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Last year, we put a twist on the classic Drive-In experience by creating a Bike-In-Theater. This year we'll host one in SF and NYC.


Last summer, we did some pretty simple math that ended up spawning (in our personal opinion) one of the most fun and memorable days of the summer. Written out, the equation looked something like this: 

Summer + Bikes + 80’s Movie Nostalgia = A damn fine summer evening.  

In July 2011 we teamed up with the Brooklyn-based food blog and supper club Forking Tasty for a unique, modern twist on the classic American Drive-In experience: the Bike-In-Theater. Hundreds of riders sat and watched a movie on the Brooklyn waterfront, while munching on snacks from the Forking Tasty kitchen, including five unique gourmet-flavored popcorns. The free event was designed as a way to celebrate summer and bike month in NYC. 

In 2012 we’re expanding on the success and demand created last year. With the help of the Kickstarter community, we’re attempting a bi-coastal tour that will start this summer in NYC and end in October in San Francisco. Please help us launch the 2012 Bike-In-Theater tour. It’s your passion, enthusiasm and backing that will help us to make this reality.

Who we are:

Hi! We're Anna and Jason, two colleagues who work together at a company called Manifold. Anna lives in San Francisco and Jason lives in NYC. We both love bikes, movies and food so we're combining them together to have some multi-city fun. 

The Details:  

What is the Bike-in-Theater? It’s a summer pop-up movie event, where we project a well-known film onto a building, warehouse, mountain or vehicle and pair it with amazing food vendors, bike parking and a giant lot to lounge out in and watch the film with friends. Ohh yeah, and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you. 

When and where will the Bike-In’s be held? As soon as we hit our fundraising goal, we’ll begin planning all the fun details, but we’re aiming for a July/August movie in NYC and September/October in SF. 

What do the funds that are raised go toward? In order to properly create these events we have to pay for the space rental, security, food permits, collateral to get the word out there, generators, speakers, projection equipment, rights to the movie itself, as well as treats for those friends who attend. 

What movie will you be showing? Good question. Got suggestions? We are all ears. Ultimately we will choose a movie that best fits the space, city and event date. 

How do I attend the Bike-In-Theater? If you back us (hint hint) we’ll be sending emails updating you on our progress so you’ll constantly be in the know. If you can’t back us, simply sign up to be notified when and where the Bike-In-Theater will be taking place. 

How you can help:

  • Back us and shine up your bike
  • Share this with all your friends
  • Drop a handwritten sign at your local bike shop
  • Attend an event and bring all your friends

Here's a peek at a few of the rewards. 
(click the image for a larger view)


This is an early peek. It will evolve based on our final cities, movie choices and food vendors. It will be printed on a thick, textured, matte stock at 11x17, perfect for hanging in your garage, kitchen or bathroom, if you so choose.


Soft, cozy cotton will gently hug your torso while you rock your official "yeah-I-backed-that-Bike-in-Theater" shirt. We will have women's and men's styles as well as multiple sizes because we think a reward should be something you'd actually want to wear.


Each month will feature movie trivia from our favorite movies. A ride from twelve of our favorite bike cities will also peak your curiosity as the month nears end and you can't wait to flip the page to discover the next ride. Of course a few surprises will be tossed in as the months pass along.

Home Kit:

The home kit is a digital download of all the special components you need for a Bike-In. You'll get an intro animation and movie trivia game. A set of tickets that can be personalized and printed (or sent digitally). Detailed instructions on  how to set up and project a movie in your driveway or backyard. Recipes for the best popcorn ever. Last, but not least, you'll get an official Bike-In-Theater projectionist badge. Wear it with pride.


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  • Pledge $5 or more
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    48 backers

    An email “thank you” and a commemorative digital ticket. True, the show is free, but this ticket will be hand drawn by our children and/or cats. Meowww!

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    43 backers

    Your name on the big screen in our thank you end-of-movie credits plus a commemorative digital ticket.

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    45 backers

    A San Francisco and NYC "Eat and ride" bike map created by our friends at Forking Tasty plus ALL THE ABOVE

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    28 backers

    An 11x17 Bike-In-Theater poster plus ALL THE ABOVE

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    A Bike-In-Theater home kit so you can produce your own driveway Bike-In for your friends plus ALL OF THE ABOVE. See full description to the left. No, the projector is not included :)

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    50 backers

    A limited edition Bike-In-Theater t-shirt plus ALL OF THE ABOVE.

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    An official Bike-In-Theater 2012 Calendar featuring some great bike eye candy, fantastic movie trivia and a new ride map every month plus ALL OF THE ABOVE.

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    A hand-crafted, leather, bike beer holder (these are super cool!) plus ALL OF THE ABOVE.

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    0 backers Limited (20 left of 20)

    Your name, photo and a 140 character message of your choice on the big screen in our pre-movie thank you section plus ALL OF THE ABOVE. Come on, you’re that vain right?

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  • Pledge $5,000 or more
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    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    A custom Bike-In-Theater cruiser, special seating at the show plus ALL OF THE ABOVE.

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  • Pledge $10,000 or more
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    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    Co-create a pre-movie short with the Bike-In-Theater producers that will run before the main film. This reward includes 20 VIP seats and 20 VIP t-shirts.

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  • Pledge $10,000 or more
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    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    Grand Tour. We’ll fly you to all Bike-In-Theater shows, put you up in a nice hotel and feed you an amazing meal plus you get ALL OF THE ABOVE.

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