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Creating a belt that can handle the worst you can throw at it and look good doing it.
Combining SlideBelts' classic style and simplicity with the rugged, reliable versatility of outdoor essentials, the Survival Belt is a one-of-a-kind belt made for adventure enthusiasts.
Combining SlideBelts' classic style and simplicity with the rugged, reliable versatility of outdoor essentials, the Survival Belt is a one-of-a-kind belt made for adventure enthusiasts.
2,099 backers pledged $200,032 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Shey Snapp on

      When are we going to receive our belt!!

    2. Silvan Blum on

      Unfortunately, today my belt broke when taking it off at airport security. Had to go and buy a Mammut belt.

      I wasn't able to find the pins that hold the buckle... do you ship these separately?

    3. Ryan Nelson on

      What the fuck!!! you make a sub par product and only deliver it to have the people and you want us to invest in your company? How high are you really?
      Why don't you get off your ass, go to work and actually finish this campaign and stop spamming us to invest in your company. We've already invested in your company and how many people here have you left swinging in the wind?

      These are real question and I would like real answers!

    4. Missing avatar

      Marc-andré Lauzon on

      Can I receive my order please . Email me at

    5. terry hawkins on

      what gives!? i still haven't received my belt! now you guys have another "investment opportunity"!
      i returned the survey- it even indicates that it was completed in my backer status- where's my belt?

    6. Richard Lacerte on

      Come on what's the plan!? This is ridiculous! I bet if I drive by your guys shop in the edh business park you aren't even there!

    7. Missing avatar


      You blxxdy slippery sliders! I want a refund - I get no updates nor any information on delivery status - if there was even any! It is March 2017 already!

    8. Ryan Brush

      Anybody know what size batteries are used in the flashlight? I lost mine.

    9. Missing avatar

      Peter L. Gorelick

      Never received mine.

    10. Richard Martinez on

      Never received mine :/

    11. Missing avatar


      Waiting..........waitin..............waiti.............wait.............wai.................wa................w................!!! Still waiting.........

    12. Perry Michelin on

      I did everything I was suppose to do and still never heard back about my pledge.

    13. Justin Charles

      Still yet to receive mine. No contact from anyone either....

    14. Richard Lacerte on

      Can't wait to get mine!!!! I live like 30 min from your shop and people are getting there's. what's up. I can come pick mine up!

    15. Jaime Pattenden on

      I think the flashlights need new batteries from the get-go. Mine was barely lit.

    16. Missing avatar

      Damien Ortiz on

      just got the update, i have everything completed so I'm just waiting

    17. Hope Lewellen on

      Happy to get my hunter belts today. It seems pretty nice but time will tell. But after waiting so long I am just happy to get something. It's a good idea and I truly hope it will stand the test of time. Thanks for the extras in my ammo box.

    18. Missing avatar

      ed costin on

      ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? After phone calls and emails, promises and apologies, I receive my long long long awaited hunter belt and wallet that I have paid for. Guess what, no kickstarter project belt buckle in the box. Another unwanted standard belt. A hunter style strap and zero hunter buckle. As an aside the wallet is way below what i expected in quality too. Why have I waited so long and received the wrong things from half way around the world. Is it that difficult to put the right belt buckle that I have been waiting over a year for?

    19. Missing avatar

      Markus Garsleitner on

      Nothing Even near. Disapointing!

    20. Markus Schmid on

      Well - finally DHL delivered my Slide belts today! Honestly I didn't believe any longer that I would get this produt. In the end they delivered on their promise and I like the quality of the product. However going forward they should definitely improve their communication with backers / customers. Nevertheless a happy end of a long story!

    21. Missing avatar


      Haven't got a damn thing yet...

    22. KennethL on

      Slidebelts support is great! They rectify the mistake and I receive the right colour! Thank you! :)

    23. Erik Christensen on

      I just got mine. It is fantastic.

      Did you pull the flashlight out of the belt before trying to use it? You need to push the clip and it pulls right out.

      I ordered the adventure belt and the regular one. Got exactly what I wanted. It's perfect. I've been wearing a mission slide belt for over a year and I'll see how these work.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Received mine a few weeks back. My flashlight doesn't work...anyone else have that problem? Customer service hasn't responded to any emails.

    25. Jake Kingsbury on

      Two different colors ordered and also reflected on the invoice, but received two of the same... we'll see how this goes.

    26. Zach Shallbetter on

      Incredible that it's been two years, and we still haven't received anything.

    27. David Bezler on

      My buckle is already showing wear from having to use the firestarter to switch straps and the fabric (string? nylon?) on the end that goes into the buckle is fraying already. Not even close to worth the money spent for what originally seemed like a great product.

    28. Aki on

      Haven't got a damn thing yet...

    29. KennethL on

      Finally after 2 years finally receive the product. My first impression is that the material feels really cheap. The buckle is larger than the normal buckles as well, which I'm ok. Was a bit disappointed that despite receiving confirmation on some changes to my order, it was not resolved. I requested a change in my belt strap colour from black to brown. I receive it as black. Emailed, hopefully they get back to me. I'm happy with a complimentary free belt though.

