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Presenting scientific evidence that processes at work before birth influence sexual orientation. Nature has a say in whom you love.
Presenting scientific evidence that processes at work before birth influence sexual orientation. Nature has a say in whom you love.
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Rewards are ready at last

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Thank you all

Thank you every one for making our campaign a success.  I'm really excited to realize we will be able to make the documentary.  

We'll shortly get a list of all the rewards for different contributors and will start getting those out soon. Some items, like the coffee cups, haven't been produced yet because we had to wait to see if we would get funded.  And of course, the documentary will take most of next year to complete.  Hang in there.  We should start getting some of the lightly edited lectures online soon, so that may tide you over.

I will try to post updates through the kickstarter campaign from time to time, but you have two other means of keeping up with the project.  First, you can go to our homepage

Or, you can like us on FaceBook:

Stay tuned!


Great news! Our kickstarter project is over the trigger threshold--we will get funded! We hope to get more backers over these last five days, which will give us more funds for editing, music, making animations and the like.  Whatever our final tally from kickstarter, I'm committed to seeking out further funds from foundations to make the best video possible.  We will find a way.  I think community organizations will be more willing to provide funds to supplement this great springboard from kickstarter, because it demonstrates public interest in the project.  This big boost from you generous backers has made it all possible. 

Thank you, every one, for all your wonderful efforts.



Last week of our campaign

Thanks to your efforts, we need less than $4,000 to make our goal and get funds from kickstarter.  I will post something every day this week on our Facebook page:

If you've already "liked" the page, you can help spread the word by "liking' and "sharing" these posts.  Also, feel free to copy and paste the posts into other FB pages that you think might have people sympathetic to the cause.  I already post on FB pages of George Takei, Lady Gaga and a few others.  But you may know of pages I don't, and by posting there, you may bring us to the attention of new backers.

Our next speaker, Professor Meredith Chivers, has a great Q&A in a local paper:

Again, thank you all for your wonderful support.

Next week's speaker

Our next Whom You Love speaker, Professor Charles Roselli, offers a great Q&A about same-sex behavior in nature.  This gives you an idea of what he brings to our documentary.