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How does a man get to 625 pounds? Better yet, how does he find his way back? Hear the story and help me encourage others.

"Nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels" ~ Dan Hawthorne
"Nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels" ~ Dan Hawthorne

Hello and thank you for being part of the journey. Not so long ago, I was well over six hundred pounds. I took cholesterol and blood pressure medication, walked with a cane, and hated life as well as myself. Now Eighteen months and several pounds later, I'm cane free. I no longer need medication. I have rediscovered my life and appreciate every day. 

I'm not a teacher, doctor or a professional. I have no degree or plaques on my wall. All I have is the experience and knowledge needed to regain control of ones life. I have found the key to a healthier and better me. Now, I want to share what I've learned with the world. We're on this earth to help one another and I hope to inspire many with my new book "Man in the Mirror (Getting my life back)". I hope you will join the journey and come visit me at I look forward to hearing from you. 


"Eating felt good. The taste, the imagined love, swishing around in my mouth took me away from the shame and embarrassment. My comfort was found in food." ~ Man in the Mirror (Getting My Life Back): By Dan Hawthorne with Patricia Garber. 

Dan currently lectures in and around Hagerstown, Maryland, where he lives. He has been showcased on the local news networks as well as Fox News DC, Tampa, and Kansas City. Believing that ones relationship with food begins at childhood, Dan cannot stress enough the importance of setting a healthy eating habit early. And when he's not talking to kids, he's encouraging overweight adults to have their own mirror moment. "Confront that sleeping giant," he says. "Love the person not the image."

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Dan Hawthorne's Blog, 4000 views and counting. Come visit and hear Dan's thank you message at 

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No hurdle is too large when chasing a dream.

Where the publishing world is concern there can always be set backs. I imagine your biggest question is in regards as to whether or not we even have a publisher? I do not officially have a publisher, no. Although we have been approached by several mid-level publishers, we have not accepted any offers.

We are encouraged by the media attention given us, and are confident that as the that coverage grows--and it will--that we will attract yet more interested parties. But whether we do or we don't, this story WILL be told. If we must, we will publish it ourselves. We will do what needs to be done in order to share this story.

Self publishing is not new nor is it seen as the "evil alternative" it used to be. Did you know that at any given time at least two out of five books on Amazon's Best Seller's list are from a self publisher? It's true. And my writing partner, author Patricia Garber, ran the gamut herself a few years ago when her self published book, "Eternal Flame," surpassed thousands of good reads to take the #38 slot on Amazon's best read list for two weeks. That's not bad for a first time author/publisher!

Whichever way the publishing stream flows, we are committed to this project. We will see it through. This story needs to be told.

More questions? Ask me! I will answer them as best as I can. Mean while, here are a few I thought you might like answered.

1. What are the funds being used for?

All funds donated will be used for the freelance work needed, such as acquiring an upscale editor.

2. What is your time line?

We would like to be editing this book as soon as possible and be pitching it to perspective clients by summer this year. The editing process alone can take from one to three months, depending on the editor's work load. So, the sooner we get started the better.

3. What are your short term goals?

We plan on attending writers conferences, such as Willamette Writers in Portland, Oregon, throughout the summer. Together Patricia and I will be pitching the story in hopes of gaining representation (Agent) by summers end. Prayerfully we'll have an interested publisher by the end of 2013.

4.) Long term goals?

Whether we self publish or main stream publish (*), we want to have a new book released by 2014.

** As mentioned above, the publishing world is full of obstacles. One such challenge is predicting a publishing date where main stream publishers are involved, as this would be out of our control in most cases. With that in mind, I must warn all those involved that our finish product date of June 2014 could be delayed. However, if there's one thing I've learned on my journey it's to never underestimate the power of God. I believe I've lived the life I've lived for a reason. The same drive and determination that allowed me to loose well over 300 pounds will see this through, and of course, all of those that choose to help will be informed of any and all delays, as well as our success a long the way. We're on the same team now!

5.) Dreams?

With book in hand, I hope to be touring world, lecturing and inspiring others to take back their life! This is my calling, I know that now.

Thank you in advance.


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