    30. Missing avatar

      Alexander Mokin on

      Just received my order (Toronto, Canada). The belt is definitely bulkier then I thought, but it looks like it will improve on my current Ultralight Backpacking system. The flash light is pretty weak, but if you need something in an emergency then it is definitely good enough. The knife looks pretty good as well (we will see how it will hold up in the rain).

      I also received a second standard issue SlideBelts belt and I am super happy about this. The SlideBelts belt I currently use everyday (for the past 2+ years) is getting a little worn, so happy to have an upgrade.

    31. Missing avatar

      Simon Yost on

      @Kelly. It's is a torch and a fire starter. When you pull it out it will have a thinner bit which is the fire starter. It has a protective black coating on it. Once you scrape it
      off, it is good to go.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kelly Yamada on

      I got my belt, but it looks more like the survival belt and not the hunter belt I ordered. It's supposed to come with a fire starter not a bloody flashlight. Even the instructions say to use the fire starter to help open the buckle. I emailed my complaint, but I have yet to hear back from them and it been over a week.

    33. Kyle Ross on

      I'm perturbed that I paid an extra $20 for shipping and just received a notice from DHL stating I need to pay them an additional $25 dollars before they will even deliver it.

      Not only have I waited far too long for this to even ship, it was my understanding that the additional shipping paid via Kickstarter would cover it. I will now have paid almost $50 dollars just in shipping for a belt worth little more.

    34. Missing avatar

      misteradd on

      So, I'm very glad to have my belt. Yes, le "plastic" buckle il a bit disapointing, the blade with saw and screwdriver as shown in the campaign is very far away from what we got, but I'm happy to wear it finally.
      The second free belt is very nice and classy too.

    35. Missing avatar

      Fraser Wolf on

      Love the free metal buckle, but slightly disappointed about the plastic Hunter Belt, which I guess is my fault as I missed the "proprietary hybrid polymer mix" description. Other that glad to have it, looking forward to getting to use it in the outdoors for the first time.

    36. James Conn on

      Got my belt, its great! For those wondering about extra straps, I emailed customer service and they said hopefully early next year there will be an option to purchase survival straps on their own so you can change up the color on your belt.

    37. Missing avatar

      Nate Smith on

      I know it's a bit late to change that process, so as a suggestion. How about a very nice discount off of a base buckle if we are willing to pick up the shipping?

    38. Missing avatar

      Nate Smith on

      So the free metal belt is only for the Hunter level backers. The $79 / $89 survivor backers, despite also waiting two years along with significant design and material changes are not scheduled to receive the bonus belt. I understand the thought process behind it, since something extra had to be done for Hunters after making the combo survival / hunter a single buckle. However, I still don't feel like I received a $90 or much less a $180 (pre-order price) belt.

      My suggestion to help ease the pain of the wait and improve recommendations to others would have been or still could be:
      - a free metal Base buckle for Survivor AND Hunter backers (a nice zinc allow buckle that we can wear with formal clothes as intended and use with our current survival strap)
      - AND an additional Survival Strap for just for the Hunter backers

    39. Missing avatar

      misteradd on

      Mine is delivered at home (confirmed by wife). I'm not. More to tell tomorrow ! Delivery and tracking to France perfect.

    40. Lars-Petter S Kampen on

      I got my belt yesterday! (Norway)
      Will the second belt be sent by itself or did someone forget to send it? ^^
      Really love the belt so far!

    41. Lorenzo Pappalettera on

      I haven't received mine yet.. However when I do, I will have to pay €40,- extra to the mailman o.0 That makes it a really expensive belt.. Why do the buyers have to pay these unexpected amounts?! It would've been nice if I was informed about that before I even bought it -_- obviously

    42. CHRACH on

      Received my Survival Belt and the additional belt today (Switzerland). Got the E-Mail notification of shipment end of last week, so fast shipping from overseas. The quality of the Survival Belt has to be tested yet.

    43. robin wu on

      When will I receive my belt?

    44. Shey Snapp on

      When will i recieve my belt

    45. Drawing Guy on

      The plastic was as disappointing as I thought it would be - it looks and feels cheap. Mine even had a bit of plastic flashing that needed cleaning up. The firestarter rod is too short to use effectively, but it works. The flashlight starts out bright then dims quickly - you wont be exploring with this thing, but if you need to find something in the middle of the night or need to take a quick jaunt for the bathroom, it will help in a pinch. The knife is sharp, but short and thin, so I don't see it being super effective or lasting long.

      It all boils down to this - the belt is not pretty enough to be a daily wearer, but is just functional enough that it is still worth wearing as an emergency for when I go out hiking or camping. You will still need to bring real gear, but I might get separated from my bag, or my knife might fall out of my pocket (or I just might forget it), I might go on a day hike where I don't bring any real gear... and this belt covers that emergency gap well enough. So while I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm "impressed" with this belt, I don't regret the purchase.

    46. Missing avatar


      Got mine. I'm a bit unimpressed after the long wait. The free belt is okay. The Hunter belt seems kind of cheap. Overall, I regret backing this offering.

    47. Missing avatar

      misteradd on

      Si, I received my shiping notice yesterday evening. Waiting now for the belt !

    48. Pat Ivers on

      I still have yet to receive a shipping confirmation email. I live in new England so what gives SlideBelts? I thought you were shipping to the US before you shipped international.

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