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For book news and more servings of delicious Man Candy go to
For book news and more servings of delicious Man Candy go to
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    1. Jessica Anne Warner on

      Has anyone received any of the extra items from their pledge level?
      The book is wonderful but I'm highly disappointed that I never received anything else from my pledge level.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Bock on

      I was a $150 backer and did not receive any customized books as promised, nor did the party ever happen that I am aware of. I also only got one book instead of the two promised.... very disappointed in the campaign although the recipes look fun (I've only tried one so far)

    3. John Choi on

      Did any other $150 level backers get their customized version?

    4. Tiffin Filion on

      I see the book listed as paperback on Amazon's website with a publish date of December 1st. I'm guessing she's using our kickstarter email addresses to ship to our addresses that are listed in Amazon.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt Danford on

      What is a gift copy and when will the printed book be shipped out per the level of pledges? Thanks

    6. Babe Scott Creator on

      Hi Neal,
      I've been crazy busy finishing this abastic and long awaited tome but it is finally finished. The official pub date is December 1 and your copy will be going out as soon as it's available. I will send an update next week. I'm super excited. Been a long road.


    7. Neal Frick

      According to the last update, the book was supposed to launch on Oct 14th. Any update?

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Bock on

      What is the status? many of us have paid and have received essentially nothing. The latest update stated that the party would be in "November sometime" but with not updates it's not possible to travel or ask for time off. If the project has been funded for >2 years with not pay out isn't it time to refund?

    9. Tiffin Filion on

      Website just says 2014 for the book.

    10. Missing avatar

      Matt Danford on

      I had forgotten about this project until I was looking over my funded projects on Kickstarter. What happened to it? Just another Kickstarter fraud situation or did something come of the book that I missed?

    11. Megan on

      Never heard back on the e-book thing...

    12. Tiffin Filion on

      Just for everyone else to see, I received this message from Babe herself on an update:

      "Random House will be publishing the book so it won't be out till 2014 sometime.
      As soon as I have a date for Man Candy I will let you know. We are launching a Man Candy website soon and will also send you the link for that. I will be posting hot guys, hot baked goods and hot gossip to whet your appetite for what's to come."

    13. Tiffin Filion on

      Any update on timing?

    14. Babe Scott Creator on

      I just sent you an email. Let me know if you got it.


    15. Missing avatar

      Matt Danford on

      Why no book or updates?

    16. Babe Scott Creator on

      Hi Jasmine,
      I'm sending out a backer report at the end of the week. We just photographed our Bad Boy Baker and are now working on the Baker Next Door shoot. We are cooking up a storm and it's moving along.

      Babe x

    17. Missing avatar

      Jasmine on

      Is there any word on how the book is coming along?

    18. Babe Scott Creator on

      Hi Mark,
      I'm posting an update tomorrow. We finished the casting yesterday and need to sort through the more delectable pics so I can send these along with the update along with more news on our abtastic book. B x

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark Schlei on

      Would you send around an update? It is early May and I haven't heard anything since update 8. Thanks!

    20. Megan on

      @Gabriel: Estimated delivery is sometime in February of next year, though books don't always seem to get out as planned. Probably sometime early next year. An update would be nice though.

    21. Gabriel Bahena on

      When will we receive our copy of the book?

    22. Babe Scott Creator on

      Thanks guys. You are the best pledgers in the world.

    23. Missing avatar

      Paul Strauss on

      Megan, I was told to add $24 to the pledge for each copy of the book.

    24. Megan on

      Is there any way I can add a second print copy to my $24 pledge?

    25. Missing avatar

      Jerry Buffman on

      A+ for creativity!!!

    26. John Choi on

      A great gift idea for a lot of people

    27. Anna Ziesak on

      This is perfect! I can drool over the cupcakes and the beefcakes! Genius!

    28. Missing avatar

      christopher on

      Great hot sexy video!

    29. Luke Mulvey on

      Awesome new pledges! Way to go Babe!

    30. Brandon & Luke on

      Love the new pledges!

    31. Missing avatar

      Milena on

      The brilliant writer Babe Scott is at it again. I can tell those cupcakes will have the perfect dosage of sweet and sultry. I Can’t wait!

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      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

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      flavia vogrig-gassel on


    34. Missing avatar

      Antonia Murphy on

      Good on you Babe...I'm pre heating the oven

    35. Missing avatar

      M on

      hahaha amazing. what a delicious combo - i cant wait for the book!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Heather on

      After watching that video I'm in the mood for beefcake and cupcakes!

    37. Luke Mulvey on

      +Daisy +Gracey Totally let's get this happening!!! Man Candy for all!

    38. Missing avatar

      Daisy on

      +Gracey I agree this books needs to happen!

    39. Missing avatar

      Daisy on

      This book is going to rock!

    40. Gracey Newman on

      This book needs to happen!!

    41. James G on

      Haha - brilliant.

    42. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Dale Elman on

      Men and cupcakes!? I am in heaven!

    43. Tina Sbrigato Conley on

      Fun video! Can't wait to see more!

    44. Luke Mulvey on

      Great Video! Man candy rules! And cupcakes too!

    45. Brandon & Luke on

      Awesome Project! Can't wait to see more man candy!