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Hi, my name is Amanda. I love my job as a nanny here in LA, and this summer I'm going to Thailand to help the children there. But I need some help.

I'll be volunteering (for 4 weeks this July) at a Temple in Surin, Thailand. I’ll be working in a daycare, run by the Monks there. The daycare was created to help impoverished families, so parents have a safe place to leave their children so that they can go and work. Volunteering abroad is something I have always wanted to do. i will do whatever I can to help those who need it. I want to make a difference, no matter how small.

Knowing that I’ll be helping kids really speaks to my heart. I’ve been a nanny for 16 years and children are such an important part of my life. Everyday I feel incredibly blessed to live where I do and to earn a living doing something I LOVE. The children I take care of are all so wonderful that it’s made me realize that I want to pursue it as a career. I’ve recently gone back to school to get a degree in child development and early education. I’m faithful that the knowledge I gain from this volunteer experience will be invaluable.

Since this is a volunteer situation I will not be paid for the work I'll be doing. In fact, I will have to pay them. The organization I am volunteering with charges a fee, I'm also responsible for buying my own plane tickets, all of my own food, and my vaccinations. And of course since I won't be recieving any income, I will somehow need pay my rent when I return on the 1st of August. But I've always believed if there is a will there is a way. If anyone watching this is touched or sees what a wonderful program this is for these poor Thai families, any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for watching!
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