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Simple, elegant and beautiful. The Manifold Clock is a timepiece that displays an ever changing form.

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We'd also like to thank all 648 backers, who made it happen. Your support helped bring this product to life!


Telling time in 3D

Time has many properties. The Manifold Clock is our interpretation to the concept of time, displaying an ever-changing form.


The idea to connect both hands of the clock with a flexible surface is actually based on the mathematical notion of Riemann surfaces.

One of the more common surfaces, the log(z) function, resembles watching a man climb a spiral staircase: seen from the side he climbs up, yet from above he seems to walk in circles.

How does it work?

The two hands are connected with a flexible sheet of Tyvek, the same material used to make resistant envelopes and protective coveralls.

The circular movement of the hands causes the surface to move in space, thus changing the clock appearance every minute. It's a combination of modern design and simple mechanics.

The surface rotates freely around the hands.

Why do we need the money?

We introduced this clock about a year ago. People loved the idea, but we still wanted to improve the design and transform it into a product - meaning taking care of design details, manufacturing process and packaging.

In addition, we've designed a larger scale clock that is making its debut appearance on Kickstarter.

We need your support to get to the second phase:

  • Tooling of the injection mold and other processes.
  • Meeting the suppliers MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).
  • Setting up the production line.

The overall cost of the above is $15,000.


You can back this project by as little as $1. We'll reward you with a screensaver to display time on your computer (PC/Mac).

By pledging $45, you're pre-ordering the Manifold Clock. It comes in three color patterns, and shipping costs are already included (even international shipping!). 

We created a Kickstarter limited edition design - green+black manifold, and your choice of black or white base. Each one is numbered. Hurry up, this reward is limited to 100 clocks.

If you have the extra space, you may want to consider the 30'' diameter version of the Manifold Clock. It simply can't be ignored. More than twice bigger, comes in the same three color patterns.

Color patterns

The Manifold Clock is available in three color patterns, printed on the Tyvek surface.

Thank you!

Your support is highly appreciated. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to present this product we've been working on for a long time.

We hope you like our Kickstarter project. Please share it with your friends on Facebook & Twitter and help us spread the word!


  • The clock uses the familiar movement. You can turn the dial on the back to set the clock. The hands move at a slow and steady speed, making almost no sound. You have to put your ear to the back of it to hear it ticking.

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  • A single AA battery is used as the power source of the movement. It is recommended to use brand name batteries and change them about once a year.

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  • The clock has a small hanger on the back. Align the hanger with a nail or screw you have on the wall.

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  • If the project gets funded on kickstarter, we will start production, which takes about two months. The first batch of clocks is set to be shipped around March. We'll continue to update backers with specific shipping dates after funding is complete.

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  • Once the project is successfully funded, we'll send a survey to get all the details - including shipping addresses and color patterns.

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  • If you want to get an extra manifold in a different color pattern, simply add $5 to your pledge. This will allow you to change the appearance of the clock from time to time.

    i.e. If you wish to get the kickstarter limited edition + extra manifold, pledge $65.

    Applies to the following rewards: Manifold Clock ($45), Kickstarter limited edition Manifold Clock ($60), Two Manifold Clocks ($90).

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  • There's a tier for two clocks, at $90. You can specify different colors later.

    If you want to combine two different kinds of clocks, simply calculate the price of both of them and pledge. After that you can send us a message just to confirm your selection.

    We can offer a discount on multiple clocks. Send us a message for more information.

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    PERSONALIZED 30″ diameter Manifold Clock. We will video-chat on Skype and create a personalized color pattern JUST FOR YOU.

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