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"Maria Eveliina" is a sweet and honest look at depression, and overcoming it with a sense of humour and realism.

A heart-warming film about Maria Eveliina, a depressed school drop-out in search of her unknown father

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  • Many thanks, parhaat kiitokset, tack så mycket! We are deeply moved by the amount of positive feedback we have received during the last three weeks. It will be wonderful to continue the post production work from here!
  • We will keep you up date and send out the rewards when the film is finished. 

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  • Our best wishes, and a million thanks, 

    Soile (director, producer)
    Sanna (post production co-producer)  

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The footage is shot over a period of five years in Albania, Italy, Sweden and Finland with just a simple shoe-string-budget. Editing will be done during spring 2013 and the film will be released in late 2013. At the moment we are negotiating about the TV airing of the film and actively apply for different kinds of funding to complete the edit and sound mixing to get the film finished.

We need your help for this: the £600 will either get us a rough cut of the film for evaluation, or a 15 minute finished taster that the broadcasting company require.

It´s up to you if you see this story important enough to share and if you'd like to help us to get funding for the entire costs of completing the film! If we get more than £600 we could start the work right now! 

The money we aim to raise on Kickstarter is targeted for specific areas:

- Editing, to cover up the costs, including colour grading, graphics, and sound edit
- Final sound mix and mastering
- Rights for the composed music and the use of possible archive footage or sound.

The story covers up almost 20 years of the main character Maria Eveliina. She takes us along on the journey of a little girl, a rebelling teen and a lost young adult. You will laugh and cry with Maria as she goes in search of her father’s roots to better understand herself and her responses to what seems to be an uncaring world.

The themes of feeling lost, unstable emotions and growing up in the modern consumerist society, together with the pressure of succeeding and being somebody, are universal. The theme is an exotic mix of two very different cultures, and draws a versatile portrait of a open minded young survivor with an interesting story to tell.

Type, length: Documentary film, approximately 60 min
Distribution: Film festivals, TV, DVD, online

(Example of cool rewards: a T-shirt with animator´s view of the main character!) 

Beautiful painting-style animations are now completed, thanks to first Kickstarter round a year ago. A huge thank you to all who believed in us from the very beginning!

Animator Oana Nechifor is a Romanian artist currently studying in United Kingdom. Before animation, her interest was in art in public space, but exploring mediums led to the interest in moving imagery. She has received “Young Talents” scholarship by The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation in 2009 and The First Award of the National Olympiad of Visual Arts by the Tapestry Department, Iaşi in 2005.

Finnish Editor Telma Tuomisto has more than ten years of work experience for TV - series, factual, short films etc. She has worked with many famous Finnish directors, for example with Rauni Mollberg in short films Reissu (2002) and Korpisen veljekset (2001) as well as in a feature documentary film 100 vuotta suomalaista tennistä (2011). She has worked in TV-series and documentary films: Saddam ja Kurdit (2001), Talossa on saatana (1999), Köyhien apostoli (1999) and Muodollisesti pätevä (1998).

About the sound track

Choir music and kantele (zither) music along with Albanian folk songs shape the mood and tap into Maria's cultural history. The recording sessions have already taken place in late 2012.

Youth Choir of Oulainen has received several awards both in Finland and abroad. They tour performing new music and public performances of Finnish contemporary composers. The director of the choir Mr Tapani Tirilä is an award winning music lecturer. He is also known as as an inspiring music educator with wide range of experience working within music education.

Composer and Finnish kantele player Minna Raskinen (M.A. in music) interprets Maria's feelings of loneliness and the northern coldness. In the music Minna combines together historic and modern, Finnishness and cosmopolitanism. Minna has toured in several countries around the world and she has received several working grants from foundations and arts councils during her career.

Quite the opposite are the Balkan rhythms and Albanian folk music by composer Mehtap Omer  (Bsc). Her music will light up the journey to Albania and Maria's feelings of excitement. Since 2010 Mehtap has been exploring Synaesthesia in paintings and music. Her work has been publicly displayed around London. Both her music and paintings are colourfully visual and eclectic and aim to entice the senses of the viewer.

Sound recorder Vesa Mottisenkangas is a Finnish freelance musician - he has had a band since 1987. He is also a sound technician, background in ICT engineering with twenty years of experience.

Marketing and PR Assistant Otilia Marinescu studies Television and Radio at University of Salford. She decided to join the team because not only did she find the story worth telling, but she also wishes to put her skills to good use and make the project be better known and funded, as she believes it deserves.

Director Soile Mottisenkangas: 
“As a director I feel it is very important to raise the awareness of challenges the young people face in multicultural families. The other important theme of the film, depression is worryingly common among young people in the modern welfare society.”

Post production co-producer Sanna Larmola:
I love the dark(ish) sense of humour and the positivity while dealing with serious issues in this film. Maria takes us on an emotional journey with her and at the end we might end up knowing also a little more about ourselves.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This project is secured already because the director is determined to edit the film herself if no funding will be available! It might not be as good as it could be - the amazing film deserves experienced broadcast quality editor!


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