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MÄNNKITCHEN MK9: Built for the man who loves to cook.

Since 1965 the number of men who cook at home in the US has grown by 44.8%. Learn how the MK9 chef knife is different.

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9: Built for the man who loves to cook.

Since 1965 the number of men who cook at home in the US has grown by 44.8%. Learn how the MK9 chef knife is different.

pledged of $21,800pledged of $21,800 goal
8days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thu, October 24 2019 7:52 AM UTC +00:00.


MÄNNKITCHEN MK9: The knife that’s not for everybody.

The MK9 is large.  Too large for some.

The MK9 is heavier than most chef knives.

The blade of the MK9 is longer than the standard 8 inches.

It's wide.  So wide you can’t touch your knuckles to the cutting board.

It’s hard.  We chose very hard Nitrogen steel, even though it takes longer to sharpen.

The MK9 was not made for everyone.

Read on to see if it was made for you. 

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 1: The Steel 

The MK9 Blade is made of revolutionary X63-Nitrogen Steel. The addition of nitrogen during the alloying process creates a tighter grain structure within the steel, enabling surgical sharpness, exceptional edge retention, improved corrosion resistance, and hardness up to 63 HRC.

X63-Nitrogen Steel is made in the USA. Its special properties allow it to outperform market leading imported steels in edge retention, durability, and corrosion resistance.

In short, it's the perfect knife steel for professional kitchens.  

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 2: The Shape

The MK9 features a Convex Spine Profile.  Unlike most knives, it curves downward at both ends, enabling a more natural wrist position while cutting that reduces wrist strain and helps prevent wedging in large ingredients.

If you spend a lot of time with a knife in your hands, your elbow, wrist, and knife hand will thank you for using an MK9.

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 3: Extra Width

Over 2.5 inch blade width at the heel increases knuckle clearance, eases food transfer & extends blade life.  With most chef knives you need to be careful not to scrape your knuckles on the cutting board when you complete your chop.  Cooks compensate by cutting near the counter/table edges to save their knuckles.  With the MK9, that's no longer a concern. 

Wide blade makes food transfer quick and easy.

Plus, there's enough width that you can sharpen it for a generation or two and still have a magnificent blade for your heirs to fight over.

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 4: Extra Length

9 Inch blade for improved slicing and making quick work of large ingredients.  The blade features a relatively straight edge for the bulk of its length, with the belly concentrated in the front 1/3.  This enables it to perform well whether chopping or slicing, and it has the length to handle large ingredients quickly.

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 6: Extra Comfort

The MK9 features a rounded & polished spine for exceptional comfort in a pinch grip. Cooks often develop a callous on their index finger where the spine presses against the skin.  An unpolished spine with square edges creates friction while cutting, leading to discomfort, blistering, and a "cook's callous".  

Cutting is more comfortable with the MK9.

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 2: Exceptional Grip

Ergonomic large handle cradles the hand for an effortlessly firm grip-even for those with large hands.  We eliminated angular edges and added both width and thickness to create a substantial handle that feels like a natural extension of the arm.

Scales are made of indestructible G10, with layers of resin-encased fibers creating a nonslip material (whether wet or dry) that won't swell, shrink, crack, or discolor.  

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 7: Micro Bolster

The MK9 Micro Bolster features all the safety benefits of a full bolster with none of the drawbacks.  A bolster adds stability to your grip and to the blade, while protecting your hand with added width where fingers contact the heel.  While traditional bolsters extend the whole length of the heel to the edge, the micro bolster of the MK9 only adds width where it's needed, allowing easy point-to-heel sharpening.

A great chef knife won't transform anyone into a great cook. 

What a great knife can do is turn work into pleasure. We get better at whatever we practice, and we practice more when practice is enjoyable.  

Cutting with the MK9 is fun.   

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Don't let my expression of intense concentration fool you, I want to have fun and keep all my fingers.  Plus, cutting things in half with a big smile wasn't a good look.

"I pick up this knife and feel formidable in the kitchen."

-Captain Alaska (R. Hughey)

Also, MÄNNKITCHEN isn't only about high quality kitchen tools.  You can follow our food adventures, learn how to make meals you want to eat, and share your own kitchen triumphs and defeats with the #mannkitchen hashtag on instagram and at

There's just a few things any of us can teach, but what we can learn together is unlimited.  Seth Godin said "Learning is voluntary. Learning is always available, and it compounds, because once we’ve acquired it, we can use it again and again."

Let's play with fire and sharp objects together. 

Hello, my name is Cleve, and I cook at home.

