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A Series of Hand Sculpted 15mm Scale Resin Cast Rat-Men Miniatures
A Series of Hand Sculpted 15mm Scale Resin Cast Rat-Men Miniatures
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15mm Scale Rat-Men Miniatures by Mallius Miniatures

CA$ 4,002



This is the FIRST Mallius Miniatures Kickstarter and I'm excited to share with you some of my  hand sculpted 15mm scale miniatures.  

Initially I created these miniatures as a way to play some of my favorite tabletop miniatures games on the go where gaming space has become increasingly more difficult to find.  With 15mm scale miniatures I could get in full sized games on a table roughly half the size!

For this Kickstarter I've molded up and cast a bunch of my favorite Rat-Men Sculpts and plan to add more as stretch goals as the campaign proceeds.

The initial Core Set includes 12 unique hand sculpted miniatures, cast in high quality resin. These include:

  •  4x Gas Rats (2 with Gas Guns, 2 with Globes and Daggers)
  •  3x Book Rats (Champion, Tome Bearer, and One with Staff and Sword)  
  •  3x Spear Rats, 
  •  1x Sword Rat, 
  •  1x Mighty Ogre Rat,
  •  AND as a Bonus a Kickstarter Exclusive Halfling Miniature
  •  AND every Core Set comes with all the Stretch Goals Unlocked over the course of the Kickstarter Campaign.

All Models Supplied Unpainted,  The pictures here are of the finished models. (for pictures of rough sculpts and more check out my instagram )

What is a 15mm Miniature?

Most commonly 28mm scale is associated with fantasy miniatures, but fantasy miniatures can be found in many different scales.  So what determines the scale of a miniature?

The distance from the bottom of the feet to eye level of the miniature is often the value used when talking about it's scale.  In the example below is a 28 mm human miniature standing beside a 15mm Ratman miniature.

My Goal

My intentions behind this kickstarter are to use the funds generated to continue sculpting and producing highly detailed hand sculpted miniatures for hobbyists and miniature gamers alike.  By Backing this kickstarter you are helping ensure that I will have the tools and materials needed to continue to do so.

Stretch Goals


 This Kickstarter Campaign is using Backerkit to handle Reward Fulfillment and Add-Ons so that you can custom tailor your rewards to get exactly what you want for your pledge.  Additional Core Sets(including stretch goals), Add-Ons, and Individual Sculpts will be available for selection at the end of the campaign via the Backerkit Survey that will be sent to your email shortly after the campaign concludes. 


I started Hand sculpting miniatures in 2014, making Character Figurines for my Friends Dungeons and Dragons Games.  My interest in old, out of production miniatures also encouraged me as the miniatures I was interested in collecting became harder to find.  Recently the discovery of wonderfully sculpted 15mm scale miniatures has been a huge inspiration and making these miniatures and games to go with them has become a passion of mine.

Casting and Resin

I've been molding and casting miniatures with silicone and resin for over a decade.  I use a durable Urethane Resin with high heat tolerance to cast my miniatures.  This resin, when cast, is easy to work with and provides excellent detailed castings that take paint well.   

Before painting your miniatures they should be washed to ensure that no mold release remains on the miniature.  You can do this with a small amount of dish detergent and warm water.  The mold release comes off easily and shouldn't cause any problems.  After washing and drying entirely the miniature must be primed with an Acrylic Polyurethane primer or other suitable primer for priming plastic miniatures.


Since February 2017, I've had the pleasure of sharing my hobbies through live-streaming on my Twitch channel.  A huge amount of thanks go out to the people who come by on a regular basis with their encouragement and support.  If you want to come see how I sculpt and paint these miniatures stop by and say hi! 

Thank-You For Your Support!



Backer rewards will be shipped between the months of July and September depending on the volume of miniatures that need to be produced.  This time frame is based on the production of 100 core sets, if more than 100 core sets are needed then rewards may need to be shipped in 3 month waves per additional 100 sets of miniatures.

Shipping information and fees will be collected through the pledge manager after the campaign has concluded.

Estimated Shipping Fees (Fees in Canadian Dollars, large orders may be subject to additional shipping fees)

  • Canada : $18 CAD (Includes Insurance and Tracking number)
  • Rest of the World: $12 CAD (Standard Air Mail. Insurance and Tracking Number Extra)

 CLICK HERE for a list of destinations I CAN'T ship to.  Backers who request their rewards to be shipped to these destinations will not have their rewards shipped.


These miniatures are not toys and not intended for children, they are very small and may pose a choking hazard.  The miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require some level of skill to achieve the results as seen in the painted examples.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly through this Kickstarter and i will gladly answer them.

Risks and challenges

Delays may occur if additional materials are needed to complete the production of the miniatures. This depends on the quantity of miniatures that need to produced and how many additional copies of the molds need to be made. Ordering these materials usually only takes a week at most and shouldn't impact production process barring unforeseeable circumstances.

Shipping times are based on a production run of 100 sets of miniatures, if the number of backers exceeds this amount then rewards will need to be shipped in waves.

Stretch Goals will only be added after the miniature has been successfully molded to ensure that the model can actually be produced.

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