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The longest and thinnest hands of a clock. Time has a life of its own.

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The way we experience time is subjective: sometimes we feel time goes by so fast, and there are times when we feel it doesn't move at all. We wanted to share that feeling of time, the way people experience it.

The Lithe Clock presents a new appearance of time. Its long hands move smoothly, in a soft flowing motion, resembling a dance - they rise and wilt, turn and bend.

The hands are lithe. The base is made of delicate ceramics. Together they bring a unique, gentle and elegant appearance to the clock, unlike anything you've seen before. The shivering movement of the hands at certain points is fascinating. You want to keep looking at it to see how it changes as the hands advance.

The Story

The Lithe Clock is the outcome of our long relationship with clocks. This time, we were inspired by the nature of time, the sense it has, and the feeling it gives. 

The idea of the clock came when we were dealing with raw material – music wire, used for pianos. The steel wire, although still, performed in a surprisingly animated way. We were compelled to take it and give the clock a life of its own; it obeys the laws of physics - not rigorously, but rather in a special, vivid way.


With your help, we will deliver a beautiful Lithe Clock to adorn your home or as a meaningful gift to your loved ones.
The clock has a wall diameter of about 63'' / 160cm (it's not a perfect circle).
The basic configuration of the hands is available in Grass Green / Deep Orange finish.

For a more prestigious look, you can choose 24K gold plated hands.

We also reserve the option to fully customize your Lithe Clock - in any hand color, base, glaze, and back engraving.

For those of you who prefer clocks with numerals, we’ll even add vinyl stickers to put on the wall.

Production & Funding

Producing one or two prototypes is nothing like producing an actual product. When creating a prototype, so much is overlooked: tooling, manufacturing processes, minimum order quantities, packaging, shipping, assembly, time... The production process of the Lithe Clock involves many manual processes, giving it a delicate and special quality. We have spent the last few months working on the production plan. Now it's ready to go and all we need is your help with funding.

Thank You!

Your support is highly appreciated. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to present this product that we've been working on for a long time.

We hope you like our Kickstarter project. Please share it with your friends on Facebook & Twitter and help us spread the word!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have a previous successful clock project here on Kickstarter, the Manifold Clock. From that project we learned a great deal: where set-backs can occur, where problems are encountered in the production line, and customer preferences.
The main challenge that may arise from the design is the extraordinary length of the minute hand, which can affect the movement's accuracy. To address this issue, we use the highest quality clock movement (made in Germany), and a counterweight to balance the lengthy hand. We have prototypes that keep time over a year now.
Another challenge would be to fulfill the shipment of the clocks on time. The possible set-back is the production of the ceramic base, as it is a handmade process that takes its time, and cannot be expedited. It depends on the quantities we reach, but we're prepared with a plan of manufacturing a mother mold and additional molds that would multiply the production rate.
Finally, shipping the fragile ceramics and keeping it intact is something we've paid a lot of attention to. We have a prototype for the packaging and have begun to test it for protection and strength.
We will keep backers posted at all stages of the project and provide total transparency if we encounter any set-back or delay.


  • At the moment, the basic configuration is available in Grass Green or Deep Orange finish. We also offer 24K gold plated hands.

    After the successful funding, we added Black hands with brass weights.

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