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Sound artist Margaret Noble retells Orwell's novel 1984 in a postmodern soundscape for Amnesty International.
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Margaret Noble

87 backers pledged $6,010 to help bring this project to life.

Reflections & Reports

Greetings Backers & Supporters!

Yesterday, I mailed the art book rewards! I have now connected with all and fulfilled my backer commitments per the Kickstarter goals and plans. These gift commitments were worth every bit of the time and effort. I am so glad that this project was successful and that the production happened fully. It is with great pleasure that I send out the rewards to say thank you for your tremendous support!

Now at the end of production I can say that in this production process I have learned:

- Production and collaboration often take longer then expected. I was anticipating finishing the goal in 3 months but it took 8 months.

- Costs as estimates versus costs in reality are often not the same. I went about $2000 over my net amount from Kickstarter (but it was worth every penny).

- If you believe in your project then people believe in you!

Now that all things are in place, I will continue to submit the work to art and performance calls nationally and internationally. The hope is that the concepts found in media literacy, Orwell's text and the creative form "sound art" are able to propagate through outreach of the work. Also, I hope that the project catches more media breaks so it can raise some real money for Amnesty International!

In the meantime, there was a nice write up this week on: ART THREAT

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