announced yet, but here's a preview list, these should all be up on my website in the next day or two:

  • Haarlem, NL - Oct. 31st (Halloween party!)
  • Hamburg, DE - Nov. 1st
  • Rotterdam, NL - Nov. 2nd
  • Amsterdam, NL - Nov. 3rd
  • Osnabrück, DE - Nov. 6th
  • Frankfurt, DE - Nov. 7th
  • CERN - Nov. 8th
  • Trogen, CH - Nov. 9th
  • Manchester, UK - Nov. 14th
  • London, UK - Nov. 16-17

More dates coming in Germany and the UK!

I'll also be in Anchorage, Seattle, and on the East Coast just before that:

  • Anchorage, AK - Oct. 16th at Anchorage City Limits
  • Tacoma, WA - Oct. 18th at Metronome Coffee
  • Seattle, WA - Oct. 19th at the Experience Music Project (tickets)
  • Durham, NC - Oct. 22nd at Mystery Brewing Taproom
  • Norfolk, VA - Oct. 23rd at Atlantis Games & Comics
  • WA DC (Silver Spring, MD) - Oct. 24th, giant house concert
  • Boston, MA - Oct. 25th at Bestsellers Cafe
  • Brooklyn, NY - Oct. 26th at Two Moon Art House & Cafe

The travel keeps interfering with the music, and the music keeps interfering with the travel, and someday I can clone me and manage both things at once.  Until then though, I am truly indie and have All the Indie Cred, and things happen in little fits and starts.

Thank you one million for your support.  I am excited to deliver these songs for you, I am SUPER proud of the QuestLog, and I know you will love the video.

It's cider season here in Alaska!  Sending you hot spiced cider-y wishes from the north!

Marian Call

P.S.  In part I wanted to update you, even though the songs aren't all baked yet, because I read about the recent 'Clang' Kickstarter update.  I just don't ever ever ever want to be that way.  Communication is good.  If you need things, let me know, and I will keep on scrambling up that hill until they're all done.  Love you all.

Quick note: on CD's and Universal Serial Tomes!

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CD's are on the way!


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.