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The MalMart Burning Man Theme Camp is returning in 2012 as BAALMART, gifting the Playa with the best view in the city!
The MalMart Burning Man Theme Camp is returning in 2012 as BAALMART, gifting the Playa with the best view in the city!
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Mal-Mart Presents BAAL-MART

To celebrate the Theme of Fertility 2.0 the folks at Mal-Mart have created another stunning monstrosity of awesomeness The Towering Tyranny and Phallic Phantasy of BAAL-MART (For those that don’t know Ba’al, the inspiration for our camp’s name, is arguably the first Pagan fertility God. Baal eventually became the Green Man concept, with the associated rituals that the Burning Man Event itself draws inspiration from).
Baal-Mart is an Eleven story tower that brings you the Mal-Mart “shopping mall” experience that you know and love. As ever, the Mal-Mart team are bringing you a number of exciting departments to the Baal-Mart structure including…

BAAL’S BAAR – the Phunkiest Bar on Esplanade serving you the most twisted libations on the Playa… (look out for the alcoholic Squirting Vaginas…)

BAALD – Our very own Hair salon where Buzz cuts, Mohawks and extreme Hair sculpting will be served daily. Come get Buzzed at Baald.

WOOMB ROOMB – A soothing, plush space to meditate and find your inner fetus.

HUMAN LIGHT SUIT STUDIO – Photographer Eric Schwabel brings his amazing photographic skills to Baal-Mart with a full on professionally equipped photo studio. Serving portrait shots nightly.

TAAR-GAAY – The very latest in Playa Fashion can be obtained at our clothing boutique. Drop something off, pick something up, or simply come naked and leave dressed!

BLIING/ROX – Bringing you the finest jewels and accessories Esplanade has ever seen. Your outfit missing that extra pzzazz? Fear not, get your Rox on at Bliing!

BUUSTOP – You’ll be waiting a long time for the Bus to arrive at our BUUSTOP, but it is the perfect place to watch the world go by on Esplanade while surrounding yourself in light and boobs.

BAALS DEEP VEHICLE – Baal-Mart takes you even Deeper with our Deep Playa Disco Vehicle! Dance at Camp. Dance on the go!

THE TAINT (DJ BOOTH) - Mal-Mart’s Resident Master DJ Todd Spero brings you a delicious line up of Spinmeisters for out Nightly Parties! Get your groove on at The Taint!

PLAYA AART GAY-LLERY – Our towering Shaft is lined with Art celebrating Human Sexuality and Fertility… as you mount the shaft, you will be titillated!