Learning to cook is an adventure that for me began over 30 years ago with one-too-many bowls of oatmeal.  Along the way, I learned that meals cooked at home are less expensive, more nutritious, and allow greater control over what we consume.   

Every new dish develops and sharpens skills that I can use to serve myself and others. Many of my favorite memories are around a table sharing a meal with friends and family.

And men who know how to cook experience other benefits: 

"I do love a man who can cook."

-Emma B. from the Spice Girls

“My weaknesses have always been food and men — in that order.” 

- Dolly Parton

"I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t think a man who cooks is sexy.”

-Mary M. from Quora

"What's for dinner?"

-My wife

The MK9 is function-first kitchen tool. Every detail of the design is functional, from the materials, to the profile, to each contour of the handle and micro bolster. 

Size comparison with popular chef knives: 

There are no decorative Damascus patterns or faux hammer marks on the blade, just revolutionary American made Nitro-X63 steel, designed and built to work for generations.  

"My husband loves his new knife-shows it to me proudly every time he uses it!"

-Carol H. 

NITRO-X63 Details:

NITRO-X63 Composition (Nominal)
0.85-0.95 Carbon, 1.0 Mn, .03 P, .01 S, 1.0 Si, 15.0-17.0 Cr, 0.50 Mo, 0.10-.15 Nitrogen

NITRO-X63 is a nitrogen-bearing, high-carbon chromium martensitic steel that is balanced to provide superior hardness capability.  NITRO-X63 can achieve a tempered hardness of HRC 60-63.

NITRO-X63 resists corrosion from mild atmospheres, fresh water, steam, ammonia, many petroleum products and organic materials and several mild acid environments.

NITRO-X63 is an excellent candidate for cutlery applications that demand high hardness, edge retention and corrosion resistance.  Many of you will recognize this steel by a different name.  There is no subterfuge or tomfoolery. The reason I'm not using the other name is that I was asked (politely) not to.  

So, Better Don't noONE Narc, ok?

Q&A with MÄNNKITCHEN founder Cleve Oines

Before you part with your hard-earned cash, I expect you have some questions for me, like:

Why are you doing this?

I've been frustrated with knives that can't hold a fine edge. Angular handles that look amazing and cause amazing blisters.  Chef knives with small toy-like handles and narrow blades. The emphasis on appearance over function is rampant in kitchen knives.  Does 144 layers of hammered samurai space steel help me make dinner?  No? Then keep it.

I want a knife that is built to work, and was unable to find a chef knife that had all the practical features I wanted.

Guys cook at home now.  Millions of us.  I suspect that others have experienced the same frustrations I have.  

Will the MK9 be perfect for everyone?  No.  

If the features appeal to you, it's for you.

Why say it's built for the "man" who loves to cook?

Because it's true.  I'm the man who loves to cook that it was built for. It isn't my intent to exclude anyone, but the knife was designed based on my experiences with many knives, and I prefer a larger handle and blade.   

While all the other features are beneficial to everyone, I wanted to be sure people knew that the MK9 was significantly larger than average because that feature won't appeal to everyone.

Should I trust you? 

I wouldn't ask you to carry the risk alone. If your MK9 doesn’t arrive before March 1, 2020 you may cancel your order and receive a full refund for undelivered item(s). That's my promise to you.

Look Mom, no risk!

I'm the one on the left.
I'm the one on the left, with the amazing lady who taught me to cook.

What do you know about kitchen knives?

I started cooking at age 8 using my mom’s carbon steel Sabatier chef’s knives. A knife enthusiast since childhood, I've used many different chef knives as an avid home cook, a cook on commercial fishing boats in Alaska, and in professional kitchens.  I designed and built my first knife when I was 13 years old.

All told, I've spent thousands of hours with a knife in my hand, learning through trial and error which features make a real difference in practical use.  

The design of the MK9 is born from my desire to combine the most useful features into a single cook's knife.

Have you ever designed anything before?

Yes, I studied design at university, and have designed dozens of products for clients over the years.  For this project, I also have manufacturing and design partners that specialize in kitchen knives, because I don't know what I don't know.

In the almost 2 years since this process began, I've learned a lot.  The first prototypes were printed more than a year ago.

What inspired the design?

The lines of the MK9 are inspired by a famous Norwegian sailing hull design. Capable of slicing through the water at maximum speed with minimal resistance, Norse longboats were the technological advantage that enabled the Viking era.  

With the number of US men who cook at home increasing by almost 50% in the last 50 years, we're in a new era now. Hopefully one with less pillaging.

Do I need to have giant Viking hands to use this knife?

