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I'm an artist who uses fun songs to comfort and teach children, and help develop young minds. My album will feature 20 original songs.
I'm an artist who uses fun songs to comfort and teach children, and help develop young minds. My album will feature 20 original songs.
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Performance News, Donations, & Adorable Test Drivers!

Performance @ Story Hour: Boston Public Library

Preschool Story Hour welcomes singer/songwriter Marcie Joy.

When: Tuesday, March 19, at 10:30 a.m.

Cost: Free!

Marcie will be performing songs from Make A Discovery as well as reading the book adaptation of There’s a Bug in My Room.

Albums Donated to Mass General Hospital for Children

"We have been able to share these CDs with a number of our patients already, and the CDs have received fabulous reviews from the children and adults! Thank you again for your generosity!" -Child Life Service

Test Drive: Where Do You Want To Go?

Watch adorable kids test drive their new Easy Turn Coupe & grab FREE Music for Cruisin’

Click to watch:

                     More info:

Friendship February: Music & Doodles!

Celebrate Friendship with Music and Doodles!

Valentine’s Day is a great time to use music and art to encourage our kids to show their love for family and friends. When children feel confident enough to appreciate diversity, they naturally find ways to accept and include one another. 

Here is a FREE download of Friends With You - a song about a friendship that blossoms across cultural and geographic differences.

ACTIVITY IDEAS: TALK: Use the story in the song to spark a conversation. Share how you met your friends, and how your children feel their friends are the same or different from themselves. What does being a friend feel like?

DOODLE: What does the song inspire you to draw? Meet talented artist, Haley Gatewood of Stick-Figured Out. She has vowed to draw a doodle a day for the all of 2013! She generously donated this charming image inspired by the song Friends With You:

Don’t forget some healthy snacks! (As featured on Woman of Many Roles)

“The only way we are ever going to ensure peace on this planet is to adopt the entire world as “our family”. We are going to have to hug them, and kiss them. And dance and play with them. And we are going to have to sit and talk and walk and cry with them. Because when we do, we’ll be able to see that indeed, everyone is beautiful, and we all complement each other beautifully and we would all be poorer without each other.” ― Stan Dale

Have A Robot Party! (Free Music & Craft Ideas)

Have A Robot Party! (Free Music & Craft Ideas)

Step 1: Download your FREE copy of Disco Donut Robot, along with 19 other FREE kids songs from Make A Discovery 

Step 2: Have a Dance Party with your kids! Put up disco lights or a string of Christmas lights. Wear crazy colored clothes or costumes. Toss in some props to make movement to music even more fun, (scarves, hula hoops, sunglasses, etc). Add some percussion in the form of Tupperware and spoons. 

Step 3: Play Robot themed games! Here are ideas from Robot Freeze Dance: Have kids dance like robots and freeze when the music stops! Robot Races: Have kids walk like robots (straight legs, stiff arms), and race to the finish line. 

Step 4: Be inspired! Make your own Disco Robot using boxes and recycled cans. Here’s one made by a five year old fan, using blocks, tin foil, M&M’s, and imagination:

Step 5: Celebrate with healthy snacks to refuel. For a special treat, try a Robot Cake With Donuts (From

For more Robot Snack ideas check out Kathie Cooks. Here is Kathie’s fun idea for Robot party favors:

Download the full 20 songs from “Make A Discovery” for FREE here:



Have Fun!


What Do Rugrats Want For The Holidays? (FREE Super fun music!)

Just in time for the holidays! A lovely endorsement from Social Rugrats, a networking site that fills a very important niche. Social Rugrats facilitates parent - child social interaction with the understanding that play equates to learning. Visit their site to join now. It's nationwide!

"Download Marcie Joy’s brilliantly composed debut kids album and picture ebook, Make a Discovery (Songs for Kids). Geared for healthy childhood development, it will have you and your rugrats laughing, dancing, bouncing and learning! " Social Rugrats

Finished Album!!!

Hello Lovely Backers!

It has been a fantastic, life transforming trip, and I'm proud to announce that the album is finished. Everyone who responded to the backer serveys should have received their advanced digital download(s) today. Posters, puppets, etc. are going in the mail next week.

Please head over to my website to download lyrics, other album art, as well as the picture ebook adaptation of 'There's A Bug In My Room'. (It's FREE!) 

You can also view the picture book as a youtube video presentation with music and illustrations: 

Thank you again for all of your support. The album has come out better than I dreamed, and I could not have done this without you.