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Wearable art, Digitally printed photo scarves. Images on the scarves range from photos I've taken in Havana, Cuba, NYC and Europe.
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My name is Manny Sanchez and I am the creator of Manuelle Scarves. My brand is a collection of digitally printed photo scarves made from 100% Modal and Silk. The images on the scarves range from a series of photographs taken in Europe, New York, California and Havana, Cuba.   I started Manuelle Scarves a few years ago as an outlet to express my passion for both photography and fashion. The response from the beginning has been amazing and has resulted in my desire to expand my collection. My brand continues to grow and sell well in many boutiques and museums, reaching customers from around the world. This past September, I participated in my first trade-show, and I am grateful for the positive response that resulted in many orders placed by boutiques and gift stores throughout the country. My goal is to be able to continue attending trade shows in 2017, as I am confident that continued participation in trade shows will lead to extended growth in reaching a larger audience for my brand. Currently, I am a one-man operation and exclusively support the brand financially with the orders I receive. However, with so much growth in the last year, the customary net 30  payment terms with my buyers does not allow the flexibility of funds to keep up with the expanding order requests. I am raising money to enable me to fulfill the orders that (thankfully) keep coming in, as well as continuing to participate in trade shows to further expand my brand. The funds will not only allow me to increase my inventory, but also allow me to reach a wider audience that will be present in trade shows.  I'm grateful for all the support I've received over the years from family,  friends and customers.

Risks and challenges

Luckily the challenges that can come up are minimal in my case, however like with anything in life especially when it comes to manufacturing goods obstacles can arise. Such as delays with delivery, damaged goods and cancelled orders. If any of these scenarios were to come up I'm fully prepared to handle them with little setback. My overhead is low since I'm only producing a collection of scarves printed on the same quality and size, there is little room for error or damage. The scarves are digitally printed therefore turnaround is fast. If I were to get cancelled orders, the goods can be easily fullfilled with another customer since the demand is high. I'm not participating in any other projects and really hope I can launch kickstarter.

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