No.  The MK9 is comfortable for all adult hand sizes-including those with large hands.

During the testing phase, I had a demo model in my kitchen (still do) that has become the favorite knife of my 13 year old daughter, and she has smaller hands than most men.  

Will you actually get the product to me?

Yes. I've worked in eCommerce for over 10 years, and have directly sold millions of dollars worth of goods generating hundreds of 5 star reviews and thousands of happy customers while gaining experience in product design, sourcing, shipping, and customer service.

I’ve had unhappy customers too, and have learned valuable lessons from both* of them.

*There were more than 2. 

Will you marry my sister?

I’m flattered that you would ask, and taken completely off-guard by this question.  

Thank you, but I’m happily married.

Why are you doing this now?

I was laid off.  Embarrassing, I know. More accurately, my contract was not renewed by a business I helped build over 15 years. I was quite suddenly without my primary source of income.

It was a firm shove into the unfamiliar, and one that I sorely needed.  It's hard for me to change direction when I'm comfortable.  

Very suddenly, I had to adjust to a new reality. My immediate instinct was to leap at the next familiar position that would pay the bills. So I did some interviews. 

In one of the interviews I was asked, "What would you do tomorrow if you could do anything?"  

It's a really good question.

I was still thinking about it later that night.

For me, the answer wasn't to find another position similar to the one I was comfortable in. The answer was to align my experience in design with my natural interest in cooking.

I contacted the company and withdrew my name from consideration.   Of course it could be that they weren't planning to hire me, but to me it was a turning point because I wasn't looking for a J-O-B anymore, I was building something I believe in.

I've always loved creating in the kitchen.  Discovering a new dish and finding a way to make it better (or at least make it at home) fascinates me.  Improving a tool or solving a problem is deeply satisfying.

I like to make things better by making better things.  

While I'm unqualified to solve many problems, I can help some with the problems I've had myself.    

My goal for MÄNNKITCHEN isn't just to sell kitchen tools.  It's to build a community where people who cook at home can help each other make things better.  I hope you'll join me.  

Last question: What’s the story with the name MÄNNKITCHEN?

My heritage is Norwegian, and männ is the possessive form of “my” in a dialect of old Norse, so MÄNNKITCHEN = my kitchen.

If you cook, MÄNNKITCHEN is for you.

I'm only cross-eyed when I juggle.

Will you do me a favor?

It took a year and a half, countless prototypes, thousands of hours, and more than a few dollars to develop the MK9 into something worth sharing.   

And now I need your help.

The money you pledge will be used to purchase the raw materials, skilled labor and custom tooling needed for a full production run of the MK9. 

You can help make this possible.

If I reach the funding goal, knives will ship early 2020. If I fail to reach the funding goal, you get your pledge back, no knives get built, and I build the valuable type of character only gained via public failure.

So, win/win I guess?  😃 

Supporters will receive the MK9 for 50% off retail.

Earliest supporters will be the first to receive their knives.  There is a limited quantity of X63-Nitrogen steel available for the first production run.  If we run out, we can get more, but those knives will be delayed by approximately 30 days.  

That would be a high quality problem I hope to experience.

Share this project and earn cash!

I would love to have your help spreading the word about the MK9!

I've partnered with Kickbooster to offer a 10% commission for anyone who would like to share this project.  Click the button below and create your unique affiliate link.

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Risks and challenges

There is a risk that suppliers will experience production delays. In my experience, production delays are expected. I have built this into the project timeline, and expect knives to arrive before March 1, 2020.

There can be delays in shipping that are beyond our control, so while I cannot guarantee that delays won't occur, we will be in touch and transparent if they do.

If there is more support than anticipated, supporters towards the end of the campaign will receive their knives later than the earlier supporters. If we're lucky enough to cause significant production delays, I will update those latter supporters with a new ETA, and give them the option to cancel. Rushing production to meet a deadline results in shortcuts and a lower quality final product-which is not acceptable. For this reason, later supporters may experience delays.

There is a risk that those not used to working with exceptionally sharp knives will cut themselves. Please exercise caution, and never cut towards yourself. This knife moves through food faster than many will be accustomed to.

It is inevitable that some buyers will not be 100% satisfied with the knife they receive. Each knife is hand-finished so small variations are inevitable. Knives in new condition may be returned for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of delivery.

This blade has exceptional edge retention, and will stay sharp longer than most other knives. That said, every knife gets dull eventually with use. I highly recommend learning how to sharpen your knives using whetstones. Cut on cutting boards only, never plates or countertops. Hand wash only. Yes, you can put it in the dishwasher. Hand wash only.

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