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So Much Man Candy, So Little Time....

Posted by Babe Scott (Creator)

Hello Sweetie Dahlings,

Thanks so much for pledging and helping us make the world a sweeter place. We’ve got lots of exciting news! 

Firstly, we have a couple of new rewards. We’ve added a new Super Duper Party Package reward for those of us who can never get enough Man Candy. This includes an invite to the abtastic Man Candy Cocktail party. Apart from a night of delicious cocktails, cupcakes and cutie pies and a copy of the ebook, pledgers will get a limited edition print copy of the book, a Man Candy t-shirt and a signed group photo. They will also get a big hug from one of the bakers. 

We’ve also added a Man Candy and Cupcakes Dinner Party reward. We will come to your abode and make an inspired menu of savory and sweet cupcakes for the most memorable dinner party ever! Two topless Man Candies will serve you, even spoon-feeding the host a mouthwatering dessert. We will also provide a signature cupcake cocktail and more. A Man Candy and Cupcakes Dinner Party is the perfect way to win friends under the influence. Check out the reward more details. 

As far as existing rewards, we have attempted to solve your dilemmas. For those of you who need a Ouija board to decide which baker they would like a photo of we can also offer you a group shot. Also if you want multiples of any offer just do multiples of the reward and we will be in contact with you to work out what lucky friends you want to send them to. We are also putting up another t-shirt for you to choose from. And for the Man Candy cognoscenti amongst you who are joining us for our impossibly glamorous party, be assured we will contact you all to do our utmost to try and ensure it fits in everyone’s social schedule. And if for some reason the whole month blows up in your calendar we will make it up to you with a bunch of other goodies. 

That’s it for now. I hope to clink glasses with you at the party and exchange big Frenchy air kisses. PLEEEAASE twitter, facebook and send out your pigeon carriers to let everyone know about our delicious rewards and our Man Candy campaign. 

Viva la testosterone! 



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