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I'm writing a book about independent microblogging, and launching a publishing platform called
I'm writing a book about independent microblogging, and launching a publishing platform called
I'm writing a book about independent microblogging, and launching a publishing platform called
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Photoblogging with


We are getting closer to the rollout for Kickstarter backers. While this initial version won't include the full timeline and reply interface yet, it will have username registration, microblog hosting, and access to the iPhone app beta. One of the features I'm most excited about is special support for photoblogging.

Here are a couple screenshots of how the iPhone app works with photos. This is compatible with WordPress blogs in addition to new microblogs hosted by's cross-posting will also recognize photos included in a blog post and attach them when sending the tweet to Twitter. This provides a full workflow for controlling your own photoblog but still sharing the photos automatically on other social networks.

We want to have a great user experience for photos. I hope you give it a try when the beta is ready in early April.

Thanks for your support. We'll send another update next week when we have the schedule set for username invitations.

— Manton

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    1. Manton Reece Creator on

      Jonas: Thanks for the feedback. The reason I wanted some basic editing inside the app is to emphasize that we think is a great photoblogging solution. I hope that many people choose to post photos to their own microblog instead of just using Instagram or Twitter. Having a custom UI for posting photos helps show we're taking this feature seriously and committed to improving it over time.

    2. Jonas M Luster on

      Honestly, I don't think, that having image editing in-app makes much sense. Most people have Snapseed, Polarr, or something similar installed, even the native editors in iOS and Android are pretty advanced and useful. That's time better spent somewhere else, especially going down the road of releases.

    3. Missing avatar

      Corlin on

      Thanks for the update. Although I will not be using the "Photoblog" aspect, I am sure some will find it useful. I just need a place to blog text based files. Right now I write mostly in "Mark-up" and save them as plain text files... This is the fastest, and most universal way for me to write. It also has the benefit of being very searchable. The ideal bloging system for me would be to hook these plain text files up to some micro blog, that would auto update from some source, be it cloud based, or file based on my computer...

    4. Manton Reece Creator on

      James: Thanks! I'll be writing documentation for managing a photoblog and also how the cross-posting to Twitter works for photos included on any blog platform. As for collecting into an iBook, I know there are some apps that can help with that, but I haven't tested any of them with or photos specifically yet.

    5. Missing avatar

      James Clyde Walker III on

      Great idea but I'll need a great manual. One further feature : I'd like to be able to archer be my blog and use it in an iBook later